Shueyville City Council Meeting March 10, 2015

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Shueyville City Council Meeting – March 10, 2015
Mayor Markus Cannon called the regular monthly meeting of the Shueyville City Council to order at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 in the council chambers at the Shueyville Community Center.
Present: Markus Cannon, Mayor, Mickey Coonfare, Brent Foss, Chris Lacy (left early), Pam Larson, Jerry Cada (arrived later) and Teresa Eadie, Clerk/Treasurer

Absent: none

Citizens Present: Peg Becicka, Mark Story, Bryan Bredman, Steve Kass, Deric Powell, Johne Bere, Jerry Spaight, Connie Semoton, Shaun Kekrtee, Mike Sattler, Neil Erusha, Glen Meisner, Kelsey Boone, Hannah Williams, Briannia McAtee, Gabi Carter, Ali Morrow.
Motioned by Coonfare, seconded by Foss to open the Public Hearing to hear comments on the FY16 Budget, roll call, All Ayes, motion carried 4-0
Mayor Cannon questioned if anyone had comments, none.
Motion by Larson, seconded by Foss to close the Public Hearing, Roll Call, All Ayes, motion carried 4-0.
Citizen’s Comments: A citizen asked about the steps taken to get him the information he requested and why the document was not found. It was explained that a thorough search was made for the requested document and that the requested document has never been seen by the current Mayor or the current City Clerk as the document requested was from a previous administration and filed at time when the past clerk was suffering from illness. It was requested that citizen’s comments from February’s council meeting be expanded to include more details and felt that they were not a true representation of comments made from a citizen. An issue was also raised in regards to links on the City website not brining up correct information. The city clerk reported that the error had been noticed and corrected.
Consent Agenda: No comments on Agenda. Updates requested for the minutes of February 10, 2015 minutes. No comments for Summary of Claims or Treasurer’s Report. Sheriff’s report, 18 dispatches: 6 traffic, 4 suspicious/criminal/theft, 2 phone request, 3 medical and 3 bar checks. A sign permit for Connie’s Barber Shop was reviewed and approved. Coonfare motioned, seconded by Foss, to approve the consent agenda consisting of the Agenda, Minutes from the February 10, 2015 with updated comments, Summary List of Claims, Johnson County Sheriff’s Report, Permits, Licenses, and Treasurer/Clerk’s Report. All Ayes, motion carried 4-0.
Employees: Coonfare asked if weekly renters were mailed the updated $25 late fee information. Zumba instructor will end classes this month due to schedule/personal conflicts. Coonfare also asked about replacing her as contact person for center rentals. Citizen suggested a local resident. It was also discussed about the bank sign and who can put messages on it. It was suggested that the sign owner be in charge of maintaining it. Mayor Cannon shared the cost to replace light bulbs for outside lights and will add it to next month’s agenda. It was mentioned that Living Roadway Grant is available for beautification projects, such as 120th St.
Old Business: Motioned by Foss, and seconded by Larson to approve the Resolution No. 2015-6. Resolution authorizing Mayor and City Clerk to sign documents to resolve Solon State Bank’s Letter of Credit issue involving construction of Southview Lane, a Memorandum of Understanding and Mutual Release between the City of Shueyville, Iowa, Lakewood Development Homeowner’s Association and Solon State Bank and rescinding Resolution No. 2014-14. Roll call, All Ayes, motion carried 5-0.
Motion by Coonfare, seconded by Cada to approve Resolution 2015-3 adopting the Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 2015-2016. Roll Call, All Ayes, motion carried 5-0
Resolution 2015-2 Approving Final Plat of Jacob’s Landing Third Addition was discussed and determined that a letter of credit is needed to confirm that the roads will be seal coated. It was also agreed that a Development Agreement was nessecary and would be presented at the next council meeting for final approval consideration. Motioned by Coonfare, and seconded by Larson to table till next month.
Cada presented and idea for the city sign and asked the sign company come to the next council meeting.
Motioned by Cada, seconded by Coonfare to approve Resolution 2015-5 Contract for Community Center Rentals All Ayes, motion carried 4-0
New Business - Resolution 2015-4 Approval Final Plat of Maplewood Second Addition was discussed. It was determined that an easement is required on the Final Plat to connect Sunset Drive to any future road development. Motioned by Foss, and seconded by Coonfare to table till next month. All Ayes, motion carried 4-0
Motioned by Cada and seconded by Coonfare to table Knox Box and Sign Ordinance till next month. All Ayes, motion carried 4-0
Motioned by Coonfare, seconded by Larson to set Public Hearing for April 14, 2015 for Ordinance 12-18-14-01 A Ordinance Adopting by Reference and Providing Amendments to the 2014 National Electrical Code, Including Annex H-Administration and Enforcement. All Ayes, motion carried 4-0.
It was requested that the City Clerk post ads and send out lawn mowing bids to past applicants.
Mayor and Council will look into the overgrown bushes on the bus route and talk to owner.
Motioned by Foss, seconded by Cada to approve Clerk Training. All Ayes, motion carried 4-0
Correspondence: Mayor will review Living Roadways Grant for beautification projects.
Announcements: none
Coonfare moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Foss. All Ayes, motion carried 4-0. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
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Markus Cannon Teresa Eadie

Mayor City Clerk/Treasurer

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