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Full Name: Hassan El-Sayed Ahmed Nafaa


Date of Birth: 12/01/1947

Place of Birth: Beheira-Egypt

Citizenship: Egyptian

Professional address: Faculty of Economics and Political Science- Cairo University

Guiza- Egypt.

e-mail adress; ,

Telephone: Mob;: (+2 ) 01222301201 Fax : (+202) 37161182


Present: Professor of Political Science- Cairo University

Former: Secretary General of the Arb Thought Forum, Amman, Jordan 2007-2009

Head of the Department of Political Science at Cairo University, Egyp:.(1997-2004) & (2005-2007)

University of Alexandria: Bachelor of Economics and Politicl Science, 1967

Universite de Paris 1(Sorbonne): DES: 1973, Docorat D'Etat: 1977 (Sciences Politiques)

Institut d'Etudes Poliques de Paris: Diplome de Relations Internationales, 1977.

Cairo University, Dept. of Political Science: 1978-2007

UCLA, Dept. of Political Science, Spring 1996

Lecturer, Diplomatic Institues: various Arab Countries including: Egypt, Jordan, Oman, UAE etc

University of North Carolina: Fulbright Scholar 1980/1981

Univesities of: Columbia (Summer 1984), Maryland (Summer 1987

Research Fellow: G.E Von Grunebaum Center for Near Eastern Studies, UCLA, 1996

General Coordinator of the “Anti-Succesion Coalition” 2009

General Coordinator of the National Assosiation for Change” 2010

Member of the Advisory Board of Al-Siyassa Al-Dawliya

Former Secretary General of the Arab Association of Political Science

In Arabic
Around 10 books: including: The EU: An Arab Prespetive, (Beirut, 2004), The UN in Fifty Years (Kuwait, 1995), The Reform of the UN (Egypt, 1997), The Arabs and UNESCO (Kuwait, 1989), Egypt and the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Beirut, 1984)..etc.

Chapters, Artcles and Essays
Around 100 Chapters, Essays and Articles in Arabic dealing with various topics such as: Egyptian, Arab And Middle Eastern policies, various aspects of activities of International Organizations in the Arab Region..etc Some other essays are written in English or French and presented in Seminars or Workshops, such as:

  1. EU Global Strategy Expert Opinion-No7, European Union Institute for Security Strategy, 26 January 2016

  2. Democracy, Civil Society and the Challenge of Comprehensive Security, Paper presented to the seminar organized by the EuroMeSco Working Group on “The Charter and the search for a Euro-Med common ground”, Barcelona, 14th and 15th of June 2002

  3. Multilateralism: the Case of Egypt. In: James P. Sewell (ed.): Multilateralism in Multilateral Perspective: Viewpoints from Different Languages and Literature. United Nations University Press, Macmillan Press, London, 2000.

  4. Security and Stability in the Mediterranean at the Turn of the Century: A View from Egypt; in: Hans W. Odenthal (ed.), Security and Stability in the Mediterranean at the Turn of the Century: Perceptions, Fears and Hopes, The 1998 International Research Seminar on Mediterranean Security; NATO Defense College Monograph Series, Rome, 1999.

  5. The OAU’s Mechanism for Conflict Resolution: Opportunities and Constraints in a new World Order, Paper Presented at the International Symposium on: “The Development Perspective of Africa Towards the 21st Century, 21-23 October 1998, Beijing, China, 1998.

  6. The Lockerbie Crisis: Has the United States Forfeited Its Credentials as a World Leader, Middle East Affairs Journal, Vol.4, No. 3-4, Summer/Fall 1998.

  7. Towards an Egyptian--Korean Cooperation on The Reform of the U. N; Paper Presented at the 4th Egyptian-Korean Conference, sponsored by the Korean Institute for the Middle East and African Studies and the Center for Asian Studies (Cairo University), Soul, 7-9 December 1997.

  8. Egypt and the Arab - Israeli Conflict: The Changing Patterns of an Unavoidable Involvement. Paper presented at the 27th annual meeting of the Middle East Studies Association. Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, November 11- 14, 1993.

  9. Arab Nationalism: A Response to Ajami’s Thesis on the End of Pan- Arabism; Journal of Arab Affairs, Vol.1 No2, 1982

  10. The Study of Relationships between the International Organizations and the Member States: A System Approach; International Interactions, Vol.7.No: 4 1981.

In Frensh:
1– La Geopolitique Egyptienne: Haut Nile et Palestine. dans: Samir Amin [ed], Les Enjeux Stratigiques en Mediterranee, Forum du Tiers Monde, HARMATAN, Paris, 1992.
2- Le Novel Ordre International et l’ Avenir de la Democratie dans le Monde Arabe. Dossiers du CEDEJ: Democratie et Democratisation dans le Monde Arabe, CEDEJ, le Caire, 1992.
3- La Specificite de la Culture Arabo - Musulmane et ses Repercussions sur la Science Politique dans le Monde Arabe . Dossiers du CEDEJ: Etudes Politiques du Monde Arabe, Approches Globales et Approches Specifiques, Le Caire, 1991.
4- Histoire et Methodologies des Relation Internationales en Egypte: Apercu General. Rapport presente a la Conference Internationale sur l Histoire et Methodologie des Relation Internationales, Perugia {Italie], 20 -23 septembre, 1989. Publie par : Center for Political Research and Studies, Cairo University, Political Research Series, Octobre 1989.

*Regular contributor to various Egptian and Arab weekly and daily newspapers such as: Al-Ahram Weekly (English: Cairo) , Al-Hayat (Arabic: London) and Almasry- alyoum (Arabic: Cairo)

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