Shawn Tolmsoff Movie Quiz: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

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Shawn Tolmsoff Movie Quiz: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
Answer all questions in each set correctly to receive full credit for the point assigned. Please type your answers out. Put your name, my name, date, course and course section at the top of your quizzes and make sure they are turned in by the required date. Short answers will suffice.
1st set Worth One Point:

1. What battle was depicted at the beginning of the movie?

2. Who was the Senator (Played by Aiden Quinn) representing the United States and what Act was he responsible for putting into legislation?

3. What was the name of the Indian Chief who represented the Sioux that “touched pen” thus signing the Act?

2nd set Worth One Point:

1. What was the name of the second Battle that ensued after the Battle of Little

Big Horn and what was the date?

2. What Indian Chief led the resistance against the U.S. Army?

3. What was the “sacred land” he talked about?
3rd set Worth One Point:

  1. Why did the Whites want to buy the land from the Indians?

  2. Where did the Whites and Indians meet to discuss the distribution of Indian land and payments for the land?

  3. How much money total was promised to the Indians for the sale of their land?

4th set Worth One Point:

  1. Name one of the diseases mentioned in the movie that aided in wiping out much of the Indian population?

  2. What sort of profession did Charles Eastman practice at Pine Ridge?

  3. Name one of the three things Sitting Bull was paid to do for his celebrity? IE. What was one way he made money off of Whites simply for who he was?

5th set Worth One Point:

  1. What new price did Dawes offer the Indians for their land the second time?

  2. Explain briefly (one sentence) how the first shot was fired at Wounded Knee as depicted in the movie.

  3. What prevented the dead from being buried after the massacre at Wounded Knee?

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