Shanghai: The Zig-Zag Bridge

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On the Sea

Shanghai: The Zig-Zag Bridge

Basano, at the foot of the Alps

Bassano del Grappa: Ponte degli Alpini

The Heart of Paris

Pont Neuf: The New Bridge

To serve the dignity of Venice

The Rialto Bridge across the Grand Canal

The Eighth Wonder of the World

The Goltzsch Valley Bridge in the Vogtland

Beauty unsurpassable

James Eads’ St. Louis Bridge

Stockbroker in armor

London: Tower Bridge

Across the Valley of Death

The Kwai Bridge

In all its majesty

San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge

A triumph of stone and steel

Dresden: The “Blue Wonder”

For Peace and Unity

Innsbruck: The “Europabrucke”

In harmony with the magnificent landscape

New York: Verrazano Narrows Bridge

Connecting what the waters once divided

Panama: Bridge of the Americas/Puente de las Americas

The Old Coat Hanger

Sydney Harbour Bridge

At the Emperor’s Command

The Aqueduct at Segovia

To the Generations of the World

The Alcantara Bridge

Formerly the Pons Aelius

Rome’s Ponte S. Angelo

An arch in flight

Zhao Xian, Hebei: The An Ji Bridge

Whence there is only one route

Puente la Reina: the Pilgrim’s Bridge

In the Care of the “Bridge Masters”

Regensburg’s Stone Bridge

Bridge of the Honorable Passage at Arms

Puente de Orbigo

Of Swiss Heroic Deeds

The Kapell Bridge in Lucerne

800 florins’ gulden rent a year

Florence: Ponte Vecchio

A colorful rainbow

Mostar: “Stari most,” the Old Bridge

In the Garden of Perfect Clarity

Beijing: The Jade Belt Bridge

The winged creature

New York: Brooklyn Bridge

Strength and Stability

The Forth Bridge

To connect nations and ages

Paris: Alexander III Bridge

Symbol of the Revolution of the Carnations

Lisbon: Ponte de 25 Abril

A Triumphal Arch in the Port of Hamburg

Hamburg: The Kohlbrand Bridge

For Expo ‘92

Seville: Alamillo Bridge

World Record for Spinning

Spanning the Great Belt: Denmark’s East Bridge

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