Session 1 The Dilemma of Islam

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All false religions are self-refuting. In other words, they punch themselves in the face and knock themselves out.

I saw a video this week that really illustrates this well. A girl was bouncing a ball around in her room like a volleyball player. The first couple of hits she bumped it up in the air. Then, she bounced it off the wall a couple of times. Then she swung back and spiked the ball as hard as she could into the wall. She just nailed the thing. But what happened is that the ball bounced back with just as much force and slammed her in the face. She fell to the ground with a thud because she had knocked herself out with her own hand.

That’s exactly what happens in every false religion. False religions knock themselves out with their own doctrines. Christianity is the only self consistent religion. That’s why it is the only true religion.

Our job in apologetics is to expose how those other religions are contradictory and end up refuting themselves.

For this session I want to talk to you about what has been called the Dilemma of Islam.

This is something that I got from a man named David Wood. David Wood has a ministry to Muslims, and it can be found at

But what I want to talk about is something that is very practical. If you are interacting with Muslims, this is a bazooka you can bring to the fight. If you are a Muslim or you are friendly to the Islamic religion (maybe you are checking out what Muslim’s believe), then this is something you need to seriously consider.

Again, what I’m going to be talking about is the dilemma of Islam. Now a dilemma is a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable. Sometimes, when we get into a bind, we say that we are stuck between “a rock and a hard place.” If we try to go one way and make this choice, we can’t. If we try to go in the other direction and make the opposite choice, we cannot do that either. Both options are bunk and won’t get us anywhere.

I want you to understand that this is exactly the bind that the Islamic Religion has.

One of the common objections that Muslim’s have is that the Bible we Christians have is corrupted. If you start talking with Muslims one of the things that they will typically do is attack the reliability of the Bible. They will say that it can’t be trusted because it is corrupt. In other words, they contend that the Bible is not the word of God.

Now this is where we get into the dilemma. We could try and show these Muslims that we have all kinds of evidence proving that the Bible is not corrupt. We have all kinds of manuscripts dating back to just a few years after the original manuscripts were written. But most likely, that won’t get us anywhere.

A better way to handle the situation is to point out the pickle that claim then puts them in.

The moment he says that the Bible is corrupt, he denies the teaching of the Quran. That’s because the Quran speaks very highly of the Bible. As a matter of fact, it commends the Bible as the very word of Allah. And the Quran teaches that the word of Allah cannot be changed. So the Bible is the word of Allah, and as such, it cannot change.

We will get more specific in a moment, but what I want you to do now is see the problem they are now in.

If a Muslim believes the Quran is without error, then he cannot deny the truth of the Bible. That is because in the Quran the Bible is touted as the word of Allah.

But if he agrees that the Bible is the word of Allah, then the Quran is wrong! That’s because the Bible teaches a tremendous amount of material that is in conflict with the Quran.

But, again, if he says that the Bible is corrupted, then the Quran is in error.

By putting its stamp of approval on the Bible, the Quran has refuted itself. It punches itself in its own face.

So whatever way you go—whether you affirm the Bible or say that it is corrupted, Islam falls in on itself. The Quran cannot be trusted either way. If it is true, then Islam is false because it contradicts the Quran. If it is false, then the Quran is wrong because it says commends the Bible as the word of Allah.

David Wood, the guy who articulated this for me, illustrates it this way: Suppose I say that there is going to be a sign from God in the heavens in an hour. That sign is going to tell you that I am a prophet of God. Then we go outside and wait for the sign.

In exactly an hour there appears a sign in the heavens! The only problem is that it says, “Matt Timmons is a lying, false prophet.” If that were to happen, then I got a huge dilemma on my hands! We have a sign from heaven—exactly what I said would happen, but it is telling us that I’m a false prophet. Now, if my prediction is true, I’m a false prophet. But if I say, “No, that message is wrong.”, then I’m still wrong. I’m still a false prophet because what I said didn’t come true.

Either way, whether you believe it or not, I am a false prophet.

The same is true for Islam! That’s exactly what happens with the Quran. It claims the truth of the

There are many places in the Quran where the Bible is commended:

  1. Sura 2:136-- Say ye: 'We believe in Allah, and the revelation given to us, and to Abraham, Ismail, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Moses, and Jesus, and that given to all prophets from their Lord: we make no difference between one and another of them.

This asserts that Allah gave revelation to Abraham, Jacob, Moses and Jesus. All of them have the words of Allah! So that is a blatant affirmation that the Christian Bible is straight from Allah himself.

  1. Sura 3:3-4: He has sent down upon you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth, confirming what was before it. And He revealed the Torah and the Gospel. Before, as guidance for the people. And He revealed the Qur'an.

Here it is. It says that Allah revealed the Torah and the Gospel. Allah is its author. Allah is the one who is responsible for the content of the Torah and the Gospel.

  1. 4:163-- We have sent thee inspiration, as We sent it to Noah and the Messengers after him: we sent inspiration to Abraham, Isma'il, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes, to Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, and solomon, and to David We gave the Psalms

There inspiration (i.e. the revelation) was given to the Biblical patriarchs!

  1. 5:44 --

  2. Sura 5:47--And let the People of the Gospel judge by what Allah has revealed therein. And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed - then it is those who are the defiantly disobedient.

Allay has revealed the gospel, and if you don’t believe it [the gospel] then you are DEFIANTLY disobedient!

  1. 5:68 Say, "O People of the Scripture, you are [standing] on nothing until you uphold [the law of] the Torah, the Gospel, and what has been revealed to you from your Lord." And that which has been revealed to you from your Lord will surely increase many of them in transgression and disbelief. So do not grieve over the disbelieving people.

This actually says you have nothing upon which to stand until you uphold the law and gospel! There is no other foundation! There is nothing other that we should stand upon than the Biblical truth!

  1. Sura 6:114-115: And those to whom We [previously] gave the Scripture know that it is sent down from your Lord in truth, so never be among the doubters. And the word of your Lord has been fulfilled in truth and in justice. None can alter His words, and He is the Hearing, the Knowing. No one can change Allah’s word.

Here is a powerful text! You cannot get any more testimony than this that this is Allah’s word and you cannot change it! The Gospel and the Torah are Allah’s word! If true, and it cannot be corrupted, how can the Muslim say that we are corrupting the Scripture. That is a punch to their own face!

  1. Sura 10:94—So if you are in doubt, [O Muhammad], about that which We have revealed to you, then ask those who have been reading the Scripture before you. The truth has certainly come to you from your Lord, so never be among the doubters

Here Muhammad himself is being addressed. Apparently he had some doubts as to the truth of what was being revealed. And Allah says to him, “Go to the ones who have been reading the Scripture before you [i.e. the Torah and the Gospel, the Jews and the Christians]. It must be that they still have the book to consult if he is told to go read it.

  1. 18:27: None who can alter Allah’s words! If the

There are just a few passages that clearly show that we are to affirm the Bible. The Bible is a book that is spoken of in a very high way. There is an incredible reverence for the Bible in the Quran and it commends the truth of the Bible.

But now, once you understand this, you have to understand that the Muslim is in a pickle if he is going to continue being an adherent to Islam. He cannot claim the Bible is corrupted. If he does, then he denies his own Quran and basically affirms that Islam is a false religion. But if he does say that the Bible is corps, then he admits that the Quran is corrupt. Either way he pulls the rug out from under himself!

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