Sergei f. Sutyrin doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of World Economy, St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Economics

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Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of World Economy, St.Petersburg State University, Faculty of Economics

191194 Russia, St.Petersburg, 62, Tschaikovskogo str.

Phone/Fax 7 (812) 272-03-30

Born - July 13, 1952 in Leningrad, USSR.

Fluent in English.
Professional Experience:

1996 - present: Professor, Head of the Department of World Economy,

St.Petersburg State Univ.

1992 - 1996: Professor, Head of Department of International

Economic Relations, St.Petersburg State Univ.

1991 - 1992: Professor of the Department of History of Economic Thought,

St.-Petersburg State Univ.

1985 - 1991: Reader (Associate Professor) of the Department of History

of Economic Thought, Leningrad State Univ.

1981 - 1985: Reader (Associate Professor) of the Department of Political

Economy, Leningrad State Univ.

1974 - 1981: Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of the Department of Political

Economy, Leningrad State Univ.

1969 - 1974: Economic Faculty of Leningrad State Univ. (Department of

Political Economy)
Member of Editorial Board – “Vestnik Sankt-Peterburgskogo universiteta”, Series 5, Economy (Russian Federation).

Member of Scientific Editorial Board – “Evraziiskaya integratsiya: economica, pravo, politika” (Russian Federation).

Member of Editorial Board – “Problemy sovremennoi economiki” (Russian Federation).

Member of Editorial Board – “Journal of Asia Entrepreneurship and Sustainability” (USA)

Member of Editorial Board – “Afro Eurasian Studies” (Turkey).

Author of more than 200 books, pamphlets and articles in different fields of economic theory. Some recent publications:

Mysteries and Puzzles of Modern Russian Economy. Turku School of Economics and Business Administration. Business Research and Development Centre. Series B. Research Reports. B13 / 1999. (Editor and co-author, in English);

  • Cultural Dimensions of Internationalization: Case of Russia. In: Perspectives on Internationalization. Ed. By Uolevi Lehtinen and Hannu Seristo. Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration. 1999. (in co-authorship, in English);

  • Strategic Foreign Direct Investments in Russia before and after 1998 Crisis: The Case of SIEMENS. In Recent Studies in Transition and Operation in Central and Eastern Europe. Ed. by Jorma Larimo. Vaasan Yliopiston Julkaisuja. Proceedings of the University of Vaasa Reports. Selvityksia ja Raportteja 57. Vaasa 2000. (in co-authorship, in English);

  • Institutional Framework for External Economic Activities in Russia: Barrier or Promoter? In: VI World Congress for Central and East European Studies. Divergencies, Convergencies, Uncertainties. Abstracts. ICEES-FIREES. Tampere. 2000. (in English);

  • The Way of Sibirsky Aluminium. In: East Goes West – The Internationalization of Eastern Enterprises. Ed. by Kari Liuhto. Lappeenranta University of Technology. Studies in Industrial Engineering and Management. Lappeenranta 2001 (in co-authorship, in English);

  • International Dimension of Russian Transition. In: Ten Years of Economic Transformation. Vol. 2 – Markets, Companies and Foreign Business in Transition. Ed. by Kari Liuhto. Lappeenranta University of Technology. Studies in Industrial Engineering and Management. Lappeenranta 2001 (in co-authorship, in English);

  • Information technologies as a challenge to state regulation of economic development. In: Multimedia: the challenge for science, technology and business. 46th International Scientific Colloquium. Technical University of Ilmenau. 2001 (in English);

  • North within the context of globalization. In North Meets North. Proceedings of the First Northern Research Forum. Akureyri and Bessastadir, Iceland. Ed. by T.S.Bjornsson, J.H.Ingimundarson, L.Olafsdottir. Stefansson Arctic Institute & University of Akureyri. 2001 (in English);

  • Loukas Tsoukalis. The New European Economy Revisited. Editor of Russian translation (2001);

  • Maritime oil transportation in the Baltic Sea: A Russian perspective. In: Growing Russian oil shipments in the Baltic Sea: Strategic decision or environmental risk. Ed. by Kari Liuhto. Lappeenranta University of Technology. Northern Dimension Research Centre. Lappeenranta. 2003. (in co-authorship, in English);

  • World Economy. Textbook. Editor. St.Petersburg. 2003 (in Russian);

  • Russian WTO Accession: Problems and Prospects. Materials of International Conference. Editor. St.Petersburg. 2003 (in Russian);

  • Russian Integration into the World Economy and Its Impact on National Labor Market//Far Eastern Studies (Published by Center for Far Eastern Studies, Toyama University, Japan) Vol.3 March 2004 (in English);

  • Globalization and the Arctic. In: Encyclopedia of the Arctic. Ed. by Mark Nuttall. Vol.2. Routledge. New York and London. 2005. (in co-authorship, in English);

  • Outward Internationalisation of Russian Leading Telecom Companies. Electronic Publications of Pan-European Institute (Turku School of Economics and Business Administration), I/2005 ISSN 1795-5076 (in co-authorship, in English);

  • Transitional Economies with the WTO System. Editor, co-author. St.Petersburg. 2005. (in Russian);

  • Russian Regions and Their Foreign Trade. ETLA. The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy. Discussion Paper No.995 2005. (in co-authorship, in English);

  • Russian Telecommunication Company MTS Goes to the CIS//Journal of East-West Business.Vo.11, Numbers 3/4. 2005 (in co-authorship, in English);

  • Doha round of WTO negotiations: prospects and repercussions for Russian Federation//World Journal of Management & Economics. 2007. Volume 1; Issue 2. (in English);

  • WTO: national economies interaction mechanism. Moscow. 2008 (Editor, co-author, in Russian);

  • Russian – South Korean Dimension of Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia. In: Peace and Prosperity amidst a World of Change on the Korean peninsula and in Northeast Asia. Compendium of papers submitted for the 4th Busan International Symposium. 2008. (in co-authorship, in English and Korean);

  • International Trading System – Does it really represent a public good? World Journal of Management & Economics 2008. Vol. 2. Issue 1 (in English);

  • What Type of Global Governance Do We Need in Arctic? Proceedings from the 5th NRF Open Assembly in Anchorage, Alaska. 24th - 27th of September 2008. (in English);

  • International Economic Organizations in the System of Global Governance: Challenges and Prospects//Osaka City University Economic Review. Vol.44 March 2009. (in co-authorship, in English);

  • Internationalization of Russian Economy: Threats and Opportunities in Time of Crisis. In “Crisis and sustainable business in Central and Eastern Europe” Haniel-Seminar Discussion Paper edited by Prof. Dr. Knut Richter, Alexander Klebe. European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) Department of Business Administration and Economics Discussion Paper No. 282 November 2009 ISSN 1860 0921 (in English);

  • World Economy and International Economic Relations. Textbook. Editor, co-author. Moscow, 2010. (in Russian);

  • State of Infrastructure: Internationalization à la Russia//Baltic Transport Journal No2/2010. (in co-authorship, in English);

  • Security considerations and trade in energy resources. (in co-authorship, in English);

  • Peculiarities and rationale of asymmetric regional trade agreements (in co-authorship, in English).;

  • International trading system. Compendium of teaching materials. SPb. 2011. (co-editor and co-author, in English)

  • Intangible Barriers to Russian Imports: A case of Finnish SMEs Entering RF Markets//Region: Regional Studies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Vol.1, No1, 2012. P. 131-153. (in co-authorship, in English);

  • Russia’s Accession to the WTO: Major Commitments, Possible Implications ( in co-authorship, in English);

  • Russia’s accession to the WTO: possible impact on competitiveness of domestic companies // Baltic Sea Policy Briefing. 2013 No2. Centrum Balticum. Turku (in co-authorship, in English);

  • Trends and Prospects of Economic Сooperation Between China and Africa // The Maghreb Review Vol.38, No1, 2013, pp.51-84 (in co-authorship, in English);

  • Integrating into the multilateral trading system and global value chains: the case of Russia. In: Connecting to global markets. Challenges and opportunities: case studies presented by WTO chair-holders. Ed. by Marion Jansen, Mustapha Sandi Jallab, Maarten Smeets. WTO Publications. Geneva. 2014. p.103-115 (in co-authorship, in English).

Teaching Experience:

Delivers (in Russian and in English) lectures in: Economics; History of Economic Thought; Introduction to the Theory of Taxation; International Economics; State Regulation of International Economic Transactions (IET): Theoretical Perspective; Commercial Diplomacy; Russian Economy in Transition; Russia and the WTO.
Experience of International Co-operation:

1980 - 1981: Research fee student in London School of Economics;

1992 - 1994: Participant of Summer seminars organised and sponsored by the INTERNATIONAL CENTER at the Univ. of Tubingen (Germany).

1994: Program Co-ordinator of "Agribusiness Development" Seminar presented by Texas A&M Univ. (USA) and St.Petersburg State Univ.

1994 - 1995: Co-ordinator of INTERNATIONAL CENTER (Univ. Tubingen) for St.Petersburg State Univ.

1994 - 2002: Lecturer on "Russian Foreign Trade" in International Program

organised by Babson College (USA) and St.Petersburg State Univ.

1995: Visiting lecturer on Russian International Economic Relations in «ARGO-95» (Russian-American Humanitarian Education) Programme, presented by Moscow branch of Russian Scientific Foundation.

1995 - 1996: Visiting Researcher in Bank of Finland, Unit for Eastern European Economies.

Since 1995 : Visiting lecturer on different aspects of Russian foreign economic

policy to the students of Universities in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Austria.

1996 - 1998: Participant of TACIS-ACE projects on "Market

Structures and Foreign Direct Investment in Transition

Economies" and “A Comparative Analysis of Industrial Restructuring in the TACIS Countries”.

1997 - 1998: Lecturer on «Modern Russian Economy» and «Internationalisation of the firm» within the framework of Joint

Nordic-Russian Executive Training Programme (NORLET).

1999: Visiting Researcher and Visiting Lecturer on «Transition into

Market Economy» at Turku School of Economics and Business


2000 – 2005 External Professor, Visiting Professor in Executive Training programme presented by “Stockholm School of Economics in Saint Petersburg”.

2000 – 2005 Participant and co-manager of Finnish-Russian project “Economic Monitoring of the North- and North-Western Russian regions”.

Since 2001 Lecturer and Russian director of educational programme “Commercial Diplomacy” presented by Economic Faculty of St.Petersburg State University and Centre for Trade Policy and Law (Carleton University & University of Ottawa, Canada).

2002-2005 Member of the Board of Advisers Encyclopedia of the Arctic. Ed. by Mark Nuttall. Vol.1-3. Routledge. New York and London. 2005.

Since 2010 Chair-holder of the World Trade Organization Chairs Programme.

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