September 27−October 3, 2015

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Banned Books Week

September 27−October 3, 2015

Since its inception in 1982, Banned Books Week has reminded us that while not every book is intended for every reader, each of us has the right to decide for ourselves what to read, listen to or view. Thousands of libraries and bookstores across the country will celebrate the freedom to read by participating in special events, exhibits, and read-outs that showcase books that have been banned or threatened.

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Display ideas

Promotional ideas and letters to the editor

Frequently challenged books

Challenged books and the reasons

Resources for librarians, teachers, students

Guidelines for Virtual Read Out

Link to Virtual Read Out

500+ videos of students and celebrities reading selections from banned books and discussing the effects of censorship and banning anned books week

  • Intellectual Freedom
    The ability to express and explore diverse opinions.

  • Intellectual Freedom
    Right to seek information.

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