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On Marriage.
Hymn 62. PM When earth was dress'd in beauty

adapted/edited/written by William W. Phelps (LDS)
1. When earth was dress'd in beauty,

And join'd with heav'n above,

The Lord took Eve to Adam,

And taught them how to love.
2. on such a grand occasion,

As union had begun,

They held a sweet communion,

And join'd the twain as one.
3. And bless'd them as an altar,

For chaste and pure desire,

That no unhallow'd being

Might offer there "strange fire."
4. Beware of all temptation;

Be good, be just, be wise,

Be even as the angels,

That dwell in Paradise.
5. Go multiply,—replenish,

And fill the earth with men,

That all your vast creation,

May come to God again:—
6. And dwell amid perfection,

In Zion's wide domains,

Where union is eternal,

And Jesus ever reigns.
Hymn 63. PM O stop and tell me Red Man

adapted/edited/written William W. Phelps (LDS)
1. O stop and tell me Red Man,

Who are ye? why you roam?

And how you get your living?

Have you no God;—no home?
2. With stature straight and portly,

And deck'd in native pride,

With feathers, paints and broaches,

He willingly replied:—
3. "I once was pleasant Ephraim,

"When Jacob for me pray'd;

"But oh! how blessings vanish,

"When man from God has stray'd!
4. "Before your nation knew us,

"Some thousand moons ago,

"Our fathers fell in darkness,

"And wander'd to and fro.
5. "And long they've liv'd by hunting,

"Instead of work and arts,

"And so our race has dwindled

"To idle Indian hearts.
6. "Yet hope within us lingers,

"As if the Spirit spoke:—

`He'll come for your redemption,

`And break your Gentile yoke:
7. `And all your captive brothers,

`From every clime shall come,

`And quit their savage customs,

`To live with God at home.
8. "Then joy will fill our bosoms,

"And blessings crown our days,

"To live in pure religion,

"And sing our Maker's praise."
Hymn 64. PM And did my Savior die

1. And did my Savior die,

And shed his blood for me?

O! what's the reason why,

Ungrateful I should be?
2. Why should I fear to speak,

And own my Savior's name,

Or bow before his feet,

Or sing aloud his fame?
3. O, may I courage have,

From time to time to tell,

My progress while I live,

On this terrestrial ball.
4. Help me O Lord to live,

And thy commandments keep,

Thy Spirit freely give,

Until in thee I sleep.
Hymn 65. PM Come all ye sons of Zion

William W. Phelps (LDS)
1. Come all ye sons of Zion,

And let us praise the Lord:

His ransom'd are returning,

According to his word.

In sacred songs, and gladness,

They walk the narrow way,

And thank the Lord who bro't them

To see the latter day.
2. Come, ye dispers'd of Judah,

Join in the theme, and sing

With harmony unceasing,

The praises of your King

Whose arm is now extended

(On which the world may gaze)

To gather up the righteous,

In these, the latter days.
3. Rejoice, rejoice, O Israel!

And let your joys abound;

The voice of God shall reach you,

Wherever you are found;

And call you back from bondage,

That you may sing his praise

In Zion and Jerusalem

In these, the latter days.
4. Then gather up for Zion,

Ye saints, throughout the land,

And clear the way before you,

As God shall give command:

Tho' wicked men and devils

Exert their pow'r, 'tis vain,

Since him who is Eternal

Has said you shall obtain.
Hymn 66. PM Let Zion in her beauty rise

Edward Partridge (LDS)
1. Let Zion in her beauty rise;

Her light begins to shine,

Ere long her King will rend the skies,

Majestic and divine.

The gospel's spreading through the land,

A people to prepare,

To meet the Lord and Enoch's band,

Triumphant in the air.
2. Ye heralds sound the gospel trump,

To earth's remotest bound;

Go spread the news from pole to pole,

In all the nations round,

That Jesus in the clouds above,

With hosts of angels too,

Will soon appear his saints to save,

His enemies subdue.
3. But ere that great and solemn day,

The stars from heav'n will fall,

The moon be turned into blood,

The waters into gall,

The sun with blackness will be cloth'd,

All nature look afright!

While men, rebellious wicked men,

Gaze heedless on the sight.
4. The earth shall reel, the heavens shake,

The sea move to the north,

The earth roll up like as a scroll,

When God's command goes forth;

The mountains sink the valleys rise,

And all become a plain,

The islands, and the continents

Will then unite again.
5. Alas! the day will then arrive,

When rebels to God's grace,

Will call for rocks to fall on them,

And hide them from his face:

Not so with those who keep his law,

They joy to meet their Lord

In clouds above, with them that slept

In Christ, their sure reward.
6. That glorious rest will then commence,

Which prophets did foretell,

When Christ will reign, with saints on earth

And in their presence dwell

A thousand years: O glorious day!

Dear Lord prepare my heart,

To stand with thee, on Zion's mount,

And never more to part.
7. Then when the thousand years are past,

And satan is unbound,

O Lord preserve us from his grasp,

By fire from heav'n sent down,

Until our great last change shall come,

T' immortalize this clay,

Then we in the celestial world,

Will spend eternal day.
Hymn 67. CM Jesus the name that charms our fears

Charles Wesley
1. Jesus the name that charms our fears,

That bids our sorrows cease,

'Tis music in the christian's ear;

'Tis life, and health, and peace.
2. He speaks—and list'ning to his voice,

Sinners new life receive,

The mournful broken hearts rejoice,

The humble poor believe.
3. Awake from fallen nature's sleep,

And Christ will give you light;

Cast all your sins into the deep,

And wash the Aethiop white:
4. With me your chief ye then shall know,

Shall feel your sins forgiven;

Anticipate your heaven below,

And own that love is heaven.
5. O for a thousand tongues to sing,,

My great Redeemer's praise;

The glories of my God and King,

The triumphs of his grace.
6. He breaks the power of cancell'd sin;

He sets the pris'ner free;

His blood can make the foulest clean;

His blood avail'd for me.
7. Hear him ye deaf, his praise ye dumb,

Your loosen'd tongues employ;

Ye blind behold your Savior come,

And leap ye lame for joy.
Hymn 68. CM Come all ye saints, who dwell on earth

William W. Phelps (LDS)
1. Come all ye saints, who dwell on earth,

Your cheerful voices raise,

Our great Redeemer's love to sing,

And celebrate his praise.
2. His love is great, he died for us,

Shall we ungrateful be?

Since he has mark'd a road to bliss,

And said, Come follow me.
3. The strait and narrow way we've found,

Then let us travel on,

Till we in the celestial world,

Shall meet where Christ is gone.
4. And there we'll join the heav'nly choir,

And sing his praise above;

While endless ages roll around,

Perfected by his love.
Hymn 69. LM God spake the word, and time began

William W. Phelps (LDS)
1. God spake the word, and time began;

He spake and gave his law to man;

His presence oft did Adam cheer,

Who lov'd the voice of God to hear.
2.But, by and by the scene was chang'd,

Our parents broke the Lords command;

They lost their innocence, and fled

Among the trees, and strove to hide,
3. From God their Father; but in vain,

For soon the Lord appear'd again,

And call'd to Adam in the wood,

Who felt condemn'd and trembling stood.
4. So wicked men, in every age,

Far from the God of heav'n have stray'd,

Till near six thousand years have fled,

And left the world with faith that's dead.
5. By faith, the ancients sought the Lord,

From time to time obtain'd his word,

Not only they but so may we,

When faith and works do both agree.
6. From Adam to the present day,

Many have sought a righteous way;

And some have found the narrow road,

And Enoch-like, have walk'd with God.
7. In every age, God is the same,

But men, they change from time to time.

While sinners take the counter road,

The man of faith approaches God.
8. Experience and the word agree,

Draw nigh says God; I'll draw nigh thee.

Then are they wise who do deny,

The works of faith beneath the sky?
Hymn 70. CM Great is the Lord: 'tis good to praise

Eliza R. Snow (LDS)
1. Great is the Lord: 'tis good to praise

His high and holy name:

Well may the saints in latter days

His wondrous love proclaim.
2. To praise him let us all engage,

That unto us is giv'n:

To live in this momentous age,

And share the light of heav'n.
3. We'll praise him for our happy lot,

On this much favored land;

Where truth, and righteousness are taught,

By his divine command.
4. We'll praise him for more glorious things,

Then language can express,

The "everlasting gospel" brings,

The humble souls to bless.
5. The Comforter is sent again,

His pow'r the church attends;

And with the faithful will remain

Till Jesus Christ descends.
6. We'll praise him for a prophet's voice,

His people's steps to guide:

In this, we do and will rejoice,

Tho' all the world deride.
7. Praise him, the time, the chosen time,

To favor Zion's come:

And all the saints, from ev'ry clime,

Will soon be gather'd home.
8. The op'ning seals announce the day,

By prophets long declar'd;

When all, in one triumphant lay,

Will join to praise the Lord.
Hymn 71. CM The glorious day is rolling on

William W. Phelps or Eliza R. Snow (LDS)
1. The glorious day is rolling on—

All glory to the Lord!

When fair as at creation's dawn

The earth will be restor'd.
2. A perfect harvest then will crown

The renovated soil;

And rich abundance drop around,

Without corroding toil:
3. For in its own primeval bloom,

Will nature smile again;

And blossoms streaming with perfume,

Adorn the verdant plain.
4. The saints will then, with pure delight,

Possess the holy land;

And walk with Jesus Christ in white.

And in his presence stand.
5. What glorious prospects! can we claim

These hopes, and call them our's?

Yes, if through faith in Jesus' name,

We conquer satan's pow'rs.
6. If we, like Jesus bear the cross—

Like him despise the shame;

And count all earthly things but dross,

For his most holy name.
7. Then while the pow'rs of darkness rage,

With glory in our view,

In Jesus' strength let us engage,

To press to Zion too.
8. For Zion will like Eden bloom;

And Jesus come to reign—

The Saints immortal from the tomb

With angels meet again.
Hymn 72. LM Before this earth from chaos sprung

adapted/edited/written by William W. Phelps (LDS)
1. Before this earth from chaos sprung,

Or morning stars together sung,

Jehovah saw what would take place

In all the vast extent of space.
2. He spoke; this world to order came,

And men he made lord of the same,

Great things to them he did make known,

Which should take place in days to come.
3. Those holy men minutely told,

What future ages would unfold,

Scenes God had purpos'd should take place,

Down to the last of Adam's race.
4. But we will pass those ancients by,

Who spoke and wrote by prophecy,

Until we come to him of old,

E'en Joseph whom his breth'ren sold.
5. He prophesied of this our day,

That God would unto Israel say,

The gospel light you now shall see,

And from your bondage be set free.
6. He said God would raise up a seer,

The hearts of Jacob's sons to cheer,

And gather them again in bands,

In latter days upon their lands.
7. He likewise did foretell the name,

That should be given to the same,

His and his father's should agree,

And both like his should Joseph be.
8. This seer like Moses should obtain,

The word of God for man again;

A spokesman God would him prepare,

His word when written to declare.
9. According to his holy plan,

The Lord has now rais'd up the man,

His latter day work to begin,

To gather scatter'd Israel in.
10. This seer shall be esteemed high,

By Joseph's remnants by and by,

He is the man who's call'd to raise,

And lead Christ's church in these last days.
11. The keys which Peter did receive,

To rear a kingdom God to please,

Have once more been confer'd on man,

To bring about Jehovah's plan.
12. The key of knowledge long since lost,

Has virtue still as at the first,

To bring to light things of great worth,

And thus with knowledge fill the earth.
13. Then none need to his neighbor say,

Know thou the Lord, this is the way,

For all shall know him who shall stand,

Both old and young in all the land.
14. Now let the saints both far and near,

And scatter'd Israel, when they hear

This news, rejoice in Israel's God,

And sing, and praise his name aloud.
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