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Community Services Partnership Forum


Meeting date: 6 February 2015 (2:00pm – 4:00pm)

Sector attendees:

Ms Belinda Drew (Chief Executive Officer, Community Services Industry Alliance), Mr Mark Henley (Executive Director, QCOSS); Mr Mark Tucker-Evans (Chief Executive Officer, COTA), Mr Ed Nixon (proxy for Volunteering Queensland); Ms Di Mangan (Secretariat, Ending Violence Against Women Queensland); Mr Roger Marshall (proxy Coalition of Community Boards)

Departmental attendees:

Ms Barbara Shaw (Acting Executive Director, Community Services and Industry), Mr Patrick Sherry (Regional Director Disability and Community Services, South East Region – delegated regional representative on behalf of all Regional Directors), Ms Tammy Myles (proxy for Ms Merrilyn Strohfeldt); Ms Judith Rowell (Acting Director, Community and Individual Services); Ms Karin Finsterle (Director, Community Engagement and Participation)


Ms Laura Barnes (Acting Executive Director, Health and Community Services Workforce Council), Ms Merrilyn Strohfeldt (DCCSDS Acting Regional Executive Director, Brisbane), Ms Cathy Boorman (DCCSDS Acting Director, Community Sector Partnerships and Reform, Community Services), Dr Ann Ingamells (Coalition of Community Boards); Mr Perry Hembury (Chief Executive Officer, VoIunteering Qld); Ms Sandra Nugent (Acting, Chief Executive Officer, Foresters Community Finance).Secretariat:


Dr Stacey Hassall and Ms Yvonne Gilbert, Community Sector Partnerships and Reform, Community Services and Industry

Item 1: Welcome and minutes/actions from previous meeting

The Acting Executive Director for Community Services and Industry, Ms Barbara Shaw, welcomed all participants.

The 7 November 2014 record of meeting was confirmed. It was noted that all actions have been completed including disseminating the revised terms of reference to members and uploading the meeting record on the Forum’s website. The meeting record was also shared with secretariats from the Disability Services Partnership Forum and the Child and Family Reform Stakeholder Advisory Group.

Item 2: Post-election update

Ms Barbara Shaw indicated the department continues to undertake ‘business as usual’ while in caretaker mode. It was noted that a number of Forum members developed election policy platforms for consideration by an incoming government. Comments on those policy platforms included:

  • QCOSS’ election platform and responses from The Greens, The Australian Labor Party and The Liberal National Party are available on the QCOSS website.

  • CoTAQ priorities were sent to all parties. No formal responses were received from any party. It was noted that the Australian Labor Party has indicated a commitment to develop a senior’s strategy. CoTAQ intends to follow up once a new government is in place. Senior’s issues have been raised in general policy platforms from the various political parties.

  • Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) received responses from the Australian Labor Party whose response acknowledged CSIA platform content. No response received from the Liberal National Party.

Ending Violence Against Women Queensland are aware of the policy position of the Australian Labor Party regarding domestic violence and it was noted that this was consistent with the priorities of the Taskforce established under an LNP government.

Item 3: Partnership Forum Working Group Meeting Feedback

At the November Partnership Forum meeting a Working Group was established to plan a workshop to:

  • deconstruct outcomes for the Partnership Forum, individuals and the system;

  • propose a methodology for how non-government organisations might be involved in implementing priorities from the Social and Human Services Investment Blueprint and what this might look like; and

  • set direction to co-design a blueprint action plan signature project.

It was flagged with forum members that whilst the Investment Blueprint may not be sustained under a changed government, it was envisaged the social investment reform priorities are likely to remain important areas of work for the department, particularly given their strong alignment with the department’s Strategic Plan.

A brief, outlining the thinking around a proposed process for this workshop was developed by the working group and disseminated to members for pre-reading.

Working Group members indicated their 19 December meeting conversation was broad ranging and exploratory. It was agreed at that meeting that the workshop would seek to operationalise the intent of the Partnership Forum charter. An important aspect would be to build/reset language to facilitate a shared definition. It was agreed the Partnership Forum exists to support an overarching goal of better outcomes for service users. It was highlighted that two priorities were intended to be achieved:

The critical questions raised in the workshop brief highlight a need to understand different perspectives, ie Partnership Forum member’s place in the industry – member network/systems thinking rather than individual perspectives. To achieve broader system input, it was agreed to include in the workshop Queensland Families and Communities Association, Liz Cain (Department of Social Services) and Sandy Paten (Capricorn Community Development Association). It was noted that full attendance - from all Partnership Forum members – will be important to get the full range of system perspectives..

Item 4: Partnership Forum Workshop Logistics

It was agreed the workshop would be held from 9am to 4pm in mid-April at a venue to be determined (LGAQ/Synapse/ Queensland Aboriginal & Islander Health Council). Suggested facilitators include:

  • Marcia Dwonczyk,, Logan

  • Facilitator from the Social Impact Institute

  • Anne Dunn, M.I. Murren Enterprises

  • Sandra Fields, (Fieldworx), Jane Geltch, Bob Dick, Jan Archer, Steve Gould, Trevor Carlyle (names from December workshop)

It was agreed that shortlisted facilitators would be invited to provide a proposed quote to the department and forum representatives (Mark Henley and Dr Ann Ingamells). The successful facilitator would work with the Working Group to co-design workshop activities.

Action: Secretariat to:

  • coordinate meeting with facilitators

  • establish a mutually suitable workshop date in April

  • secure a venue

Item 5: Issues and priorities for 2015 for member organisations

Each member provided an overview of issues and priorities for their organisation for 2015. The aim of discussion was to support identification of opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing.
QCOSS - indicators of poverty and disadvantage publication;

  • having conversations with other States to see what alignment may look like;

  • place-based work evolving soon;

  • cost of living report – locations to be expanded;

  • registry week – used to inform homelessness service responses;

  • early years in child care, kindergarten, etc.; and

  • engaging more with regional services

Volunteering - participating in a number of national forums/initiatives;

Queensland - national disaster response and resilience work;

  • looking to work with other organisations to get data capturing increased and analysis enhanced;

  • internal deliberations regarding impact of funding on services (funded for Brisbane city and Logan – looking at broader regional focus)

CoTA - working towards an age-friendly Queensland;

  • having discussions with LASAQ and Commonwealth regarding readiness of services to shift aged care to consumer directed care model, under which economies of scale will not be available for service providers;

  • reablement model;

  • 60 and better and older persons action program. Survey of government reforms impact;

  • cost of living – rising costs of energy and water

Coalition of - boards are struggling with quantum and impost of change on volunteers,

Community including funding and housing;

Boards - lot of work around collaboration internally and with other local agencies

- resourcing is an issue
Community - looking at what we can do that makes use of scarce resources

Services - focussing on funding/investment lifecycles

Industry - identifying what industry would like to see change

Alliance - capacity and capability – what would an industry development plan look like;

- industry profiling using UK model;

- looking at shared services to support administrative needs of agencies;

- hub for social investment being established – what can we do to follow suit considering social investment, social enterprise and social procurement.
Ending - expressed a sense of ‘drowning’ under demand – level of violence is increasing

Violence - need to have zero tolerance of domestic violence;

Against - perpetrators need to be made more accountable;

Women - services reverting to crisis response due to demand;

Queensland - unable to address quantum of need. Working with department to identify how demand can be addressed.

Recurring issues from discussions were – volunteering – capacity – workforce.

Action: Department to seek advice through Government Statistician regarding removal of ABS census questions on volunteering.

Item 6: Items for future meetings

Members agreed that future agenda items would be determined during the workshop to be held in April 2015.

A standing agenda item is to be included for topical issues.

It was agreed to have a representative from Department of Premier and Cabinet and Community Employers Western Australia attend a future meeting.

Action: CSIA to advise secretariat when they will be hosting a visit from CEWA

Item 7: 2015 meeting dates

Future meetings are scheduled for 2:00 – 4:00pm on 8 May, 14 August and 13 November

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