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Secondary Sources
5 Jan. 2004

We found this image through google. The website it is located on doesn’t work except
for the picture we found. (gov1.jpg)
Asahi. Asahi. 6 Jan. 2005

We found the image from google but it was really on a different site. The site it was on was about multiple Japanese topics like, Japanese history or Japanese kites. (shimura-06.jpg), English edition 14 Oct. 2004. 24 Oct. 2004

This website gave me modern examples of Japanese who have resigned from office after being disgraced when caught in a scandal. Some resigned from high. It gave me examples of how bushido is used in Japanese business and government today.

BBC News, UK Edition 10 May 2004. 24 Oct. 2004

This website gave me examples of people resigning for their honor. This resource gave me good examples for my paper and an understanding of bushido and more examples of its use in government today.

Clark, James. "Bushido: The Way of the Warrior." 6 May 1996. Bushido Home Page. Matsushita Panasonic. 24 Oct. 2004.

This website gave me several pieces of information that I put in my research paper. It gave me information on the attributes of bushido. It also gave me examples of how bushido has continued into the present. It contained information about World War II and the Japanese kamikaze pilots. The website had information on zaibatsu and what they were and how they were used.

Hall, Eleanor J. Life Among the Samurai. San Diego, CA: Lucent Books, Inc., 1999.

This book had a lot of information on samurai and bushido. It had what information on what bushido is and what the word meant. This book gave me a good overview of the samurai and how they used bushido.

Halvorson, Jesse. "The Bushido Code and the Influence of Zen Buddhism." 2001. Brett Greider Curricular Page Religious Studies. University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire. 24 October 2004.

Although this website had little information on my topic, the information it did have was extremely important. It had information on the roots of bushido.

Holmes, Ben. Code of bushido. Code of Bushido. 5 Jan. 2005

This is a website with reviews of books. The image we found was a picture of the cover of a book called Code of Bushido. (codeofbushido.jpg)

Instituto Niten. Instituto Niten. 6 Jan. 2005

This is a website we found through google images. We only used the image from the site because the rest of the text was in a different language. But, there was some English text and from that we found out that the bushido is not only found in Japan but also in other parts of the world like Brazil. (samurai2.jpg)

Jansen, Marius B. The Making of Modern Japan. Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2000.

This book gave me a lot of information on how bushido was passed on throughout history and how bushido is still used today in business 2002. Japan-Guide. 6 Jan. 2005

This is a guide to Japan. It has info

about the Japanese government and its history. It also has info about its involvement with bushido and the samurai. The image we found was a major government building in Tokyo.
Nardo, Don. Traditional Japan. San Diego, CA: Lucent Books, Inc., 1995.

This book was the second most valuable book I have. It had just about all the information I needed on traditional Japan. It also gave me a perceptive view on Japan and how bushido affected people when bushido first began.

Nishio, Shoji. Aikido. Aikido. 5 Jan. 2005

This website is a gathering of Japanese pictures. Most of the text was in Japanese but from the little text that was in English we found out that the site was about different types of codes, just like the code of bushido.

Schomp, Virginia. Japan in the Days of the Samurai. Tarrytown, NY: Benchmark Books, 2002.

This short book gave me information on Samurai and bushido and how they passed through from beginning to end. It was very useful when I needed information on how bushido was used today and back then.

Salon-Blogs. Salon-Blogs. 6 Jan. 2005

This was another image we got through google images. This image was located on a site with blogs. The site just showed us a list of blogs, but not the specific blog this image was located on.

Turnbull, Stephen R. The Book of the Samurai, the Warrior Class of Japan. New York, NY. Gallery Books, 1982

This large book was the most useful in my paper. It had just about everything I needed in one book. It also had a few primary art resources, including paintings of samurai committing seppuku.

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