Sec 3 England and France Develop

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Sec 3 England and France Develop

1066: The Battle of Hastings

1. How did this event affect the course of English History?

*Anglo-Saxon English lords lost land; William granted fiefs to Norman lords, who swore loyalty to him personally, thus laying foundation for centralized government.

1154 Henry II becomes ruler of England

2. How did Henry II strengthen England’s legal system?

*sent royal judges to parts of England to collect taxes, settle lawsuits, and punish crimes, introduced use of the jury in English courts; laid foundation for English common law

1204 Philip II of France regains Normandy from the English

3. How did Philip strengthen the central government in France?

*increased land under his control; increased power over vassals; established royal officials called bailiffs who presided over his courts and collected taxes

1215 The Magna Carta is signed by King John of England

4. Why is this document so important?

Guaranteed basic civil rights; no taxation without representation, a jury trial, and protection under the law

1226 Louis IX becomes king of France

5. How did Louis strengthen the monarchy while weakening feudal ties?

*created an appeals court, which could overturn decisions of local courts

1295 Model Parliament meets during reign of Edward I of England

6. How was this meeting a major step toward democratic government?

*legislative group composed of commoners-burgesses from every borough and knights from every county. Evolved into a check on royal power.

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