Sd social Studies State Standards Disaggregated Template

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SD Social Studies State Standards Disaggregated Template

Grade Level:




K-12 Anchor Standard:

H.1 Students will analyze how major events are chronologically connected and evaluate their impact on one another.

Grade-Level Standards:

3. H.1.1 Demonstrate knowledge of the obstacles and successes of the early settlers and in creating communities.

Student Friendly Language:

I can identify hardships and successes of early settlers in the U.S. as they formed communities.





The students will understand that:


(Procedural, Application, Extended Thinking)

There were many different types of hardships the early settlers came up against.
Settlers had to work together to overcome these obstacles to successfully build their communities.
Communities are built by people who work together for the common good.

Students will be able to identify and categorize the many hardships or obstacles that faced the early settlers.
Students will be able to distinguish what skills settlers needed to have in order to create a successful community.
Students will be able to explain what things are needed in order to have a successful community.

C3 Framework Relevant Skills and Applications:

Constructing Compelling Questions

D1.1.3-5. Explain why compelling questions are important to the others (e.g., peers, adults).

Constructing Supporting Questions

D1.4.3-5. Explain how supporting questions help answer compelling questions in an inquiry.

Evaluating sources and using evidence:

D3.1.3-5. Gather relevant information from multiple sources while using the origin, structure, and context to guide the selection.

Developing Claims and Using Evidence:

D3.3.3-5. Identify evidence that draws information from multiple sources in response to compelling questions.

Communicating conclusions:

D4.1.3-5. Construct arguments using claims and evidence from multiple sources.

D4.3.3-5. Present a summary of arguments and explanations to others outside the classroom using print and oral technologies (e.g., posters, essays, letters, debates, speeches, and reports) and digital technologies (e.g., Internet, social media, and digital documentary).

Taking informed action:

D4.6.3-5. Draw on disciplinary concepts to explain the challenges people have faced and opportunities they have created, in addressing local, regional, and global problems at various times and places.

Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings:

Essential Understanding:

Descriptive connection between SS and OSEU:


  • The land base of the Oceti Sakowin was affected by the placement of communities. For example, the creation of reservations.


  • Treaties and federal policies affected the early settlers and communities in a variety of ways. For example, boarding schools.

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