Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Response The grade for this project will consist of three parts

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Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Response

The grade for this project will consist of three parts:

  • Three paragraphs on the suspension of disbelief (Test grade)

  • The completed written character sketch, found at the bottom of this page, and a drawing or collage style depiction of the main character in a major scene from the novel. It must be an original hand drawing in color, or magazine pictures; images taken from a computer are not acceptable. (Test grade)

  • Present a brief summary and the visual image to the class. (Quiz grade)

Willing Suspension of Disbelief

Virtually all works of fiction require a willing suspension of disbelief on the part of the audience. This means that one accepts as reality what one is reading or seeing.

For instance, in the short story, “Dog Star”, we didn’t immediately dismiss the idea of an earthquake on an observatory on the moon; we accepted it as part of the story. At the movies, in Pirates of the Caribbean, the audience doesn’t see Johnny Depp, the actor, who lives in France with his wife and kids, the audience sees the pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow.

In science fiction and fantasy, it is especially important for the reader to suspend disbelief. In three well-developed paragraphs, discuss three instances in the novel in which suspending your disbelief was particularly important to the plot. Your picture of the main character should reflect him or her engaged in one of these events.

Character Sketch

Main characters in novels are seldom one-dimensional, or flat. Writers devote much time on developing entire life stories for their characters to make them multi-faceted and interesting and believable for their readers. While the author may not reveal all the information directly, much can be inferred by how the character reacts to certain events, what they say, and what others say about them. You need to respond to each of the following eleven points; if you needed to infer your response, explain how you came to that conclusion.

  1. Full name:

  1. Occupation:

  1. Age:

  2. Hair Color:

  1. Eye Color:

  1. Body Type:

  1. Significant Other (why/why not):

  1. Personality Traits:

  1. Strengths:

  1. Weaknesses:

  1. What has happened to this character in his/her past that causes him/her to respond to obstacles and the overall plot?

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