School Competition

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School Competition
Answer the questions, then return them to

Each answer is one point.
Deadline: March 25.
1. What's your name and class?
2. Pepsi Max Big One is:

a, a supersize hamburger

b, a huge roller coaster

c, a large bottle of soft drink

3. Eddie Stobart is:

a, a truck company

b, a popular actor

c, a chain store

4. Jersey and Guernsey are :

a, the stars of a popular TV series

b, the most Northern cities of Scotland

c, the Channel Islands at the South-East of England

5. Haggis is:

a, the giant from Harry Potter

b, a Welsh king

c, a Scottish food

6. Whitby is famous for

a, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

b, Bram Stoker’s Dracula

c, Shakespeare’s Henry IV.

7. A Scottish place for weddings is: G______ G________

8. A mythical creature of a Scottish lake: L______ N______ M_______

9. Home of the Liverpudlians is: L___________

10. Is it true or false? Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton were all 007 agents.

11. Is it true or false? King George V. got his first tattoo from a Japanese tattooist.

12. Is it true or false? In World War II. several pigeons served in the British Army.

13. Is it true or false? King George I. could not speak English at all.

14. Is it true or false? Scarborough is a surf paradise on the East coast of England.

15. Is it true of false? Mudathon, Whuppity Scourie and Cheese Rolling are popular dishes of the UK.

16. Is it true or false? Doctor Who is a recently popular British sci-fi series.

17. What are the five most popular pub names in Britain?

18. What is the longest place name in the UK?

19. Can you find five popular beer types of the UK?

20. Match the national symbols with their countries.






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