Scholarship Application Form

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Cinco de Mayo

Scholarship Application Form

Cover Sheet



Telephone Number: Name of Parents or Guardian:

Scholarship Application Form

  1. What school do you plan to attend?

  1. Have you applied for admission? Have you been accepted?

  1. Area of study you plan to pursue:

  1. Number of years you have taken Spanish in high school. -

  1. What Chaco de Mayo means to you personally and to the community. (Please include in personal letter; see below)

  1. What employment have you had during high school and during vacations? (Please use a separate sheet if needed)

  1. List your extra-curricular school activities, accomplishments, awards and Leadership activities. (Please use a separate sheet if 'needed)

  1. List community memberships and leadership activities, i.e. Church. 4-H, etc. (Please use a separate sheet if needed)

  1. List three (3) references: school; clergyman, personal (non-relative), former employer

Name Relationship E-mail Address Telephone No.



  1. To be filled in by High School Counselor/Administrator: High School G.P.A. ________ Rank in Class _______________

Number in Class Signed______________________________

  1. A personal letter telling about yourself, what you plan on getting from a post high school education and any additional information the selection committee should take into consideration when reviewing your application.

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