Scholarly (Left/Liberal) Scholarly (Right/Conservative)

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A Selective List of Liberal and Conservative Periodicals

Scholarly (Left/Liberal) Scholarly (Right/Conservative)
Dialectical Anthropology Cato Journal

Economy and Society Commentary

NACLA Report on the Americas Freedom at Issue

New Left Review Journal of Historical Review

New Politics The National Interest

Politics and Society Policy Review

Radical America Public Interest

Science and Society Public Opinion Quarterly

Telos Strategic Review
Opinion (Left/Liberal) Opinion (Right/Conservative)

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists American Sentinel

Jump Cut American Spectator

Monthly Review National Review

Mother Jones National Vanguard

Nation New American

National Reporter New Guard

New Statesman Soldier of Fortune

Nuclear times Soviet Analyst

Progressive This World

Libertarian/Independent News and Opinion (Closer to Center)

American Politics Business Week

Civil Liberties Canadian Dimension

The Freeman Economist

Mother Earth News Maclean’s

The Skeptical Inquirer New Republic

The Spectator Newsweek

Washington Monthly South

Whole Earth Review Time

U.S. News & World Report

Religious Focus Anti-Religious or Anarchist Focus

America American Atheist

Christian Century Black Rose

Christianity Today Black Star

Commonweal Free Inquiry

Fellowship The Humanist

Liberty Match

New Catholic World New Humanist

Plain Truth Social Anarchism

Source: “Learning to Teach,” ACRL Workshop, San Francisco, 6/27/97; Cannell Library handout

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