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History 424

Schindler’s List Movie Guide Name:____________________

  1. What happens to the one armed machinist? What does this show about the SS soldiers?

  1. Why do you think Schindler demands for Itzhak Stern to get off the train?

  1. Describe the demeanor of Amon Goeth. What does he do to the Jewish engineer? Why?

  1. What is Amon Goeth saying about the Jews to other German soldiers?

  1. Schindler observes a wandering Jewish girl in a red coat. What is the significance of this “girl in red?” What does she represent or symbolize?

  1. What are happening to the bodies? Why are they doing this?

  1. What are Schindler and Stern creating? Why?

  1. How does Schindler get the women to come to his factory? How does he persuade the officers to let the Jewish women go?

  1. What happens to Goeth?

Exit Ticket: Reflecting back upon the film, in what ways does Schindler’s list accurately portray The Holocaust? Be sure to use at least 3 examples in your response (5-7 sentences minimum).

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