Scenarios of Mercantilism Stage 1 Instructions

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Scenarios of Mercantilism

Stage 1 Instructions: In your group read each scenario and discuss how mercantilism affected people differently based on their location, vocation, social status. One class day
Stage 2 Instructions: Each group will be randomly assigned one scenario to creatively present to the class (skit, poem, song, visual art). Two class days.

Scenario One: You are a colonist living in one of the thirteen British colonies immediately following the French and Indian War. While you would like to import tea from China, and sell various products you have grown in your colony to other countries, it is forbidden by the mother country. Items can only be purchased if they are imported from England and raw goods from the colonies can only be sent there to be sold. This means that you must pay a price set by the mother country and sell your items for a price they determine as well…….
Questions to consider….

1. How does this mercantilist policy affect your personal income?

2. What might be a complaint you have regarding the ban on trade (both importing and exporting) with foreign countries?

Scenario 2: You are the “Mother Country”. You rule a vast empire that includes various strategically placed colonies, which are utilized for their raw goods. You import the raw goods from your colonies and then process them into manufactured goods, which are sold for a high profit.
Questions to consider….

1. How does this mercantilist policy affect your national wealth?

2. How do you think you would feel if your colonists wanted to trade with other foreign powers?
Scenario 3: You are an African who has been forced to leave your native land to work on a Portuguese sugar plantation in South America. You are required to labor for many tiring hours, doing backbreaking work for no pay and poor living conditions. You are not seen as a person with rights; rather, you are an object exploited for the personal gains of the mother country.
Questions to consider……

1. How does the mercantilism policy affect you as an individual?

2. What are some of the complaints (list 2) that you have about the mercantilism policy?

Scenario 4: You are an Inca living in Peru. A strange foreigner has arrived from a land

called Spain claiming control of your empire. These foreigners want all the gold and silver your empire has accumulated over many centuries. They are willing to fight for these things if necessary……

Questions to consider…

1. How has mercantilism affected your way of life?

2. How do you feel about these European foreigners?

Scenario 5: You are the captain of a ship that smuggles goods that have been banned by the Navigation Acts into and out of the English colonies. You make a high profit off of these goods because they are in such high demand both in the English colonies as well as in other parts of Europe. You run the risk of being captured and imprisoned if caught, but the profit from smuggling is too high to pass up….
Questions to consider…

1. How has mercantilism affected you, both personally and professionally?

2. Do you want to see mercantilist policies such as the Navigation acts continue, or would you like to see them repealed by England?

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