Scenario 1: Tank Battle Near the Berlin Highway, Tucheband

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Scenario 1: Tank Battle Near the Berlin Highway, Tucheband.

This is part one of three parts of the battle on March 22, 1945 around the towns of Gorgast, Tucheband and Golzow, just west of the Oder River, along the Berlin-Moscow highway. The Germans are trying to prevent a Soviet armored breakthrough along the highway. The Soviets are trying to penetrate German lines to destroy supplies and artillery, as well as cut off German forces. Advancing west, just south of the highway are two Soviet tanks battalions, plus one company (order of battle below). Just south of the highway, north of the village of Tucheband, is an over-strength company of Panthers (order of battle below).

Victory Conditions: At the beginning of the game, the Soviet player SECRETLY rolls 1D6. If the roll is 1-2, then:

The Germans must prevent all Soviet tanks from exiting off the west end of the board. The Soviets must exit 5 vehicles off the west edge of the board. If between 1 and 4 Soviet vehicles exit off the board, it is a draw.

If the roll is 3-4, then:

The Soviet player must drive the Germans away from the town of Tucheband. By turn 24, if all German tanks are driven at least 200GSU’s from the edges of Tucheband, the Soviet player wins. If by the end of turn 24, there is a German tank within 200 of Tucheband, the German player wins.

If the roll is 5-6, then:

The Soviet player needs three or more undamaged T-34’s inside Tucheband at the end of turn 24 to win, otherwise the German player wins.

The German player is not to be told what his objective is until the game is over. That is, he must try to protect against ALL victory conditions.
Terrain: The ground is COMPLETELY FLAT and there are no woods. Only the highway, the village and the road leading from the highway through the village are terrain features. The playing surface should be 4’ wide and 6’ long. The Germans start set up between Tucheband and the highway. The Soviets enter on the board from the east edge.
Order of Battle:

Soviets (From the 8th Guards Army):

1st Battalion: HQ: 1 T34/85

1st Co.: HQ: 1 T34/85

9 T34/85

2nd Co.: 1 T34/85

9 T34/85
2nd Battalion: HQ: 1 T34/85

1st Co.: HQ: 1 T34/85

9 T34/85

2nd Co.: 1 T34/85

9 T34/85
Also attached to the 2nd battalion is:

3rd Co: 1 HQ T34/85

9 T34/85
(Total, 52 T34/85’s)
German Order of Battle:

From the 25th Panzer Grenadier Division

A Company: HQ: 2 Panthers

1st Platoon: 5 Panthers

2nd Platoon: 5 Panthers

3rd Platoon: 5 Panthers

4th Platoon: 5 Panthers

(Total of 22 Panthers)

The Panthers are a mix of A and G’s. 1 platoon can be of G’s with “chin mantlets,” the remainder have the normal mantlets.
History: The T34’s rushed forward and were fired upon and routed by the Panthers. The Soviets would have to wait a little longer before the German forces were too weak to stop them.

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