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An Associated Student Body shall be formed in each school within the district whenever one or more students in that school engage in money-raising activities with the approval and at the direction or under the supervision of the district. An Associated Student Body shall be a formal organization of students, including sub-components or affiliated student groups, and each Associated Student Body program to the board of directors for approval. All property and money acquired by Associated Student Bodies shall be district funds and shall be deposited and disbursed from the Associated Student Body program fund.


We, the students of ______ High School, for the promotion of good government, good sportsmanship, student activities, and the general welfare of the student of _______ High School, establish this Constitution of the Student Body of ________ High School.

Article 1. Name of Organization
Section A. It is resolved that the name of this organization shall be the ____________ High School Student Council.

Article 2. Purpose
The principle purpose of this organization shall be to:
Section A. Unify all student organizations under one general contract.
Section B. Aid in the Administration of the school.
Section C. Develop an understanding and appreciation of the democratic process.
Section D. Develop in all students a growing understanding of membership in a democracy in the school.
Section E. To promote, in all ways, the best interests of the school.
Section F. To encourage student involvement and enthusiasm in all school activities.
Section G. To discuss and settle disputes which arise between organizations and activities.

Article 3. Student Council shall have powers to:
Section A. Help make rules and/or guidelines for the betterment of the school, its life, or its interests. For example:

  • Student Council.

  • Social Activities.

  • Assemblies.

  • Preservation of school and personal property.

Section B. Grant charters to clubs and organizations.

Section C. Investigate and report on matters referred to it by the student body or faculty.
Section D. Approve all student body financing and spending.
Section E. The powers of the Council are delegated to it by the principal, who shall have the power to veto any measure adopted by the council, if he/she feels the measure unreasonable or in violation of the Washington State Code, school policies, or law.

Article 4. Membership
Section A. The student body of the ___________ High School shall consist of all the students from the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades and the members of the faculty of those grades.
Section B. Student Council shall be comprised of ________ executive members plus class representatives, homeroom representatives, one faculty member [list others].
Section C. The executive council shall consist of the following:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

Article 5. Duties of Student Council Members
Section A. Duties of the ASB president:

  • Enforce the constitution.

  • Veto an issue with reason.

  • Receive committee reports.

  • Appoint committees.

  • Be a rep. at school related community functions.

  • Be a non-voting member at Student council meeting, except in the event of breaking a tie vote.

Section B. Duties of the ASB Vice President:

  • To fulfill the duties of the president in the president’s absence or in case or resignation or incapacity of the president.

  • To be an ex-officio member of all committees.

  • To be a representative at all school related functions, in the president’s absence.

Section C. Duties of the ASB Secretary:

  • To keep accurate and up-to-date minutes of all regular and special student council and executive meetings.

  • To make copies of the minutes for all members of Student council and the faculty office.

  • To be responsible for all correspondence from student council and the faculty.

  • To supply members with the agenda prior to meetings.

Section D. Duties of the ASB Treasurer:

  • Approve all bills authorized by the Student Council.

  • To make financial reports and accounts for all ASB expenditures.

  • Assist with ASB finances.

  • Chair of ASB Budget Committee.

Section E. Duties of Homeroom Representatives:

  • To represent the views of the people in his/her homeroom.

  • To report all Student Council actions to the homeroom.

  • To assist in student body activities.

  • To keep an up-to-date notebook of all student council meetings and correspondence.

Article 6. Student Council Positions
Section A. Major Officers:

  • President (elected).

  • Vice President (elected).

  • Treasurer(s) (appointed).

  • Secretary (elected).

Section B. Intermediate Offices:

  • Class Officers.

  • Interhigh representative.

Section C. Minor Offices:

  • Class representatives.

  • Club representatives.

  • Homeroom representative.

  • Club non-representative officers.

  • Class non-representative officers.

Section D. A major officer may not hold an intermediate office, but may hold one minor office.

Section E. An intermediate officer may not hold a major office but may hold two minor offices.
Section F. A student may not hold three minor offices.

Article 7. Eligibility of Student Council Members
Section A. All Student Council members must have and maintain a cumulative ______ grade point average.
Section B. Requirements for all Student Council Members during their period of service shall be: Section 1. President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer must be Juniors or Seniors while holding the office.
Section C. A student must have been in attendance no less than 85% of the school year during the year he/she chooses to run for an office. Attendance requirement may be waived for certain specific conditions. Attendance at student council meetings is required. If absent, a substitute should be appointed.

Article 8. Jurisdiction over Vacant Offices
Section A. Any officer or member of Student Council missing three or more meetings without a reasonable and acceptable excuse may be suspended from the Council. Due process will be observed as related to Student rights and Responsibilities.
Section B. Any student who drops below the required GPA shall be suspended form the office or position. Due process will be observed as related to Student Rights and Responsibilities.
Section C. In the event of permanent vacancies in offices:

  • New major officers will be appointed by Student Council.

  • Intermediate and minor officers will be re-elected by the group they represent.

Article 9. ASB Card

Section A. The cost of the ASB card will be determined by the finance committee, and approved by the School Board.

Article 10. Voting

Section A. Each member of student council is allowed one vote for the office/organization he/she represents.

Section B. A person may represent only one organization at student council.
Section C. Any student may attend a student council meeting (with teacher’s permission prior to the meeting) but may not vote unless a member.

Article 11. Meetings
Section A. Executive council will meet prior to every Student Council meeting to plan the agenda. All persons must request a place on the agenda at that time. Agendas will be given to all members at least two days prior to the meeting.
Section B. All Homeroom Representatives will hold a meeting before the scheduled student council meeting in order to gather input for the next meeting to report on that meeting.

Article 12. Elections
Section A. All ASB officers shall be for a twelve month period beginning the day of inauguration and continuing to the next inauguration.
Section B. Any student who wishes to run for an office may do by filing a declaration of candidacy with the ASB Advisor.
Section C. Appointed officers include:

      1. Treasurer is chosen by the faculty and confirmed by the principal.

Section D. A student may run for only ___ major position(s) each year.

Section E. A primary election shall be held for the purpose of selecting two candidates to run for each office in the general election.
Section F. All Students enrolled in _______ High School have the right to vote in the ASB officers elections. Middle School students shall {shall not} vote.
Section G. Voting for officers will be held on _________.

Article 13. Amendments to student body constitution.
Section A. A petition for an amendment must be signed by one- third of the student body and presented to the council for approval in the form of an amendment. A copy of the petition shall be presented to the Principal.
Section B. The amendment must be posted for one week around campus.
Section C. Homerooms will vote on all amendments. In order to pass, the amendment must carry by a three-fourths majority of the student body and is subject to approval by the Principal.

Signatures of Intended Members/Date Signed

Signature of President of District Board of Directors/Date Signed

Form N Page Effective Date: 08/28/12

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