Salutary neglect

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What is meant by the term “salutary neglect” and what did it mean for the colonies?

Directions: Use the reading at this station to answer the questions below.

  1. According to the policy of mercantilism, what was the role of the British colonies?

The role of the British colonies is to BENEFIT THE MOTHER COUNTRY (Great Britain). Britain was to control colonial trade.

  1. Did Britain enforce the policy of mercantilism? NO Provide evidence from the reading that supports your answer.

The distance between the colonies and Great Britain made it difficult for to enforce laws about trade. It was also expensive to send British soldiers to the colonies.

  1. How did salutary neglect help the colonies and Britain?

Britain decided to be lenient with the colonies and not enforce trade laws because the both the colonies and Great Britain were benefiting from colonial trade with other countries as well.

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