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SACV Proposal

By RET LTC Hector Villarreal

8622 Cheviot heights

San Antonio, TX 78254




1. What we have: Mission and Vision

Mission: Create the “San Antonio Coalition for Veterans” (SACV) that works in unison to enhance San Antonio Veteran’s quality of life in their zip code with educational programs, support groups and outreach programs; develop centralized Internet/phone referral clearinghouse; develop addressing issues that impact veterans here as well as nationwide, while locally setting the example for veterans support, thus earning the right to call San Antonio the “Military City of America”.

Vision: Provide our veterans in San Antonio with the best quality of life through well established programs and earn the right to be call the “Military City of America”

2. What we want: Accomplish our goals

a. Create the San Antonio Coalition for Veterans (SACV) to work in unison.

b. Find organization(s) that will incorporate these goals as part of their charter or go for

foundation status and develop this under SACV:

1) Enhance existing or develop a system in order to centralize all veteran services provided by local, state, and federal organizations via a user friendly electronic and telephonic referral or “clearing house” as a “one stop shop” service for Veterans, their families, and active duty personnel in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

2) Obtain or something similar.

3) Obtain 1-800-VetInfo or something similar.

4) Update the system daily or as necessary.

c. Enhance “quality of life” for Veterans, their families, and active duty in their communities


1) Zip Code “Breakfast Club” Programs for retired, active, and civic members that would provide information, at the same time establish new local friendships and new ideas to improve the standards of our quality of life in their community.

2) Veteran spouse educational and support programs.

3) Selected volunteers trained to reach out to local zip code schools; speak on Patriotism, Cost of Freedom, and Importance of Staying in School, Teamwork, Standards of Conduct; Standards for Right and Wrong, and more.

4) Selected Veterans and faith based ministries services do spiritual and educational outreach to churches, sharing personal and professional suggestions for their congregation to help veterans or to help the veterans themselves with suggestions to overcome/cope/live with PTSD/mental illness.

5) Develop system for collecting issues that impact our Veterans locally.

6) As a result of collecting issues found within the communities, address them by initiating requests for new laws or changes of laws/ordinances that will favorably impact our Veterans and their families.

d. Brief respective local congressional, civic, and military leadership of concept/plan.

1) Ask City or Congressional Official to acquire as the official name for San Antonio, “The Military City of America”. 

2) Ask the City to have, at the proper time, a city and military ceremonial celebration to

officially call San Antonio the “Military City of America”.

3. What we need:

a. A Centralized Referral Service/Clearinghouse of Veteran Services provided via Internet and

Telephone for Veterans and their Families to use as a “one stop shopping” for services and


b. Establish or find an Organization that will make this project a reality.

c. Create Coalition Committees to layout the basic Plan.

d. Find the funds necessary to make this project a reality.
Promote All Veteran Services Under one Internet Address & Phone Number








the grass roots zip code/community portion

Programs for Vets and Their Families; Programs by Vets and Civic Professionals

For Vets -

VA & Other Educational Programs

For Vets -Re-entry into Civilian Life

For Vet Families – Educational and Support

By Vet/ Civic Professionals

By Vet/ Civic Professionals

By Vet/

Civic Professionals

By Vet Assn Mentor and VA Counselors

By Vet Assn Mentor & Civic Professionals:

By Vet Assn Auxiliary Mentor & Civic Professionals:

Out Reach to Public & Private Schools & Colleges

Out Reach to Churches, Seminars, and other similar groups

Out Reach to Other Special Groups, Assns, and Organizations

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Clubs;

New Group of Friends

Develop Auxiliary & Support Grps

Educate Moms/Kids

Do school Competitions; TALK ON ---Stay in School Patriotism

Give PTSD suggestions; develop lasting Church friendships

Give PTSD suggestion to police, others


4. How do we do this?

a. Conduct meetings to establish guidelines and procedures: The Plan is to conduct meetings to be held on the second ___________ of each month from 2-4 PM at_______________________________. Head of committees will present their proposals and or updates verbally and backed by a written report at each monthly meeting.

b. Establishing committees:

1) Committee 1: Steering Committee.

  1. Provides vision, direction, supervision, give briefings to city, state, and federal officials,

coordinate execution of plan, and submit proposals to city, county, state, and federal

agencies for change.

  1. Brief the leadership of the City and Military of this project.

  2. Ask the City or Congressional Official to acquire the name for San Antonio as “ The

Military City of America”.

  1. Ask the City to have, at the proper time, a city and military ceremonial celebration to

officially commemorate the day we officially call San Antonio the “Military City of


2) Committee 2: Phase 1 Find Organization for Referral/Clearinghouse Portion of Project

  1. Find one or two non profit organizations that singularly or together incorporate this

concept under their charter(s).

  1. Obtain funding for SACV in order to coordinate/complete project.

  2. Identify the services that are provided and need to be provided to our Veterans and their

families and military units from city, county, state, and federal agencies, and private

organizations that support Veterans.

  1. Obtain, 800-VetInfo, and update the system as necessary.

3) Committee 3: Phase 2 Zip Code Grass Roots and Out Reach Portion of Project.

(a) Develop zip code program with the cooperation of the veteran and civic associations

and organizations that support Veterans and their families.

  1. Develop Monthly Breakfast Clubs for Veterans in each zip code.

  2. Incorporate educational programs for Veterans.

  3. Establish new friendships programs with other Veterans within zip code.

  4. Develop Monthly Breakfast Clubs for Auxiliary as support groups.

  5. Develop Kids for Vets programs.

  6. Develop grass roots out reach programs to educate churches within each zip code.

  7. Develop grass roots out reach school programs within each zip code.

  8. Develop Kids for Vets programs within each zip code.

  9. Develop grass root educational programs for Police Departments and mid size


4) Committee 4: Phase 3 Feed back, Analysis, and Recommendations Portion of Project.

(a). Collect feedback from all committees and begin analyzing this data, which will be used

to support proposals to change/delete/upgrade/make new laws that will favorably

impact our Veterans, their families, and their communities.

  1. Prepare proposals for Steering Committee to change/delete/upgrade/make new laws

that will favorably impact our Veterans, their families and their communities.

  1. Make recommendations to forward program to other cities in the Country.

need proposed committee objectives with timelines

1. Committee 1 Objectives with timelines

2. Committee 2 Objectives with timelines

3. Committee 3 Objectives with timelines

4. Committee 4 Objectives with timelines

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