Russia 111007 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 111007

Basic Political Developments

  • Chavez meets Russian energy supremo

    • Chavez Sechin meeting puts icing on trade links with new agreements

    • Venezuela, Russia Joint Oil Venture Seen Producing By May

      • --Orinoco's Junin 6 bloc expected to produce 50,000 barrels per day, has potential for 450,000 barrels per day

      • --President Chavez says project is latest example of strengthening ties with Russia

      • --Chavez proposes creating new oil alliance, says won't conflict with OPEC

    • Russia to lend Venezuela $4 bln to pay for arms deals - Venezuela is a leading importer of Russian arms. Between 2005 and 2007, Caracas signed $4 billion worth of arms deals with Russia to buy Sukhoi fighter jets, combat helicopters, and small arms. Chavez’s government also secured a $2.2-billion loan in 2010 to purchase Russian T-72 tanks and S-300 air defense systems. Venezuela has been seeking a loan of another $6.5 billion from Russia for infrastructure development. Finance Minister Jorge Giordani said in August he would visit Moscow for negotiations in the near future.

    • Chavez secures $4b Russia loan for 'co-operation'

  • Russian Officials: Russia Recognizes the Reality of Events in Syria, so It Used Veto 

  • Putin marks 59th birthday Friday

    • President Alexander Lukashenko sends birthday greetings to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

  • Putin enters the dragon's den - Within a fortnight of his announcement to stand in the Russian presidential election in early 2012, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will be heading for Beijing. The Kremlin attaches importance to political symbolism, and the Chinese leaders never cared to hide their warm feelings toward Putin. The talks in Beijing on October 11-12 will attract huge attention internationally. By M K Bhadrakumar

  • Russia and Georgia pursue WTO talks - Russia and Georgia will meet on Friday to discuss a US-backed border monitoring deal aimed at overcoming Tbilisi’s objections to Moscow joining the World Trade Organisation, with Switzerland offering to send private contractors to patrol their disputed border regions.

  • The President of Georgia hosted a Russian opposition leader in Kvareli - The President familiarized Kasparov with his new initiative regarding the teaching of chess in secondary schools. Mikheil Saakashvili offered the management of this program in Georgia to the grandmaster. 

  • South Caucasus Railways Participates In TRACECA Conference In Tbilisi - A delegation of the Russian-run South Caucasus Railways operating Armenian railroads, participated in a regional conference organized as part of LOGMOS project held October 3-5 in Tbilisi, Georgia, the press service of the company told ARKA.

  • The attitude of the Russian authorities to labour migrants depends on the policy of the Kyrgyzstan’ leadership - Asein Isayev

  • Bulgaria strikes back at Russia with NPP counterclaim

  • Lavrov urges Norway to honor Spitsbergen fishery accords

    • Russian ship owner to appeal against Norwegian fines

  • The meeting of Patriarch and Pope could be on neutral territory - Metropolitan Hilarion

  • Detectives find new accomplices in Politkovskaya murder

    • New Charges Filed in Politkovskaya's Killing Probe

    • U.S. honors memory of Russian investigative journalist Politkovskaya

    • Finns commemorate Politkovskaya

    • Fifth Anniversary Of Assassination Of Anna Politkovskaya

    • Politkovskaya – 5 years of waiting for justice

    • Who put the contract out on Politovskaya? - There's been progress into the investigation into the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. Yet who ordered the killing remains unknown. Five years later, there's nothing more than speculation.

  • Militants eliminated in Kabardino-Balkaria prepared big terror act – NAC

    • Two militants killed in special operation in Russia’s Caucasus

  • Firefighters extinguish 2 of 4 forest fires in Russia’s Far East

    • All fires extinguished in Irkutsk Reg

    • 1,900 ha still afire in taiga in Trans-Baikal Ter

  • Suspected killers of Podolsk deputy chief detained

  • Moscow police search scientology church

  • 16 unauthorised dumps liquidated near Lake Baikal

  • PRESS DIGEST - Russia - Oct 7


    • Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has promised to keep budget spending below state revenues in his potential future economic policy as Russia's next president.

    • Ilya Klebanov could be appointed as head of the board of directors of Sovkomflot, one of the fifth-largest oil tanker shippers in the world. Klebanov previously worked as a deputy governor in St Petersburg, deputy prime minister and is said to be close to oil trader Gennady Timchenko, the daily says.


    • Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says it may be possible to allow independent producers to export gas alongside Gazprom .

    • Deputy Central Bank Chief Alexei Ulyukayev said on Thursday that there would be no second wave of the financial crisis in Russia.

    • Russia is concerned over the future of its businesses in Venzuela due to the health of leader Hugo Chavez, the daily says, referring to a last-minute visit of Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin to Caracas.


    • Russians are complaining of aggressive methods used by the ruling party United Russia in regions outside of Moscow ahead of a parliamentary election in December, the daily reports.


    • Russia could become the second largest grain exporter in the world after the United States, according to Deputy Prime Minister Victor Zubkov who oversees the agriculture sector.

    • Putin informed investors on Thursday that the government would cut the proportion of state-owned companies which are off limits to foreign privatisation to 10 percent from 25 percent.

    • Russia will build five instead of three new nuclear ice breakers if the transport ministry supports the expansion of Northern Sea routes, according to Rosatom chief Sergei Kiriyenko.

  • Russian Press at a Glance, Friday, October 7, 2011

  • Old tanks, new missiles - The Defense Ministry’s implementation of the largest rearmament program in history Andrey Kompaneyets

  • President Putin of Eurasia (part 1) - Putin sees the Eurasian Union as growing out of the Customs Union Moscow has set up with Belarus and Kazakhstan, whose leaders have both been in place longer than he has. But so far the Customs Union has proved a hard sell to the former republics. Many of their leaders have seen the Customs Union as an attempt by Moscow to reconstruct a kind of ersatz Soviet Union. Even the big Slavonic republics to Russia's west, despite their close linguistic and other links, have been resistant. by John Besemeres

  • Putin’s plan for Eurasian Union meets with doubts in CIS countries - Experts point out that Putin's attempt to become "a collector of Soviet lands," which some have already called an attempt to revive the Soviet Union, may encounter misunderstanding by the leaderships of Russia’s neighbors in the CIS. Potential members of the Eurasian Union will surely respond with discontent to the guaranteed dominance of Russia. Some experts have called the initiative of the Russian leader “hasty.” By Itar-Tass World Service writer Lyudmila Alexandrova

  • Crumbling Confidence - A New Survey Highlights Growing Distrust Among Russians Toward Banks and Other Financial Institutions
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