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2012 – 2013



1. Learn and display principals of good sportsmanship.

2. Be responsible for actions at school, range, community and at home.

3. Be responsible for school and club equipment.

4. Work as a team to bring out the best in all shooters. Share with other members of the team; what works for each of us on the line with mental preparation.

5. Learn the fundamentals of small bore target shooting.

1. The school districts grade, tardy, and conduct policies will be enforced. Keep up your grades so you can participate. If you need help ASK!

2. Team members must be in school to attend practices or matches.

3. Team members are responsible for all equipment assigned to them.

4. Each team member is to refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. We will follow the school district policy.

1. Team members must refer to coaches by “Coach Nelen”, or Coach Balog” and/or Mr. NO FIRST NAMES.

2. Team members must display proper conduct at school, range and abroad.

3. Students academically ineligible will practice 1 day per week.

4. NO profanity.

5. All team members must have the following with them to be able to practice or compete. Hearing protection, Safety glasses, Shooting journal, and boots.

6. If you get into trouble with the police, you MUST notify the coach. (Some offenses do not allow you to handle firearms)

7. You MUST write in your shooting journal. There are many adjustments and to be your best, you must keep track of all the settings. Personal training goals, objectives, sight and position settings

8. Each shooter is required to do their best at all times. This includes practice as well as matches.

9. No wearing of inappropriate clothing. (School Policy)

10. Coaches have last word!!

1. You must attend and pass NRA Safety Class held at

2. Always make sure that the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction (UP)

3. Always make sure that ECI (empty chamber indicator) is inserted.

4. Do not close bolt until ready to fire.

5. No placing finger on trigger until you are on target and ready to fire.

6. If you rest rifle on shooting stand without firing, you must put bolt handle all the way up and do not close until ready to fire.

7. NEVER will any horseplay be tolerated in the ready area with firearms around.

8. Anybody can call a “cease fire” at any time if you see something unsafe.

9. If you see something unsafe you must notify a coach immediately.

10. If you have a miss fire or stuck case on the line, notify a coach or Range Safety Officer and keep the firearm pointed down range.

1st offense- sits out the next 2 days of practice or matches.

2nd offense – YOU ARE OFF THE TEAM.

1. All team members will wear your team shirt to school and to the match.

2. The shirt will be tucked in at matches.

3. Encourage other shooters on the team, no belittling comments about someone else’s scores being less than yours.

4. For all varsity matches 10 shooters will compete. We will utilize a shoot off or cumulative average to determine who will shoot. Match participation is ultimately at the COACHES discretion.

5. You must ride the bus to away matches. If leaving a match with your parents you are still responsible for your equipment getting unloaded and put away. Do not leave until dismissed by the coach.

6. You are responsible for putting away your equipment every day.

7. You are responsible for charting your scores everyday (in your shooting journal).

8. When not on the line shooting you must remain quiet in the staging or ready areas. You will not be outside in the parking lot “hanging out”. We are guests of the South Fork Rifle Club and the remainder of club facilities are off limits.

9. No one is permitted in the vault unless accompanied by a coach or told by a coach.

10. After shooting you MUST wash hands with cold water for 30 seconds.

11. No food is allowed in the shooting area.

12. You must have a “range” set of clothing to change into for practice. DO NOT WEAR RANGE CLOTHES HOME.

13. Cleaning up the range – sweeping, dusting and other general upkeep will be conducted after each practice and home match.

Follow all League Hygiene Guidelines

( see extra paperwork)


1st offense – sitting out matches or practice. The coaches decide how long!

2nd offense – coaches decide what happens next…. Lets not let this happen!

Forest Hills School District Rifle Team Consent Form

I agree to the policies listed for the Forest Hills School District Rifle Team and will abide by them. At all times I will do my best. I will be responsible with the equipment that I am issued and will return it at the end of the season.

Student Signature _________________________________________ Date ___________

Parent Signature __________________________________________ Date ___________

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