Roosevelt’s New Deal Chapter 22 Verbal/Linguistic

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Roosevelt’s New Deal

Chapter 22


  1. Discuss the concept of a “New Deal” during the Great Depression years.

  2. Write a persuasive paper about the need for employment programs such as the Public Works Administration.

  3. Make a word web about the New Deal programs.

  4. Write a poem about Roosevelt’s court packing scheme.

  5. Debate the concept of the Social Security program.

  6. Compare and contrast the economic views of Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt.

  7. Explain the New Deal phrase “priming the pump.”

  8. Give examples of the phrase “Relief, Recovery, and Reform.”

  9. Write a skit about the Fireside Chats.

  10. Write a newspaper story about Roosevelt’s first 100 days as president.


  1. Graph unemployment figures from 1929 to 1942.

  2. Determine the cost of one New Deal program.

  3. Find the amount of Social Security a wage earner paid into the system in 1946.

  4. Calculate the number of Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) dams built and the hydroelectric power produced.

  5. Sequence the events on a time line of New Deal legislation.

  6. Synthesize ideas about programs America needs today.


  1. Create a chart that shows an increase in employment as a result of the New Deal programs.

  2. Create a logo about Roosevelt’s Social Security program.

  3. Create a graphic organizer of all New Deal programs that involve banking practices.

  4. Draw a political cartoon of the “Bank Holiday.”

  5. Create a political cartoon of Roosevelt’s court-packing scheme.

  6. Create a map that shows the location of the TVA dams.


  1. Determine the top 10 record hits during the 1930’s.

  2. Listen and analyze President Roosevelt’s campaign song, “Happy Days Are Here Again.”

  3. Compose a song about the New Deal programs and write it to the tune of a popular song today.

  4. Research a music composer during the 1930’s or 1940’s


  1. Act out President Roosevelt giving a Fireside Chat.

  2. Perform a skit about a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) employee.

  3. Learn about polio and its effect on President Roosevelt.

  4. Role play any member of Roosevelt’s Brain Trust.

  5. Act out the role of an artist that joined the Works Progress Administration.

  6. Give a speech as Alf Landon in the 1936 campaign against President Roosevelt.

  7. Act out the role of Senator Huey Long, advocating relief for the poor.


  1. Record the developmental stages of dams in the Tennessee Valley after 1933.

  2. Categorize the major responsibilities of the CCC and badges given to CCC members.

  3. Record changes in farming practices as a result of the Agricultural Adjustment Act.

  4. Examine and discuss President Roosevelt’s views of national parks.


  1. Discuss with a partner one New Deal program that you feel had the greatest impact during the Depression.

  2. Criticize a wasteful New Deal program.

  3. Do a partner presentation on the impact of youth involvement in the CCC.

  4. Create a group presentation on the problems that women faced during the New Deal.

  5. Create a presentation on the change in voting habits by African Americans as a result of Roosevelt’s presidency.

  6. Do a team presentation on the Indian Reorganization Act.


  1. Defend the decision by President Roosevelt to court-pack the Supreme Court.

  2. Critique the current Social Security system.

  3. Defend President Roosevelt’s actions during his first 100 days in office.

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