Romantic Period Point 1: Evangelism

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Romantic Period

Point 1: Evangelism

  • Flourished from 1789 to 1850

  • Thought that human beings were corrupt and they needed Christ to save them

  • God arranged everything in the Bible and because of this it must all be true

  • There are moments that foreshadow that history is bound to repeat itself

Point 2: Miltan

Point 3: Population Explosion

  • The British population doubled in then century after 1721 from 7.1 to 14.2 million people

  • From 1810 to 1820 average family size was about 8 in total

  • The growing population lead to falling mortality leading to disease like small pox

  • Because of the growing population the industrial factors began to expand also

  • Though life became more difficult because of pollution over all living improved

Point 4: Sea Power

Point 5: Britain at War

  • Britain fought against the Americans in the War of Independence

  • During the French Revolutionary war and the wars with Napoleon, Britain were allied with France, the Caribbean, Egypt and India

  • The financial means lead to Britain being stronger than many other and also lead to them having a global empire by 1815

  • They were stronger in both the shores than any other European state ever was


The Romantic Period was a time to advance the life style and to make those big changes in lives. This period included changes were done in the artistic aspect, intellectual and literary also known as the early Enlightenment. People began to look at science in a different way and began to use rationalization instead of just guessing about what they thought was going on. This time had a large effect on all types of art including music and literature, but it also had a large impact on the different types of natural science and their education back then and today. The Romantic Period was very important because they brought new theories into the world and they changed then lives of many. This Period has been known to be the most influential to the years that followed after it.

In the Romantic period there was a lot of improvement throughout different aspects of the culture and that was a lot of change as well as improvement in different areas. In this time people broke out of their shells and changed different things like religion and the type of beliefs that they held close. The main thing that happened in this time was that their military was very successful and that they were very powerful over all. This is why I chose to put the image of the ships as my photo because they used their power so often and their “Sea Power” made them very strong. They were involved in a lot of wars throughout this time, and they were strong because of their naval power.

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