Rn-bsn track Immersion Opportunities Spring 2015 nur4829L: Nursing Practice Immersion 4 credits (Current Curriculum) Oklahoma Native American Practicum

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RN-BSN Track

Immersion Opportunities Spring 2015

NUR4829L: Nursing Practice Immersion 4 credits (Current Curriculum)

Oklahoma Native American Practicum

The FAU Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing has developed a unique and caring relationship with the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians and the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. This relationship is built on the Nursing as Caring philosophy. The well-being and wholeness of both FAU nursing students and tribal members of the two Cherokee tribes in Oklahoma are nurtured through this caring relationship. John Lowe, RN, PhD, FAAN is a tribally enrolled Cherokee Native American Indian and the Wymer Distinguished Professor of the FAU Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing. He developed and implements the experiences for the nursing students within Native American tribal communities located in Oklahoma.

Nursing students who participate in this transcultural caring immersion experience are involved in disease prevention and health promotion activities with various health and educational programs within these tribal settings. Students also experience the Nursing as Caring philosophy and the Native American history and culture within these Native American settings.

Nursing students can choose to participate in this unique transcultural caring experience at the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians and Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma by enrolling in the following courses:

RN – BSN Students:

NUR4829L: Nursing Practice Immersion (new curriculum)

NUR4905: Directed Independent Study

MSN Students:

NGR 6944 Nursing Education Practicum

NGR 6905 Directed Independent Study

DOCTORAL Students:

View the experience of Fall 2013 students by clicking on the link below:


Dates for Spring 2015: Mandatory Orientation January 5, 2015 from 12-3pm.

On-site integrative nursing practicum dates: March 17-24, 2015. 

Faculty: John Lowe, RN, PhD, FAAN

Camp Boggy Creek

Camp Boggy Creek, in Eustis, Florida, is just one of the many worldwide camps for children who are medically fragile. Camp Boggy Creek was founded in 1996 by the actor, Paul Newman and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf. The vision they share is that all children, no matter how acutely or chronically ill they may be should be able to share in the transformational spirit and friendships that are so often a part of the camping experience. Without Camp Boggy Creek, many children would not have this opportunity to participate in “normal” summer activities. Please visit

http://www.boggycreek.org/the-camp/about-us/ for much more information.

Camp Boggy Creek is a fun place for children. It is medically staffed so that the campers can continue their medications and therapy safely; however, the focus is on what the campers can do, rather than on their restrictions. Most amazingly, Camp Boggy Creek does not cost the camper or family anything. There are no fees. This means they must use community volunteers to staff and maintain the camp. This clinical experience is also free to you as a volunteer. Camp Boggy Creek will place you in a nice cabin and will provide meals. You only need to get there.

At Camp Boggy Creek you will be working with other nurses and physicians to provide care so that the campers can get back outside to hike, ride horses, swim and attend other camping activities. You must complete a full background check and be fingerprinted (the university information will not transfer). This is also free to you. You must complete a physical and submit documentation stating that you are able to attend. You must have an RN license in the State of Florida that is clear of any problems.

Dates for this intensive clinical experience for the summer of 2014 are from the afternoon of July 16th to the morning of July 22nd. Remaining hours will be met by students engaging with Professional/Community Organizations to prepare for the Camp Boggy Creek Practicum and engaging in mandatory sessions presented by Community Scholars concerning healthcare disparities experienced by persons with disabilities. This experience is limited to 4 students.

Dates: TBA

Students: Size is limited, only 4 students allowed this week

Other Requirements: Background check completed by Camp Boggy Creek, recent H & P,

RN license in the State of Florida that is clear of any problems.

Faculty: Rebecca Koszalinski, MS, RN, CRRN, CMSRN, HT(ASCP)

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