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Mailbox M451

35 Stirling Highway, Crawley WA 6009
T: (08) 6488 7202

F: (08) 6488 1753

E: insurance@uwa.edu.au

Delivery Address : 14-16 Parkway, Crawley

Corporate Travel Insurance Claim Check List
Please ensure you have all items required from checklist below

BEFORE submitting your claim to M451
Download, print and complete claim form in full and

Staff or student number to be written on claim form
WA home address to be used on claim form
Attach applicable supporting documents
UWA Travel Approval Form or Trobexis Approval this is essential for all claims
Police Report including report number (if applicable)
Correspondence regarding refund/cancellation direct from Airline/Accom/Conference

(this must be claimed from them in the first instance) Original receipts for claimed items and/or replacement quote

Attach a breakdown summary of costs/expenses (if needed) with total amount claimed
Medical certificate or unfit to travel” note from Medical Practitioner
Evidence of additional travel insurance purchased for vacation time.
Photocopy the completed claim form and all supporting documents (receipts, itinerary, forms etc) and submit this together an additional copy of all documents to the UWA Insurance Office (copy and original). You may wish to retain an additional copy for your own records.
Please ensure that the above is given attention in order that your claim may be processed without delay and there will be no need to send back to you for amendment.

Please note that there is a $300.00 excess on all claims and this will be taken from your reimbursement cheque.
If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Insurance Officer on + 61 8 6488 7202 or email insurance@uwa.edu.au

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