Rhetorical Analysis of Historical Document Group Project

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Rhetorical Analysis of Historical Document

Group Project
We have been discussing the use of rhetorical devices in speeches, etc. This project will require that you work with your group members to thoroughly analyze a historical document. It will count as a test grade, and you will be provided will some class time to work with your group members. However, if you do not complete your tasks in class, you will need to meet outside of class time to complete the project.

I will assign your group one of the following historical documents:

-Jonathan Edwards from "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

-Benjamin Franklin from The Autobiography

-Patrick Henry "Speech to the Virginia Convention"

-Thomas Paine from The Crisis

-Thomas Jefferson Declaration of Independence

-Abraham Lincoln "A House Divided"

-Patrick Henry "Shall Liberty or Empire be Sought"

-Elizabeth Cady Stanton “Declaration of Sentiments and

Each group will read through the document together and SOAPSTONE the passage. Each group will also identify the use of ethos, logos, pathos, and FIDDS.

Assignment Components:

1) Annotated copy of the passage

2) Create a brochure that features all of the abovementioned elements from your document. You will need a copy of the brochure for each member of the class.

1st period- 20 students+Mrs. Strickland 3rd period- 17 students + Mrs. Strickland

3) Create a display board to use on presentation day. One person will be responsible for sitting at your assigned station to present the information to your classmates. The other group members will circulate the room to attend the other presentations. Then, the group members who attended the other presentations will report back to the group presenter.
Grade based on the following:

-Correctly identifying the rhetorical devices in your brochure

-Presentation to class



Due Date and Presentation Date: September 23rd. This will count as a test grade.

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