Resources on censorship and banned books

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Peacefire: Youth Alliance Against Internet Censorship-- This teen-run organization fights against censorship of youth on the Internet. Impressive site, and lots of good info and links.
Cyberliberties: Teens Affected by Online Censorship Speak Out-- Four teens share their stories.
Banned Books and Censorship-- Sponsored by Books A to Z, this site has lots of excellent links to information on who bans books and why.
Anti-Censorship Home Page-- This page by Charles Daney has tons of links to all kinds of anti-censorship sites—lots and lots of information—and quotes!
National Coalition Against Censorship-- on censorship, censorship definitions, censorship in education, case studies, electronic discussion groups on censorship and cyber-searches for censorship data.
Archive of [Censorship] Cases (sorted by date, location, medium, and grounds for censorship)
Free Expression Clearinghouse
Free Expression (American Booksellers Association)
Index on Censorship
Know Your Enemies (groups and individuals alleged to attack free expression and the arts)
Library Censorship Battles
Office for Intellectual Freedom
The American Library Association's Banned Books Week Website
Banned Books and Censorship: Information and Resources
Banned Books Online
Banned Books 1997: a Case of Misrepresentation
Controversial & Banned Books

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