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Associate Council Meeting

October 26, 2015

Deyo Hall
Call to Order 9:02 PM

Mystery Activity 9:02 PM

We went around the room and said what we’re going to be for Halloween.

Roll Call/ Hall Reports 9:08 PM

Hall Name

Number Present

RHSA Shirt





last meeting didn’t happen, but they celebrated Halloween in the Halls on Sunday, they’ll be having their meeting soon




reminisced Spirit Weekend, talked about Halloween in the Halls




discussed Halloween in the Halls, future programs, and bonding




discussed future programs and Halloween in the Halls




had a Hall Gov hot seat and discussed future programs




discussed Halloween in the Halls and their Hall Gov board




discussed future programs and finalized their constitution




discussed Halloween in the Halls and program ideas




discussed Halloween in the Halls and had their Halloween in the Halls event




discussed Halloween in the Halls and future programs




discussed Halloween in the Halls and had a Halloween event with pumpkins




discussed Halloween in the Halls, Make a Difference Day, New Paltz Unplugged, Danceathon, and Condom Casino




discussed Halloween in the Halls, Hall Gov/RA bonding, and update their constitution again




discussed Halloween in the Halls and future events

NRHH 9:11 PM

Thanks to everyone who went to any of the GI’s last week! They had a service project where they put puffy paint on the bottom of socks to provide traction, and they’ll be donating them to hospitals.

Applications are online now at They are due November 16th at 11:59pm, and letters of recommendation are due November 18th by 11:59pm. You’ll find out by November 22nd if you’re accepted!

They have some cool upcoming events for students! November 2nd is Black Solidarity Day, and it’s an awesome event that discusses blacks in power.

Wooster and the new Science Building will be open by Fall 2016!

For the next 4 years, the Educational Opportunity Program, or EOP, will be adding 25 seats to its program. In 4 years, they will have an additional 100 seats to the number they have now.

Reminder to watch Senate Speaks; they’re getting better every day!

If you have any questions, see Brenna.


RHSA has a set amount of budget that goes to campus wide programming. Today, Adam from Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) will be presenting a funding request.

During a funding request, the presenter will have a 3 minute speech followed by a 5 minute question and answer period that is extendable 3 times. We then vote by closed eyes, hands raised. Only AC members can vote. If only one of your AC members is absent, a documented member of your Hall Government can take their place. There are no phones allowed, you cannot leave the room, and there is absolutely no technology of any sort.

Thanks everyone, my name is Adam and I’m the treasurer for Humans vs. Zombies. We’re the guys who run around with Nerf blasters shooting zombies. We are asking for $280 for our Undead Fair Ground. It’s October 3rd from 4pm-7pm. From 4pm-5pm, we’ll be having standard mini games with about 4 missions we’ll be running. The last one will be a Battle Royale and the winner will get 30 darts. At 5pm we’ll have food and refreshments, we’ll have 3 pizza pies, candy, soda, and cupcakes; vanilla and chocolate of course. We’ll be having Boots too, with things like target practice. If you get a certain amount you get to pie an E-board member, and I could be that E-board member. We’ll also have balloon popping and bottle knocking over with the Nerf blasters, we’ll have a photo-booth with a really nice DSLR camera and a white backdrop, and we’ll have a contest to see who has the best costume and the winner of that will also get 30 darts. We’ll be giving out tickets for a Retaliator and a Triad, which are both Nerf blasters. We’ll also have zombie face painting.

Move to open Question and Answer: Crispell

Second: Ridgeview
Capen: Have you gone to any other organizations for money?

Adam: No, this is the first place we are coming to.
Lenape: Do you bring your own blaster for the mini games?

Adam: Yes, but we have extra blasters. We want this program to be for old players as well as new players, because we love having new players.
DuBois: What will this money be going to?

Adam: Refreshments, cupcakes, water, soda, cups, plates, the blasters we’re raffling off, the zombie makeup, and the darts we’re giving out for our 2 contests. We’re also gonna have games like find the gummy worm in the whipped cream and a jello brain thing.
Lenape: Do you have any other plans for who else to ask?

Adam: If this doesn’t work out, we’ll probably go to SA.
Crispell: Do you currently have a budget for SA?
Adam: No, we don’t.
Bevier: Is this a kickoff for another game or something just for fun?

Adam: We had our week-long game about a month ago, this is just a Halloween event we’re doing for fun.
Move to close Question and Answer: Capen

Second: Crispell
Move to open Discussion: Lenape

Second: Bouton
Capen: I have a question for Alana: how much money do we have left in this budget?

Alana: We have $2880 left.
Lenape: What other events will we use this money for?
Alana: It will be for anyone who comes for funding requests from any club on campus.
Ariana: I have a Point of Clarification: funding requests are a first come first serve basis. Also, this is the discussion period not question and answer.

Mike: If you have a question, you can also say “Point of Information” to get clarification.
Bevier: I think it would be a fun thing to do, but it’s a problem if we give them the money and no one shows up, then we did it for nothing.
Deyo: They don’t have a budget so they don’t get to do events like this, so I think it would be cool if they could. A lot of people love Humans vs. Zombies.
Scudder: They’re buying a lot of stuff, like he had a really long list, so they’re being smart about where they’re spending this money.
[Ariana gave us a reminder that we cannot bring up outside information; we can only discuss stuff that has been brought up during this funding request.]
Move to close Discussion: Lenape

Second: Collango
Move to open voting by close eye hand raise: Lenape

Second: Ridgeview
Options are:

Yes, I want to give them the full amount

No, I want to give them no money

Yes, I want to give them money but I want to give them a different amount

Abstain [this is for a personal bias]
27 people voted total

Yes, I want to give them the full amount: 23 people

Yes, I want to give them money but I want to give them a different amount: 0 people

No, I want to give them no money: 0 people

Abstain: 4 people
The AC voted to give them the full amount!


Motion to Open- Bouton

Second- Crispell
Game Night

Thanks for coming, it was a lot of fun. We played a lot of human sized board games, it was a great time.

Halloween in the Halls

It happened yesterday….in the halls. Thanks for entertaining the children, I know it was stressful but at least it was fun. Thanks for keeping it appropriate.


NEACURH IS FOUR DAYS AWAY!!! I have nothing else to say about that.

If you still want to look at the legislation Mike and Maria will be voting on, visit them at their office hours tomorrow from 12:30-3:30.

Hello, I’m going to list some halls. Bliss, Bevier, Bouton, Crispell, LeFevre. Congrats! You will be featured in the Hasbrouck case! If I didn’t call your hall, send in those group photos to me so you can be there too! It can be in PDF format of PNG format or JPEG format, but preferably not.


It’s GFP update day! Get your pens ready because I’m gonna be saying them.

Bevier: 177

Bliss: 230

Bouton: 161

Capen: 269

Collango: 205

Crispell: 222

Deyo: 192

DuBois: 440

Esopus: 297

Gage: 99

LeFevre: 125

Lenape: 255

Scudder: 161

Ridgeview: 151

If you don’t like what I just said, get those PUP sheets in! You can access them through the RHSA website; go to the Hall Gov tab, then click on PUP/GFPs. It’s easy to fill out and you can email it or go to Angelique’s office hours to hand it in. It really helps give you more GFPs.
Motion to Close- Bouton

Motion to Open- Bevier

Second- DuBois
New Paltz Unplugged

Molly introduced herself as a student worker for the Office of Campus Sustainability [fun fact: she was an AC rep her first year with Alana Slatky!]. New Paltz Unplugged is a competition between the residence halls to see who can conserve the most energy. They got their baseline numbers 2 weeks ago. NPU will be happening November 1st-November 21st. Molly will be here every week to give us updates on how everyone’s doing. You can also check your hall’s progress on Bad news: since Ridgeview is still technically under construction, they will not be able to participate this year, but they’ll figure out a prize of some sort.

How can you find out how your hall is doing? Molly will update the white boards found outside the library, in Hasbrouck, and in the SUB. You can also check the website. They will be tabling at the Farmer’s Market on Fridays, Elee from Lenape will also be there. They’ll be doing photo pledges using the hashtag #npgreen. Their Instagram is @npgreen.
You can also put on programs in your residence halls that they can help you with! The ResLife staffs got an email so you can collaborate with your RA’s, or you can do it by yourself. You can have a glow party, take a nap in the lounge and turn all the lights off, unplug your phone when it’s not charging, go outside, turn off a light when you see it on. The winning hall will get some kind of monetary prize for the entire hall, not just the Hall Gov.
If you have any questions, Molly’s email is on all the trash cans around campus [].
Labeling Pizza Party

It’s this Wednesday from 3:30-6:30. If you help us label things, you get free pizza! Come if you like pizza and labeling things.

Lenape: Do we have to stay the whole time or can we come by at any time?

You can come by at any time.

Esopus: Where is this?

In our office in Capen B-16.

Condom Casino

It’s November 6th, you can find some lovely fliers for it in your folders. We still need volunteers! If you’re interested you can see Angelique after the meeting or you can email us with the information of whoever wants to volunteer. Volunteer shifts go from 6pm-midnight, you can take an hour shift or you can work the whole event if you want to. It’s not that bad. If you volunteer you get a free tshirt, you get to meet some awesome people, and you get GFPs!

If you have a shirt design for Condom Casino, send it to us no later than 5pm tomorrow. If we get it any later, we won’t look at it. It could be the most beautiful shirt but if we get it after 5, we won’t consider it, which would be really sad. Past shirts have said stuff like: Play it Safe at Condom Casino, Win Big and Come to Condom Casino, and Get Lucky at Condom Casino.
AC Retreat

It’s November 8th which is coming up soon! Forms need to be handed in by next Monday, November 2nd. You can bring it to our meeting or you can come to our office hours to hand it in. You can slip it under our door if no one’s in the office. Make sure you get them in because we really want all of you there!

Palisades Mall Trip

It’s a FREE TRIP to the Palisades Mall! All we need is a $5 deposit to reserve your seat, which we will give back to you when we meet at 9am outside of the Atrium. Sammi booked the buses and there are 88 seats and a good chunk of them are gone, so make sure you pay your deposit soon!

It will be happening from 9am-5pm on November 21st. Get your Christmas and Thanksgiving shopping done!
Motion to Close- Ridgeview

Second- LeFevre

Upcoming Events 9:38 PM

Condom Casino is November 6th from 7pm-11pm in the SUB MPR.

AC Retreat is November 8th from 11am-2pm at Wood N Wheel.

Palisades Mall Trip is November 21st from 9am-5pm at the Palisades Mall.

Hall concerns 9:38 PM

Student Concerns 9:38 PM

Crispell: There are these doors in Old Main that people can’t figure out, and it’s just ridiculous. It’s the glass ones that open to the first floor near the Academic Advising center. People just really struggle opening them.

Rui: I know it was off campus, but it would’ve been really nice if they could have sent out an email about that shooting, I know it happened really fast but it would be nice to know that everyone was safe.

Esopus: What shooting?

Rui: Exactly.

DuBois: At the bottom of Hasbrouck, there are no recycling bins, and people buy all those drinks and just throw them out. Whenever I throw out food I see all these bottles and I’m like, oh I’ll move them to the recycling, but there are no things to put them in.

LeFevre: Is it possible for Oscars to have coffee or tea again? I know they did last year but I don’t know what happened.

Ariana: Last year they had Nestle, but that’s a Pepsi brand. I’ll see if there’s a Coke equivalent.

Deyo: Thanks for the coffee machines in Vandenberg.

Crispell: Is it possible to bring soups back to Oscars?

Alana: I think it would be helpful if at the food places around campus they could have a book with all the ingredients and allergens they use.

Rui: I would like more inexpensive food items.

Lenape: I know this was brought up a long time ago, but can they have any sort of hygiene items in the Shop24?

Angelique: If you look in the corner, you’ll see this little blue box in there that says “Tampax” on it.

Lenape: Not even just that, like deodorant too.

Sammi: Speaking of Shop24, that machine is broken. You press the buttons and nothing happens and it needs to be fixed.

Capen: I’ve noticed that our campus is going increasingly paperless, and I’m looking at all these agendas and wondering if it was possible to have the agendas emailed out to everyone?

Ariana: To do that, go to Angelique’s office hours and she’ll show you how to write an amendment to our constitution. If it passes we can have paperless agendas.

Open Floor 9:44PM

Bliss: If you remember last week I talked about AEPi’s Bounce Against Cancer, and if you were wondering we raised $450. Thanks to everyone who came, it was for a very good cause.

Collango: This Wednesday at 7pm, we will be watching Halloweentown in the College kitchen. We’ll have popcorn.

Capen: Which Halloweentown?

Collango: The first one.

Crispell: This Thursday at 7pm Crispell will be having a Halloween party followed by a walkover to the dorm performance in Capen, and we’ll all be wearing our costumes there.

Lenape: This Tuesday at 8pm, Lenape will be having a Disney night where we’ll watch Disney movies and have popcorn. Also, this Thursday at 7:30pm, we’ll be having a Studio Ghibli event. Also, on Wednesday at 7pm, Epic Glee will be doing a performance with the Henna Club. If you come, you get henna as well as entertainment.

DuBois: What do you mean by Studio Ghibli event?

Lenape: We’ll be watching Studio Ghibli movies. It’s this Thursday at 7pm.

DuBois: On Wednesday, November 4th, we will be collaborating with Circle K and making dog toys, so if you wanna make a dogs day you should come.

Sammi: Wednesday November 4th, AMA is having their 20th annual business development day conference. It’s a $10 fee but we’ll be providing a nice lunch from McGillicuddy’s, and you get to interact with business professionals and network with them.

Lenape: It’s not much, but since it’s post Halloween in the Halls, we want to give some of our leftover candy to RHSA.

Capen: We were gonna play Halloweentown Tuesday at 9pm, but we’re gonna play Hocus Pocus now so you don’t have to choose between two Halloweentown programs.

Mike: On Friday and Saturday from 7pm-10pm, the New Paltz Youth Program is having their Haunted House. I’ve never been, but from what I’ve been told, you’ll get spooked hardcore.

Brenna: Haunted Huguenot Street will be happening Friday and Saturday.

Rui: I have 2 things for you today. Number 1: I’m low on energy and so is New Paltz. Just bear with me for 2 more weeks guys. Send me classes that would fit into an energy minor. My second thing is just reminding you guys to meet with your advisors before advanced registration begins. I care about you guys. Get your PIN number and be cool.

LeFevre: Tomorrow in Old Main, they’ll be having a haunted house from 9pm-11pm. LeFevre will be having a walkover around 8:45.

Passing of Molly the Moose 9:50 PM

DuBois made Molly a little duck shirt.

They are passing her to Bliss.
Quote of the Week 9:50 PM

“Count your smiles instead of your tears & count your courage instead of your fears.” - Instagram

Adjournment 9:51 PM

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