Research Topics Western Civilization 101

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Research Topics

Western Civilization 101

1. aqueducts of early civilizations

2. astrology and astronomy in early civilizations

3. Bayeux Tapestry

4. British/ their origins and cultural heritage wrought by invading peoples

5. childbirth in early civilizations

6. childbirth in the Middle Ages

7. chivalry in the Middle Ages (knights’ code of behavior)

8. Christian martyrs and the Roman Empire

9. Christopher Columbus’s legacy debates

10. comparative- analysis of peasantry and aristocratic health and diet in the Middle Ages

11. comparative-analysis of Hammurabi’s Code and the Ten Commandments

12. courtly love in the Middle Ages

13. criminal justice in Egypt

14. criminal justice in Greece

15. criminal justice in Rome

16. criminal justice in the Middle Ages

17. Crusades and the Christian-Muslim conflict

18. Domesday Book

19. fairs in the Middle Ages

20. female monasticism in the Middle Ages (nuns)

21. feudal societies

22. Great Silk Road and caravans

23. Greek and Roman weaponry

24. Hannibal and Rome

25. Henry VIII and England’s break from Catholicism

26. homosexuality among Greeks and/or Romans

27. Joan of Arc – Satan’s disciple or Catholic’s saint?

28. King James and the Bible

29. Knights Templar

30. Little Ice Age and the Great Famine

31. male monasticism in the Middle Ages (monks)

32. Martin Luther and other radicals of the Reformation

33. Martin Luther on marriage and the role of women

34. Mary, Queen of Scots (Bloody Mary)/religion, imprisonment, plot to kill Elizabeth

35. Medici family, art and religion

36. medicine and magic in early civilizations

37. medicine, religion, magic, and the Black Death

38. mystery religions in Hellenistic Greece

39. Normal Conquest of England

40. origins of psychiatry

41. Puritans in Europe

42. sex and sexuality in the Middle Ages

43. Vikings as seafarers and conquerors

44. Vikings in England

45. Vikings in Russia

46. Who was Pontius Pilate?

47. witches in Europe

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