*required readings I. Introduction Andrew Heywood, Political Ideologies

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Pols 306: Contemporary Political Ideologies

Instructor: İlkay Sunar

Spring 2015 Teaching Assistant: Aslı Orhon

I. Introduction

*Andrew Heywood, Political Ideologies, 3rd Edition, Ch. 1

*Terence Ball and Richard Dagger, Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal, 3rd Edition, Ch. 1

Roy Macridis and Mark Hulliung, Contemporary Political

Ideologies, 6th Edition, Ch. 1

*Primary Texts: Terence Ball and Richard Dagger (eds.), Ideals

And Ideologies: A Reader, 1999, Ch. 1

II. Liberalism

*Heywood, Ch. 2

*Ball and Dagger, Ch. 3

Macridis, Ch. 2-3

*Primary Texts: Ball and Dagger (eds.), Chs. 12, 15, 16-18,

III. Conservatism

*Heywood, Ch. 3

*Ball and Dagger, Ch. 4

Macridis, Ch 4

*Primary Texts: Ball and Dagger (eds.), Chs. 24, 27, 28

IV. Socialism

*Heywood, Ch. 4

*Ball and Dagger, Chs. 5 and 6

Macridis, Chs. 5-7

*Primary Texts: Ball and Dagger (eds.), Chs. 33-37, 39, 42

V. Nationalism

*Heywood, Ch. 5

*Macridis, Ch. 10

Andrew Vincent, Modern Political Ideologies, 2nd Edition, Ch. 9

VI. Fascism

*Heywood, Ch. 7

*Ball and Dagger, Ch. 7

Macridis, Chs. 8-9

*Primary Texts: Ball and Dagger (eds.), Chs. 45-48

VII. Religious Fundamentalism

*Heywood, Ch. 10

Macridis, Ch. 11

*Primary Texts: Ball and Dagger (eds.), Ch. 56

VIII. Liberation Ideologies and the Politics of Identity

*Heywood, Ch. 8-9,

*Ball and Dagger, Ch. 8-10; Macridis, Ch. 14

*Primary Texts: Ball and Dagger (eds.), Parts 8-10

IX. Democracy

*Ball and Dagger, Ch. 2

Macridis, Ch. 15

*Primary Texst: Ball and Dagger (eds.), Chs. 3, 8, 9-10

NOTE: At the end of each chapter in A. Heywood, and T. Ball and R. Dagger, there are suggestions for further readings.

Heywood’s book has been translated into Turkish as Siyasal Ideolojiler and is sold in various bookstores.

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