Reno West Babe Ruth Fall Ball

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Reno West Babe Ruth Fall Ball

Reno West is having Fall Ball, and now is the time to sign up! Returning Babe Ruth players are eligible as well as Little League players who will be moving up to Babe Ruth Prep next Spring ..

Fall Ball is a very informal training and developmental league. There will be approximately twelve players on each team. Managers and coaches from Babe Ruth and those moving up from Little League will direct each team's efforts. Instruction and experimenting with new skills as well as adjusting to the larger field are two of the goals we are trying to accomplish with the Fall Ball program. Accordingly the players are encouraged to play several different positions during the Fall Ball season.
The Fall Ball season begins September 2011 with one practice scheduled before the first game. Teams will play approximately 12-14 games. The Games will be played on Friday nights and Saturdays and Sundays at the Reno West Field.
The three run limit rule will be used, free substitution will be permitted and all 12 players on the team will be in the batting order at all times.
The cost is $110.00 per player, payable to Reno West Babe Ruth. Sign up by filling in the form below and mailing it to:

Lyle Walters

1255 Westwood

Reno, Nevada 89509

Please call Lyle Walters at 329-6447 if you have any additional questions.
Participation fee checks must be in by August 27. There is limited space - so sign up early.

(Cut here and return by August 20)


Name___________________________________ Age______ Birth Date_____________________

Team Last Played On_______________________________________________________________

(ie: Babe Ruth Main/Prep Little League Major/Minor Cal Ripken)


Parent or Guardian's Signature

Please remember to attach your check payable to Reno West Babe Ruth

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