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Register Report

First Generation


1. Thomas BROOKS. Thomas died in 1667.

2 i. Caleb

Second Generation


Family of Thomas BROOKS (1)

2. Caleb BROOKS.
Caleb married Hannah ATKINSON.
They had one child:

3 i. Ebenezer

Third Generation


Family of Caleb BROOKS (2) & Hannah ATKINSON

3. Ebenezer BROOKS.
Ebenezer married Abagail BOYLSTON.
They had one child:

4 i. Samuel

Fourth Generation


Family of Ebenezer BROOKS (3) & Abagail BOYLSTON

4. Samuel BROOKS.
Samuel married Abigail HASTINGS, daughter of Samuel HASTINGS.
They had one child:

5 i. Abijah (1759-1812)

Fifth Generation


Family of Samuel BROOKS (4) & Abigail HASTINGS

5. Abijah BROOKS. Born on August 12, 1759 in Massachusetts. Abijah died in Clark County, Kentucky on November 5, 1812; he was 53. Revolutionary War.
On November 16, 1791 when Abijah was 32, he married Anne Nancy STRODE, daughter of Capt. John STRODE (1729-1805) & Mary BOYLE (1733-1814). Born on May 2, 1770 in Berkeley County, Virginia. Anne Nancy died in Clark County, Kentucky on July 6, 1855; she was 85.
They had the following children:

6 i. Samuel (1802-1875)

7 ii. John Strode

iii. Abijah.

8 iv. Robert S.

v. Van.

Van married Clemency YOUNG.

vi. Thomas (Died young).

9 vii. Mary Ann (1792-ca1865)

viii. Nellie.

ix. Eleanor “Nellie”.

On December 18, 1810 Eleanor “Nellie” married Thomas DUNCAN, son of Capt. James DUNCAN (1750-1817) & Elizabeth STRODE (1759-1825), in Clark County, Kentucky. Born on February 14, 1784 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Thomas died before December 1819; he was 35.

THOMAS DUNCAN, [1] born February 14, 1784. In Deed Book H, p. 74, Bourbon County, Ky., Clerk's office, is recorded a deed of gift from James Duncan and wife, Elizabeth, to their sons, Thomas and Joseph, for land located on Blyds Creek in Barren county, Ky., dated January 24, 1810. The record of marriage of Thomas Duncan to Eleanor Brooks is filed in Clark county, Ky., December 18, 1810, There is also the marriage of one Thomas Duncan recorded in Barren county, Ky., to Judah Foster, dated December 19, 1819.

x. Elizabeth.

Elizabeth married John ECTON.

10 xi. Abigail Hastings

11 xii. Ann Weir (1798-1888)

Sixth Generation


Family of Abijah BROOKS (5) & Anne Nancy STRODE

6. Samuel BROOKS. Born on December 25, 1802. Samuel died on August 4, 1875; he was 72.
On February 7, 1854 when Samuel was 51, he first married Elvira SCOTT, daughter of Robert SCOTT (1769-1836) & Ann GALLOWAY (1769-), in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on January 6, 1814. Elvira died on December 18, 1888; she was 74.
They had the following children:

i. Ann Weir (Died as Infant). Born on April 30, 1855.

ii. Joseph Scott (Never married). Born on August 13, 1856. Joseph Scott died on December 12, 1930; he was 74.

Joseph Scott Brooks moved to Missouri. [2]

12 iii. Alice (1858-1925)
Samuel second married Mary GASS.
They had the following children:

i. Sally.

Sally first married HILDRETH.

Sally second married Matthew STONE.

ii. John G.

John G. first married Margaret KENNEY.

John G. second married Elizabeth PECK.

13 iii. Elizabeth

iv. James.

James married Anna MAGOWAN.

v. Abijah. Civil War.

14 vi. Mary

15 vii. Nancy
7. Dr. John Strode BROOKS.
John Strode married Mary KERR.
They had the following children:

i. Annie E.

Annie E. married James H. KERR.

ii. Jennie.

Jennie married M. A. KENNEY.
M. A. KENNEY, [3] farmer; P. O. Paris; was born March 31, 1836, in Bourbon County, Ky., and is one of the substantial, well respected farmers of the county. He was educated in his native county and brought up a farmer. He now owns a fine farin of 373 acres, known as "Locust Grove." He is not a specialist, but grows a general variety of crops. Politically he is a Democrat, but has never sought political preferment, choosing rather to devote his time and attention to improving and beautifying his home, of which he has every reason to be proud. July 3, 1867, he was married to Miss Jeanie Brooks, daughter of Dr. John Brooks. They are the parents of four children. In church and school affairs Mr. Kenney is a liberal supporter, he and his family being members of the Presbyterian Church.

iii. Addie.

Addie married Charles THROGMORTON.

iv. Sallie.

16 v. Fannie

vi. James A.

vii. Lillie.

Lillie married A. B. HUDSON.

viii. John.
8. Robert S. BROOKS.
Robert S. married Samantha YOUNG. Born in Boone County, Kentucky.
They had one child:

17 i. Amanda E. (1840-1917)

9. Mary Ann BROOKS. Born on December 15, 1792. Mary Ann died in Clay County, Missouri circa 1865; she was 72.
On May 8, 1809 when Mary Ann was 16, she first married Joseph DUNCAN, son of Capt. James DUNCAN (1750-1817) & Elizabeth STRODE (1759-1825), in Clark County, Kentucky. Born on January 14, 1786 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Joseph died in Clay County, Missouri on October 6, 1837; he was 51.
JOSEPH DUNCAN, [1] born January 14, 1786, married May 8, 1809, Polly Brooks, born December 15, 1792, daughter of Abijah and Nancy (Strode) Brooks, removed to Glasgow, Kentucky, where a son, Thomas Duncan, was born 1824, and from thence in 1833 to Clay county, Missouri. Joseph and wife, Polly Duncan, died within forty minutes of each other and both were interred in the same grave October 1837. Their son, Thomas Duncan, married his cousin, Mary Ellen Hall, daughter of John Depriest Hall.
They had the following children:

18 i. Elizabeth (>1810-)

ii. Nancy. Born in 1810 in Clark County, Kentucky. Nancy died in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

about 1829 when Nancy was 19, she married John SCRIVNER.

iii. Mary. Born in 1813. Mary died in October 1837; she was 24.

iv. Abijah. Born in 1815.

Abijah married Amelia CAROLINE.

v. James. Born on November 15, 1816 in Montgomery County, Kentucky. James died in Platte County, Missouri on January 6, 1878; he was 61.

On March 4, 1850 when James was 33, he married Sarah TRACY, in Andrew County, Kentucky.

vi. Ellen Sarah. Born in 1820 in Kentucky. Ellen Sarah died before 1885; she was 65.

On May 26, 1859 when Ellen Sarah was 39, she married Aaron HYATT.

vii. Thomas Benton. Born on April 27, 1824 in Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky. Thomas Benton died in Clay County, Missouri on October 29, 1915; he was 91.

On November 4, 1852 when Thomas Benton was 28, he married Mary Ellen HALL, daughter of John DePriest HALL (1800-1865) & Nancy DUNCAN (1811-), in Clay County, Missouri.

viii. Judith Ann. Born on March 27, 1827 in Barren County, Kentucky. Judith Ann died in Clay County, Missouri on May 2, 1895; she was 68.

On June 17, 1847 when Judith Ann was 20, she married John N. STRODE, in Clay County, Missouri.

ix. Martha Jane. Born on August 7, 1831 in Barren County, Kentucky. Martha Jane died in Platte County, Missouri on September 20, 1915; she was 84.

On December 22, 1854 when Martha Jane was 23, she married John M. THATCHER, in Clay County, Missouri.

x. Joseph. Born on August 1, 1833. Joseph died in Smithville, Missouri on July 1, 1913; he was 79.

about 1855 when Joseph was 21, he first married Amanda CLARDY.

On December 25, 1884 when Joseph was 51, he second married Elizabeth Larimore MUNSY.

On November 11, 1841 when Mary Ann was 48, she second married Nicholas FORTUNE.
10. Abigail Hastings BROOKS.
In 1828 Abigail Hastings married David HOPKINS, in Clark County, Kentucky.
They had one child:

19 i. Annie (1830-)

11. Ann Weir BROOKS. Born on September 18, 1798. Ann Weir died in 1888; she was 89.
On January 3, 1820 when Ann Weir was 21, she married John BRECKENRIDGE, son of Alexander BRECKENRIDGE (1743-1813) & Magdalene GAMBLE (1745-), in Clark County, Kentucky. Born on October 7, 1785 in Virginia.
They had the following children:

20 i. Elizabeth

21 ii. Abijah B. (1839-)

Seventh Generation


Family of Samuel BROOKS (6) & Elvira SCOTT

12. Alice BROOKS. Born on November 2, 1858. Alice died on September 4, 1925; she was 66.
On October 29, 1879 when Alice was 20, she married Benjamin WOODFORD, son of John Thornton WOODFORD (1812-1892) & Elizabeth Hawes BUCKNER (1821-1904). Born on October 24, 1856 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Benjamin died on September 10, 1940; he was 83.
BENJAMIN WOODFORD, [4] farmer; P. O. Paris; is the seventh child and fifth son born to John T. and E. H. Woodford; he was born on the homestead farm, Oct. 24, 1856, and was raised to farming pursuits; he received the advantages of common school, and that afforded by the schools at Paris. Oct. 29,1879, he married Alice Brooks, born in this precinct, daughter of Samuel and Elvira (Scott) Brooks. The following year he moved to Fleming County where he purchased a farm, but he has since sold out and located in this county on the Harrod's Creek Turnpike, where he purchased a farm, and since 1832 (date cannot be correct--REF) has there resided. Has one child, Elizabeth H.
They had the following children:

22 i. Elizabeth Buckner (1880-1947)

23 ii. Benjamin (1882-)

24 iii. James Brooks (1884-)

25 iv. Mary Mitchell (1886-1957)

v. Nancy “Nannie” Clay. Born on November 5, 1887. Nancy “Nannie” Clay died on October 5, 1892; she was 4.

vi. William Taliaferro (Never married). Born on July 7, 1889. William Taliaferro died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on January 12, 1944; he was 54.

vii. Joseph Scott. Born on January 12, 1895. Joseph Scott died on April 28, 1945; he was 50.

26 viii. Samuel Brooks (1893-1952)

27 ix. John Thornton (1897-1952)

x. Archer. Born on June 11, 1899. Archer died on September 10, 1955; he was 56.

On July 29, 1936 when Archer was 37, he married Edith PAULI. Born on September 6, 1899.

Family of Samuel BROOKS (6) & Mary GASS

13. Elizabeth BROOKS.
In October 1867 Elizabeth married Joseph MITCHELL, son of Thomas MITCHELL. Born on May 24, 1822. Joseph died in 1842; he was 19.
JOSEPH MITCHELL, [5] farmer and stockraiser; P. O. Paris; was born in Paris, May 24, 1812. He is a grandson of William and Mary Wilcox Mitchell, who were natives of Pennsylvania, and einigrated to this State, locating near what is now Paris, shortly after the battle of Blue Licks. He was a tanner bv trade, and it is supposed that he worked one of the first tanneries in the county. The Mitchell family emigrated first from Scotland to the north of Ireland, from which place they emigrated to America. They belonged to the Old Scotch Church, what is now denominated as Scotch-Presbyterian, and were very strict in regard to their religious ideas of worship. To William Mitchell and wife were born four children; the eldest was William, who settled in Mason County; Thomas was the father of our subject, who located in Paris; James settled in Indiana; Jane was the only daughter. She married James Graham, and settled in Indiana also. William Mitchell lived an honorable and upright life, and died a Christian, which life he lived for many years. Thomas Mitchell, the father of Joseph, was born in this county, and early in life learned the blacksmith's trade, but did not follow this vocation long, but learned the saddler's trade, which business he followed for many years. He, too, like his father, lived agreeable to his profession, being a member of the same church. His death occurred in 1836. His companion in life survived him until 1849. Their union was blessed with four children, William being the eldest; Joseph, Mary and Thomas. Of the above, William settled in Paris, and engaged in the grocery business, where he lived until removed by death in Dec., 1867. He left a family of seven children. Mary married George Irvine, and first settled in Indiana, but finally removed to Kansas, and there died, leaving three children. Thomas settled in Lexington, where he now resides. he is cashier in the First National Bank of that place. Joseph, our subject, was raised in Paris, and at the age of twelve., he entered the store of N. B. Ryan as clerk; at the age of twenty-three he became a partner with his employer, in 1845, under the firm name of Ryan & Mitchell, which association lasted until 1861. In 1865 he removed to the farm he now owns, consisting of 430 acres, situated on Winchester Pike, near Paris, where he has since been engaged in farming and stockraising, making a specialty of short-horns and Cotswold sheep. The farm Mr. Mitchell owns was settled by the Breckinridges. Since 1863, Mr. Mitchell has been President of the Northern Bank of Paris, and for many years a member of the Presbyterian Church. He has been twice married; first, in 1847, to Sarah M. Ryan, who was born in Paris, daughter of Newton B. and Ann Griffing. Her family (the Ryans) were natives of Virginia. Mrs. Mitchell died in 1857, leaving two children: Newton, and Sarah M., who married James L. Gay, of Woodford County. His second marriage was consummated Oct. 1867, to Elizabeth J. Brooks, who was born in Clark County, daughter of Samuel and Polly (Gass) Brooks; both were early and representative, families of this county. One daughter by last marriage, named Mary.


Joseph Mitchell was one of the very godly elders in the Paris Church. He was a very conscientious servant of God. On May 18, 1824, at a meeting of the session he opposed taking an offering in the church on Sunday. He believed that no church business should be transacted on Sunday. One of his sons, David, died at Washington College in Virginia just as lie was entering upon the ministry.
Joseph Mitchell died in 1842. Dr. L. H. Blanton paid him this tribute:
"In the case of Mr. Mitchell, I can not discover that he was absent a dozen times, until near the close of his life, when the infirmities of age came upon him. He departed this life in 1842. For half a century he was an active elder and during the whole time d'scharged the duties of Stated Clerk with uncommon skill and accuracy. I doubt whether there are many Sessional Records that go up to our Presbyteries which will compare with those of the Paris Church while Mr. Mitchell was Stated Clerk."
They had one child:

i. Mary.

14. Mary BROOKS.
Mary married Christopher Field CLAY, son of Brutus Junius CLAY (1808-1878) & Amelia FIELD (1812-1843). Born on November 20, 1835 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
They had the following children:

i. Brutus J. Born in 1868.

ii. Nannie Woodford. Born in 1874.

iii. Samuel Brooks. Born in 1876.

iv. Sadie Brooks. Born in 1876.

v. Christopher Field.

vi. Martha Davenport. Born in 1879.

Martha Davenport married Thomas Moore BUCKNER, son of William Thomas BUCKNER (1848-1936) & Anna Clay WORNALL (1855-1917). Born on September 16, 1881.

HISTORY OF KENTUCKY AND KENTUCKIANS, E. Polk Johnson, three volumes, Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1912. Common version, Vol. III, p. 1253. [Bourbon County]

THOMAS M. BUCKNER.-A representative of the great basic industry of agriculture in Bourbon county, Kentucky, Thomas M. Buckner is a native son of this county and he is a scion of a fine old southern family founded in Virginia in the early colonial days. He was born on the 15th of September, 1881, and is a son of William T. and Anna C. (Wornall) Buckner, the former of whom was likewise born in Bourbon county, and the latter is a native of Clark county. Concerning the Buckner family further information is given in the sketch of William T. Buckner, father of Thomas M. and also in the sketch of Walker Buckner, an uncle of the subject of this review, which appears on other pages of this work.

After availing himself of the advantages afforded in the public schools of his native county, Thomas M. Buckner pursued his higher academic training in the W. L. Yerkes Academy, at Paris, Kentucky, and in the Bingham Military School, at Asheville, North Carolina. He was matriculated in the historic old University of Virginia, at Charlottesville, in which he was graduated, and from which he received his degree. After his graduation Mr. Buckner returned to Bourbon county where he initiated his independent career as a farmer and stock-grower. Shortly after his marriage, in 1904, he established his home on a farm about seven miles northeast of Paris, on the Harrod's Creek pike. He has made the finest of improvements on his place and has brought the same up to a high degree of cultivation. He is a member of the Kappa Alpha college fraternity. Both he and his wife are prominent and popular figures in connection with the best social activities of the community.

On the 28th of April, 1904, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Buckner to Miss Martha Davenport Clay, who is likewise a native of Bourbon county, where she was born on the 4th of October, 1881, She is a daughter of Christopher F. and Mary (Brooks) Clay, representative citizens of this county. Mr. and Mrs. Buckner have no children.

15. Nancy BROOKS.
Nancy married Buckner WOODFORD, son of John Thornton WOODFORD (1812-1892) & Elizabeth Hawes BUCKNER (1821-1904). Born in 1845. Buckner died in 1915; he was 70.
They had the following children:

i. John.

ii. Elizabeth.

iii. Samuel.

iv. Buckner.

Family of Dr. John Strode BROOKS (7) & Mary KERR

16. Fannie BROOKS.
Fannie married W. S. MORGAN.
They had the following children:

i. Brooks.

ii. Coleman.

iii. Sallie.

Family of Robert S. BROOKS (8) & Samantha YOUNG

17. Amanda E. BROOKS. Born on March 25, 1840. Amanda E. died in Smithville, Missouri on July 5, 1917; she was 77. Buried in I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Smithville, Clay County, Missouri.
about 1860 when Amanda E. was 19, she married Jeremiah Thomas DUNCAN, son of Capt. James DUNCAN Jr. (1782-1841) & Nancy MUSICK (1793->1847), in Clay County, Missouri. Born on May 23, 1841. Jeremiah Thomas died in Smithville, Missouri on April 26, 1917; he was 75. Buried in I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Smithville, Clay County, Missouri.
They had the following children:

i. Oswald P. Born on June 2, 1860 in Clay County, Missouri. Oswald P. died in Clay County, Missouri on April 22, 1909; he was 48. Buried in I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Smithville, Clay County, Missouri.

ii. Fannie. Born about 1866 in Clay County, Missouri.

iii. Maude. Born about 1869.

Family of Mary Ann BROOKS (9) & Joseph DUNCAN

18. Elizabeth DUNCAN. Born after 1810.
about 1839 when Elizabeth was 29, she married Ephraim SMITH, son of Isaac SMITH (1763-1811) & Sarah HAMPTON.
They had one child:

28 i. Elizabeth Ann (1845-1934)

Family of Abigail Hastings BROOKS (10) & David HOPKINS

19. Annie HOPKINS. Born in 1830.
In 1847 when Annie was 17, she married Tarlton C. LAUGHLIN.
They had the following children:

i. Tarlton C.

ii. Nannie.

Nannie married Dr. NEELY.

iii. Julian.

Family of Ann Weir BROOKS (11) & John BRECKENRIDGE

20. Elizabeth BRECKENRIDGE.

Ann Breckenridge was a cousin of General John Cabell Breckenridge, Vice President of the United States.

Elizabeth married Lafayette ARDERY, son of John ARDERY (1780-1853) & Elizabeth McCONNELL (1785-1833).
They had one child:

i. William Breckenridge.

21. Abijah B. BRECKENRIDGE. Born on February 1, 1839 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & County, Chicago, 1882, p. 553
A. B. BRECKENRIDGE, farmer; P. O. Paris; is a scion of the old Breckenridge family, which has been prominent in the affairs of Kentucky ever since its admission to the Federal Union. His grandfather, Alex. Breckenridge, came from Virginia at quite an early period and located where "Greybeard," Samuel Clay, now lives. His son, John Breckenridge, was six years old when the family came to Kentucky. He married Ann, daughter of Alex. Brooks, and reared several children, among whom was Abijah B. Breckenridge, to whom this notice is paid. He was born Feb. 1, 1839, and was married in 1857 to Miss Amanda Boone, daughter of James Boone, who has borne him three children, viz.: Jas. B., born July 24, 1861; George A., born Aug. 19, 1870; and Abijah, born Dec. 24, 1873. Mr. Breckenridge owns 140 acres of land, upon which he raises the usual variety of crops; he also pays considerable attention to handling stock. Mr. Breckenridge was originally a Whig, but upon the general "break-up" of parties on the eve of the war, voted the Bell and Everett ticket, since which time he has been an ardent Democrat. Himself and wife accept the tenets of the Christian Church as the rule of their religious practice.
In 1857 when Abijah B. was 17, he married Amanda BOONE, daughter of James BOONE.
They had the following children:

i. James B. Born on July 24, 1861.

ii. George A. Born on August 19, 1870.

iii. Abijah. Born on December 24, 1873.

Eighth Generation


Family of Alice BROOKS (12) & Benjamin WOODFORD

22. Elizabeth Buckner WOODFORD. Born on July 1, 1880 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Elizabeth Buckner died on May 18, 1947; she was 66.
History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed.

by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 498.

[Bourbon County] [Paris City and Precinct]
JOHN T. WOODFORD, farm and stock-raisor, P. O. Paris. The Woodford

family trace their genealogy to one William Woodford, a native of England,

he was a merchant, and moved to Caroline Co., Virginia at an early day.

His estate was called Windsor; he was thrice married. First to a Mrs.

Whitaker, daughter of an East India merchant; his second wife was widow

Battaile, both of whom died childless. Sept. 2, 1732, he married Ann,

daughter of John Coche, Secretary of State, under the Colonial

Government. Her mother's name was Catesby, sister of Marsh Catesby, a

writer on Natural History. The eldest son of William and Ann WOodford

was William, who was born October 6, 1734; he was an officer under the

Colonial Government, with the rank of Brigadier-General. He married

Mary, daughter of John and Mildred Thornton. Mildred was a Miss

Gregory, daughter of Mildred Washington, sister of Augustine Washington,

which relation made General George W. her nephew. Thomas was the

second son of William and Ann; he was educated in Cambridge for the

ministry, but afterward became a sea Captain, and died childless. Henry

also died a sea Captain. The third generation is John Thornton Woodford

(eldest son of WIlliam and Mary Thornton Woodford); who was born at

Windsor, July 23, 1763. In 1786, he married Mary Turner Taliaferro, who

was born March 13, 1772. The fourth generation was William, who was

born March 25, 1787; he married Ann Maria Archer, Dec. 1809. She died

1831; he, May 18, 1840. They had the following children: John T., born

August 1812; Samuel B. A., born 1815, he married Martha Holliday;

William T., born 1817, he married Mary Halleck; Lucy, born 1821, married

W. T. Buckner; Thomas, born 1823; Sallie T., born 1826, married William

Buckner. The fifth generation comes John T., who was born August 12,

1812, he married Elizabeth H. Buckner, in Caroline Co., Va., August,

1812, and emigrated to Kentucky, locating in Clark County, 1825, and to

Bourbon County, North Middletown, in 1834, where he remained until 1843,

when he came to Paris Precinct, and purchased land, where he now resides,

and has since remained. He has over 800 acres of land, situated in the

extreme south part of the precinct; he has been engaged in farming and

stock-raising--raising short horn cattle and Cotswold sheep. In

February, 1840, he married Miss Buckner, daughter of WIlliam Buckner.

This union has been crowned with a family of nine children, viz: Sallie,

wife of Capt. E. F. Spears, Mary L., wife of Col. E. F. Clay, Buckner,

now of Blue Lick, in Fleming County; John T. Jr., near Mount Sterling;

Henry, Attorney at Law at Mt. Sterling; Benjamin and Catesby of this

County, and Maria.
Woodford Whitaker Battaile Coche Catesby Thornton Gregory Archer

Washington Taliaferro Holliday Halleck Buckner Spears Clay


Clark-KY Fleming-KY Mt_Sterling-Montgomery-KY Caroline-VA England

On April 11, 1901 when Elizabeth Buckner was 20, she married William Perry WORNALL, son of Thomas Parker WORNALL (1847-1891) & Catherine K. SPEARS (1852-). Born on March 2, 1879. William Perry died on December 4, 1950; he was 71.
HISTORY OF KENTUCKY AND KENTUCKIANS, E. Polk Johnson, three volumes, Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1912. Common version, Vol. III, pp. 1323-1325. [Bourbon County]
WILLIAM P. WORNALL.-In the matter of definite accomplishment in connection with the great industry of agriculture William P. Wornall has gained vantage ground and is numbered among the representative farmers and stock-growers of the younger generation ill Bourbon county, which has been his home from the time of his nativity and in which he held in unqualified confidence and esteem.
Concerning the genealogy of the Wornall family the following data are here incorporated. The original progenitors of the name America were Roby and Edyth Wornall, who were of English ancestry and who were Colonial residents in Virginia. Their son Thomas, born December 13, 1775, died, November 3, 1838, was prominent in public affairs during his life time. He was sheriff, a member of the Kentucky house of representatives from Clark county in 1809, and was a colonel in a Kentucky regiment in the war of 1812. On the 24th of January, 1797, was recorded the marriage of Thomas Wornall to Miss Susan, a daughter of John Bowen and Susan (Rion) Bowen. She was born January 21, 1777, and of the ten children born to this union eight grew to maturity, namely, Richard, Eliza Ann, Alfred, Thomas, James, Nancy Tucker, Perry and Susan Rion. Richard, the first born, went to Missouri, locating near Westport Landing, now Kansas City. He married Judith Ann Glover, who had been raised by John Bristow, and she died in Missouri. Subsequently Richard married Mrs. Mary Harrison, mother-in-law of General John S. "Cerro Gordo" Williams. By his first wife he had three children, of whom Eliza died unmarried; as did one son Thomas. The other son, John Bristow, moved early in life to Westport, Missouri, he served in the Missouri state senate from 1870 to 1874 and was prominently mentioned for governor of the state. He took an active part in the affairs of the Baptist church, was for many years moderator of the Blue River Association and was long president of the board of trustees of William Jewell College, at Liberty, Missouri. He had four sons, one of whom, Thomas J., was in Missouri state senate from 1904 to 1908. John Bristow Wornall had three other sons, Francis Clay, John B., Jr., and Charles Hardin.
Eliza Ann, the second child of Thomas and Susan (Rion) Wornall, married a Mr. Anderson, of Winchester, Kentucky; they had no children. Alfred, the third child, married Lucinda Hedges and he was summoned to eternal rest in 1836, being survived by one son Alfred, who served in the Confederate army during the Civil war and who married Margaret Hamilton. He died September 19, 1908, and was not survived by any children. Thomas, Jr., the fourth in order of birth of the above-mentioned children, married Rebecca Beau and had two children, James W.. who wedded Sophia Edwards, had no offspring; and John T., who married first Ann Ewalt and later Mrs. Redmon: The latter union was prolific of one son, John T., Jr., now of Lair Station, Harrison county. Kentucky. James Rion Wornall, fifth child of Thomas and Susan Wornall, married Anne Moore, of Winchester, Kentucky: They had two daughters, the elder of whom, Eliza, married Joseph Croxton, of near Winchester, and has four children, Anne, Carrie Lee, Joseph and Clay; and the younger of whom, Ann Clay, married William Buckner, of Bourbon county, Kentucky, and became the mother of three children, Thomas Moore, James Monroe and Lucy. Nancy Tucker Wornall, sixth child of Thomas and Susan Wornall, was united in marriage to Samuel (Graybeard) Clay, of Bourbon county: They had four children, of whom Alfred died in youth, Thomas Henry married Fannie Conn Williams, of Paris, Kentucky, and has four children, George Williams, Thomas Henry, Jr., Naunine and Alfred; Susan Elizabeth married Cassius M. Clay, Jr., prominent in politics and candidate for governor of Kentucky, in 1911: They had four children, Brutus J., Samuel H., Annie L. and Sue; James Eldred Clay, fourth child of Nancy T. W. Clay, married Elizabeth Alexander, of Paris, Kentucky, and had five children, Belle Brent, Naunine, James E., Jr., Samuel and Charlton. Perry Wornall, youngest son of Thomas and Susan R. Wornall, was born October 12, 1819, and married Elizabeth Ewalt, daughter of Samuel and Synthia (Pugh) Ewalt and half sister of Ann Ewalt, who married John T. Wornall, as previously noted. They had two sons, Samuel Ewalt, born March 27, 1846, and Thomas Parker, born December 13, 1847, and died November 23, 1891. Samuel Ewalt Wornall now resides in the vicinity of Kansas City, Missouri. He married Alice W. Buchanan of Louisville, Kentucky, and they became the parents of four children, Rowen B., Elizabeth, Douglas B. and Edyth. Thomas Parker Wornall married Kate Spears, of Paris, Kentucky, and had one son, William Pugh to whom this sketch is dedicated. Susan Rion, youngest child of Thomas and Susan Wornall, married Francis Povall Clay, a brother of Samuel (Graybeard) Clay, who married her sister, Nancy Tucker Wornall, as already noted. To this union were born four children who grew to maturity. Of these. the oldest, William Henry, married Emma Spears, sister of Kate P. Wornall, and they have two sons living, Matt, of South Omaha, Nebraska, and Roby, of Lexington, Kentucky; Francis P., Jr., the next child of Susan and Francis P. Clay, married Emily Miller and has two sons, Horace Miller and Francis Depew; the third child, Nannie, wedded Walker Buckner and they have four children-Walker Jr., Woodford, Susan C. and William; Oliver Perry, the youngest child of Susan R. W. Clay and Francis P. Clay, married Willie Kearns, and they have one child, Eleanor.
The original seat of the Wornall family in Kentucky was the home of Thomas and Susan (Rion) Wornall, the same having been located in Clark county, six miles north of Winchester, near the Paris and Winchester pike. Of their children, three, Perry, Nancy and Susan, removed to Bourbon county, near Paris, this state. One son, Richard, went to Missouri but later returned to Kentucky, where his death occurred about the year 1862, near Winchester, in Clark county. His son, John B., has numerous descendants near Kansas City, Missouri, where he once resided. Samuel E. Wornall, son of Perry, and his children also reside near Kansas City, Missouri. Thomas Wornall, Jr., son of Thomas and Susan Wornall, removed to Harrison county, Kentucky, where his grandson, John T. (Tom) Wornall, lives, at Lair Station. His family and that of William P. Wornall, of near Paris, Kentucky (son of Thomas Parker Wornall), are the only representatives of the Wornall family in Kentucky that bear the name.
The foregoing genealogical data includes many of the best families in Kentucky, numerous of the descendants being mentioned individually on other pages of this work. Following is a brief sketch of William Pugh Wornall, whose name introduces this article. Further data are inserted here tracing his direct descent.
William Pugh Wornall was born in Bourbon county on the 2nd of March, 1879, and a son of Thomas P. and Catherine (Kate) K. (Spears) Wornall, both of whom were likewise natives of this county, where the former was born on the 13th of November, 1847, and the latter on the 2nd of August, 1852. Their marriage was solemnized on the 27th of October, 1875. Thomas P. Wornall was a son of Perry and Elizabeth (Ewalt) Wornall, both of whom were natives of Kentucky and the former of whom was a son of Roby and Susan (Rion) Wornall. Thomas W. was the son of Roby and Edith Wornall, who were numbered among the sterling pioneers of the old Blue Grass state. After his marriage, Thomas P. Wornall resided upon and operatedthe fine old homestead farm of his father. five miles west of Paris, until 1884, when he purchased land and established his home upon the farm now owned by his son, William P., the subject of this review. This well improved farmstead comprises three hundred and ninety acres and is eligibly located five miles east of Paris, on the Steele turnpike. Here the father continued to maintain his home until his death, which occurred on the 23rd of November, 1891. He was a man of impregnable integrity in all the relations in life and was one of the highly esteemed and representative citizens of his native county, where he conducted agricultural operations and stock-growing upon an extensive scale and where he also built up a successful enterprisein the buying and shipping of live stock. On the 23d of January, 1900, his widow became the wife of J. William Bedford and they now reside about eight miles east of Paris, where Mr. Bedford has a valuable farm. Thomas P. and Catherine K. (Spears) Wornall all became the parents of only one child, William P., to whom this sketch is dedicated.
William P. Wornall was reared to the sturdy discipline of the home farm and after availing himself of the advantages of the academy, conducted by William L. Yerkes, at Paris, he continued his studies in the University of Kentucky, at Lexington. He was but twelve years of age at the time of his father's death and while a mere boy he assumed much responsibility in connection with the farm, upon which he has continued to reside until the present time and upon which he has conducted most successful operations as a general agriculturist and stock-grower. His industry and good management are on a parity with his progressive methods and he is one of the able and popular business men of his home county. His political allegiance is given to the Democratic party; he is affiliated with Paris Lodge, No. 373, Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks; and he is a devout member of the Christian church. His wife is a member of the Presbyterian church and she is also a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
On the 11th of April, 1901, Mr. Wornall was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth B. Woodford, who was born in Bourbon county on the 1st of July, 1880, and who is a daughter of Benjamin and Alice (Brooks) Woodford. Mr. and Mrs. Wornall became parents of four children, two of whom died in infancy, unnamed; William P. Jr., was born on the 24th of June, 1904; and B. Woodford was born on the 13th of June, 1909.
They had the following children:

i. Thomas. Born on May 20, 1908. Thomas died on June 20, 1908.

ii. Samuel Parker. Born on March 11, 1912. Resided in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky.

29 iii. Ben Woodford (1909-)

30 iv. William Perry (1904-1949)

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