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74. Joseph Henry CROXTON. Born on April 4, 1846 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Joseph Henry died in Clark County, Kentucky on October 5, 1916; he was 70.
Mr. Jos. H. Croxton died at his home on the Lexington Pike in this county Thursday morning October 5th after a long illness due to grief over the death of his daughter a few months ago coupled with the infirmities of age. He was born in Bourbon County in 1841, the son of Henry and Ann Redmon Croxton, but had made his home in this county since boyhood. Hejoined the Confederate army and was with Gen. Morgan when he was captured and shared his captivity. His wife was Miss Eliza Wornall of this county and they were the parents of four children, the late Miss Annie Bright Croxton, Miss Leila Croxton, Mr. Jos. Croxton of Mississippi, and Mrs. Hayden Clement of North Carolina. He was buried Friday in the local cemetery after services at the home conducted by Dr. Wm. Cumming of the Presbyterian church of which he was a lifelong member.
Joseph Henry married Eliza Walker WORNALL, daughter of James Ryon WORNALL (1813-1879) & Anne Elizabeth MOORE (1823-1898). Born on December 24, 1845. Eliza Walker died on January 31, 1919; she was 73.
They had the following children:

i. Anna Bright.

ii. Robert Lee.

iii. Joseph Henry.

Joseph Henry married Patty Steel PATTERSON.

iv. Clay Wornall.

Clay Wornall married Hayden CLEMENT.

v. Ann Clay.

Ann Clay married William BUCKNER.

Sixth Generation


Family of Henry A. BUTLER (39) & Sarah C. CANADAY (KENNEDY)

75. Nannie Rachel BUTLER. Born on March 31, 1869. Nannie Rachel died in 1908; she was 38.
On September 8, 1888 when Nannie Rachel was 19, she married William Peck FISHER, son of William H. FISHER (1829-1903) & Emma Stephens PECK (1844-1923). Born on December 21, 1867 in Sharpsburg, Kentucky. William Peck died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on June 18, 1934; he was 66. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.
WILLIAM's occupation: farmer Lawton, Oklahoma. He grew peanuts, nectarines, and other vegetables.
WILLIAM's occupation: Owner Fisher Transfer Co. Paris, Ky., 1917. 606 Main street. Heavy Hauling of all Kinds.
He resided Paris, Ky. 1917, 135 Pine Crest Ave. He resided Paris, Ky. 1926, 244 Mt. Airy Ave.
His body was interred 6/23/1934 Paris, Ky., Paris Cemetry. He was buried on a Wednesday at 3:30. The Rev. J.W. Clotfelter of the First Presbyterian Church officated.
They had the following children:

i. Emily Brooks. Born on August 13, 1889. Emily Brooks died on February 25, 1890.

ii. Julian Hartwell. Born on March 26, 1891 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Julian Hartwell died in Youngstown, Ohio on October 16, 1916; he was 25. Buried on October 19, 1916 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky--Paris Cemetery.

iii. Owen Dudly. Born on December 4, 1895 in Ruddell’s Mills, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Owen Dudly died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on November 30, 1972; he was 76. Served Indiana World War I.

Notes on Owen Fisher: [34]

OWEN served in the military. World War I CPL57 SVC CO SIGC

Land inherited from H. A. Butler is sold. Feb.19 1927

Owen D. Fisher, & Co. to R. P. Hopkins 58.45 A. $ 5961.90

THIS DEED, made and entered into this February 19th, 1927, by and between Owen D. Fisher and his wife, Mamie Fisher; Henry Peck Fisher and his wife, Katherine Fisher; Nannie Bell Determan and her husband, Alfred Determan; Willie Flynn and her husband, George Flynn; Louise Fisher Florence, widow; W. P. Fisher and his wife, Lillian Fisher, parties of the first part, and R. P. Hopkins, part of the second part,

WITNESSETH: For and in consideration of One Hundred and Two Dollars ($102.00) per acre, aggregating Five thousand Nine hundred and Sixty-one dollars and ninety cents ($5961.90) Five-sixths of which, or $4968.25 in cash in hand paid receipt of which is acknowledged, and the remaining one-sixth, being the share of Louise Fisher Florence, is evidenced by the non-negotiable promissory note of second party payable to her for $993.65 of even date herewith, due and payable January 3, 1928, with interest from March 1, 1927, until paid, at the rate of 6% per annum, to secure the payment of which a lien is retained on the property hereby conveyed, and the said note to be paid upon the said Louise Fisher Florence, who is now under twenty-one years of age, but who will be twenty-one years of age on the 2nd day of January, 1928, executing a conveyance confirming this deed, after she becomes twenty-one years of age, the parties of the first part have bargained and sold, and hereby grant and convey unto the part of the second part a tract of 58.45 acres of land located in Bourbon County, Kentucky, and bounded and described as follows:

A certain tract of land situated in Bourbon County, Kentucky, bounded and described as follows: Beginning in the center of the Paris & Flat Rock turnpike at M corner to No. 1; thence with the center of said turnpike S 73 1/4 E 2812 P. thence S 17 E 166.12 poles to G, a stake in Steele's line; thence with Steele's line S 78 W 44.68 poles to H, a nail in a walnut tree; thence N 15 l/2 W 80.40 poles to Q, a stake; thence with Dodge's line S 75 1/4 W 4.68 p. to a stake corner to No. 1; thence with three lines of No. 1, N 4 3/4 W 64.28 p. to O, a stake; thence S 85 1/4 W 3.48 p. to N., a stake; thence N 2 W 116.96 p. to the beginning, containing 58.45 acres.

The said lands were devised in remainder by Henry A. Butler by will of record in the office of the Clerk of the Bourbon County Court in Will Book _ page_ , to the children of his daughter, Nancy Butler Fisher, deceased, who left surviving her Owen D. Fisher, a son; Peck Fisher, a son; Nannie Bell Determan, a daughter; Willie Flynn, a daughter; Louise Fisher Florence, a daughter, and J. H. Fisher, a son, who subsequently died leaving W. P. Fisher, his father as his only heir-at-law, and the first parties acquired said lands as above indicated; and in the partition of the lands of the said Henry A. Butler in the action above referred to in the Bourbon County Court, the tract of 58.45 acres hereby conveyed was allotted to first parties and conveyed to them by deed of partition executed by Special Commissioner of the Bourbon County Court. Said deed of partition has been lodged for record in the office of the Clerk O. D. in the Bourbon County Court and will be recorded in Deed Book 112, page 632.

To have and to hold the property aforesaid with all of its appurtenances unto second party, his heirs and assigns forever, with convenant of General Warranty.

Witness the hand of the first parties the day and year first above written.

Owen D. Fisher Mamie Fisher Henry Peck Fisher Katherine Fisher Nannie Bell Determan Alfred Determan George Flynn Willie Flynn Louise Fisher Florence W. P. Fisher Lillian Fisher

State of Kentucky: County of Bourbon: Sct.

I, Lillian Hough, a Notary Public in and for the State and County aforesaid, certify that the foregoing deed from Owen D. Fisher and others to R. P. Hopkins, was this day produced before me in this County and acknowledged and delivered by Owen D. Fisher and his wife, Mamie Fisher; Henry Peck Fisher and his wife, Katherine Fisher; Nannie Bell Determan and her husband, Alfred Determan; Willie Flynn and her husband, George Flynn, Louise Fisher Florence, widow; W. P. Fisher and his wife, Lillian Fisher, to be their act and deed, and they and each of them consented that the same might be recorded.

Given under my hand and seal of office this the 24th. day of February, 1927. My commission expires on the 7 day of January, 1930.

(SEAL) Lillian Hough, Notary Public, Bourbon County, KY State of Kentucky: County of Bourbon: Sct.

I, Pearce Paton, Clerk of the County Court of the County aforesaid, certify that on this day this Deed was received and lodged in my office for record, and that I have truly recorded same, together with this and the certificate thereon endorsed, in my said office.

Witness my hand this 16th day of April, 1927

Pearce Paton Clerk

In the margin:

The within mentioned notes due me having been long since paid, I hereby release the lien retained to secure same, this October 28, 1933. ATT: Pearce Paton, CBCC Louise Fisher Florence Louise Fisher

Owen Dudly first married Mattie B..
When Owen died Mattie meet Henry Peck at the funeral and they married soon after.

On September 23, 1926 when Owen Dudly was 30, he second married Mayme FITZGERALD, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on September 23, 1885. Mayme died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on March 1, 1970; she was 84.

iv. Henry Peck. Born on April 15, 1899 in Ruddell’s Mills, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Henry Peck died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on December 21, 1975; he was 76.

HENRY was listed as a member of a church Paris, Ky., 11/8/1914. First Presbyterian of Paris

He resided in Paris, Ky. 40361 1974, 1533 High St.
On November 6, 1926 when Henry Peck was 27, he first married Katherine KENNEDY. Born in 1897. Katherine died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on June 22, 1956; she was 59.

Henry Peck second married Mattie B..

When Owen died Mattie meet Henry Peck at the funeral and they married soon after.

99 v. Willie Margaret (1905-)

vi. Louise Catherine. Born on January 2, 1907 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Louise Catherine died in 1937; she was 29.

Notes on Louise Fisher: [34]

She resided in Georgetown, Ky.. LOUISE's occupation: Grocery Store owner in Georgetown, Ky. No children

LOUISE was listed as a member of a church Paris, Ky., 1/4/1920. First Presbyterian of Paris

Louise Catherine married Delbert ROBEY.

100 vii. Nannie Belle (1902-1994)

76. Thomas H. BUTLER.
Thomas H. married Delia PERNFLERMAN.
They had the following children:

i. Thomas H.

Thomas H. married Margaret.

ii. Lucy.

Lucy married J. A. ALEXANDER.

Family of Thomas Buford Johnston WHEAT (41) & Amelia BROWNE

77. William Volney WHEAT. Born on February 20, 1874. William Volney died on April 3, 1943; he was 69.
William Volney married Jennie UNDERWOOD.
They had one child:

i. Raymond.

78. Thomas Buford WHEAT. Born on December 23, 1876.
Thomas Buford married Ann HERMAN.
They had one child:

i. Thomas Herman.

Family of John I. JONES (44) & Mary SWARTZWELDER

79. Cynthia Rebecca JONES. Born on November 29, 1842 in Near Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Cynthia Rebecca died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on March 27, 1915; she was 72. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.
On December 21, 1871 when Cynthia Rebecca was 29, she married James Wilson WRIGHT, son of John WRIGHT (1786-1849) & Martha KELLY, in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on February 12, 1812. James Wilson died on February 21, 1898; he was 86. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.
JAMES WILSON WRIGHT, [35] farmer; P. O. Paris; was born in this precinct, Feb. 12, 1812, being the eldest son, and second child born to John A. and Martha (Kelly) Wright. Our subject has always been a resident of this neighborhood, in which he was born, and is one of the substantial members of the Commonwealth; he was raised on the homestead, to farming pursuits; soon after leaving the parental roof, and while a single man, he was for several years engaged in selling goods at Moreland, now Hutchinson Precinct; he has been twice married; Feb, 11, 1846, to Harriet Thomas, daughter of Lindsey and Dorcas (Hinton) Thomas; she was born Jan. 30, 1821, in Shelby County, this State; she died May 15, 1866; having borne three children, who came to maturity, viz.: Laura, now wife of Nathan Bayless, of this county and Isaac K., and William L., both residing in Scott County; Dec. 21, 1871, Mr. Wright was married to Cynthia Jones, who was born in Hutchinson Precinct, daughter of John I. Jones and Mary Swartzwelder, both natives of Bourbon County; Mary was a daughter of Samuel Swartzwelder, a native of Pennsylvania, and emigrated to this county at an early day; Mr. Wright settled on the farm he now owns; March 1, 1847, he put all the substantial improvements on the place that appears today; the form was purchased of his uncle, Andrew Wright; the farm having been in the name of the family since its first settlement; he has 500 acres in one body, and has settled his two sons in Scott County; by his last wife, he has three children: Martha Wilson, James W. Jr., and Clarence Jones.
They had the following children:

101 i. Martha Wilson (1874-1903)

102 ii. James Wilson (1875-1947)

iii. Clarence Jones. Born on July 14, 1880 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Clarence Jones died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky on October 24, 1947; he was 67. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.

80. James Thomas JONES. Born on November 11, 1846 in Near Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky. James Thomas died in Nevada, Missouri on December 5, 1910; he was 64.
On April 22, 1875 when James Thomas was 28, he married Margaret Emily LLOYD, daughter of Thomas W. LLOYD (1820-1898) & Elizabeth ALEXANDER (1824-1864), in Lexington, Kentucky. Born on November 21, 1850 in Lexington, Kentucky. Margaret Emily died in Nevada, Missouri on February 6, 1939; she was 88.
They had the following children:

i. Elizabeth “Lizzie” May. Born on February 11, 1876 in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) MAY JONES (5) - James T. (4), Mary Swartzwelder (3), Cynthia Rebecca McCann(2), John(l), John(A); b. February 11, 1876 near Clintonville in Bourbon County, Kentucky; unmarried. The stature of some persons is inversely proportional to their physical size; a few pint-sizers are intrinsically jewels of giant energy and wonderful mentality. Such a description fits Lizzie May Jones, the conscientious and accurate record-keeper of the James Thomas Jones family. Loved and respected by all the family, she has inspired the authors (distant cousins) to leave no stone unturned that underneath might reveal a bit of information to improve the quality of this work; and she at age 80 has turned over many a stone for us.

Lizzie May's parents, when she was nine years old, moved the family from Kentucky to southwestern Missouri in April 1885, stopping for a few months at Lamar, Barton County. In November 1885, they moved a few miles north to stay over the winter at Nevada in Vernon County; and in March 1886 settled on a farm seven miles south of Nevada, which was the Jones homestead until 1910 when father Jones died on December 5th. Mother Jones purchased in Nevada a small domicile which was Lizzie May's home as brothers and sisters departed until her mother died on February 6, 1939. Elementary schooling for Lizzie May was of the rural variety - the little red-brick symbol of those who struggled for mastery of the three R's. Starting in Kentucky and continuing in the rural schools of Missouri, she advanced and attended Cooper College at Moundsville, Missouri.

Choosing teaching for a career, Lizzie May taught and went on to school as she could, stopping long enough to attend one term at Cottey - a junior college for women at Nevada, Missouri; and she received from Missouri State Teachers College at Springfield her much-deserved Life Certificate. In January 1912, an attack of typhoid fever forced a withdrawal from teaching, which was not resumed until the fall of 1917 when Lizzie May reentered the schools and pursued her cherished vocation uninterruptedly for thirty years, the last twenty-three of which were spent in refined teaching of fifth-grade pupils in Nevada schools; she retired in May 1947 at the close of the 1946-7 term. This long service, endearing her alike to pupils and faculty, was never a task. Teaching was a fascination that outranked all activities other than home and church. As a member of the Methodist Church, attending with great regularity, she also served as teacher in the Sunday School.

Long-suffering Lizzie May endured a minor displeasure, years on end, regarding her given names. For the facts, we feelingly quote from one of her several 1955 letters - "In regard to my name, my parents really first named me Mary Elizabeth, and then turned it around, shortening it to Lizzie May, and so recorded it; and they always called me that name, which I can tolerate all right - but I have a dislike for plain Lizzie. Preparatory to my retirement, in 1946, 1 wrote to Washington, D. C., to ascertain if the date of my birth were available. They answered that in 1880 the Census Bureau showed the name Mary E.; but in the end, with the help of affidavits, I secur-d twr delayed birth cert"'ficates with Lizzie May thereon, one from Missouri and the other from Kentucky." So, for purposes of this writing, we chronologists are re-christening our little ladv Elizabeth May; but we shall continue, with her family and intimates, to love and admire Lizzie May. [36]

ii. Adelia Kate. Born on July 1, 1877 in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

iii. Becca Lou. Born on January 23, 1879 in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

iv. Thomas Dodd. Born on May 16, 1880 in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

v. Vollie Lloyd. Born on January 13, 1885 in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

vi. James Blanton. Born on January 9, 1889 in Nevada, Missouri.

vii. Cynthia Willa. Born on March 16, 1891 in Nevada, Missouri.

Family of John William JONES (48) & Sarah “Sallie” REDMON

81. Susan C. JONES. Born about 1841.
In October 1857 when Susan C. was 16, she married George M. REDMON, son of George L. REDMON (1809-1863) & Mary PARKER. Born in June 1833.
Paris Western Citizen, October 16, 1857: George M. Redmon married Susan A., daughter of John W. Jones.
They had the following children:

i. Mary R. “Kate”. Born about 1859.

103 ii. John J. (1861-1941)

104 iii. George Lee (1867-1930)

82. William Schooler JONES. Born on July 5, 1845 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
WILLIAM S. JONES.-Bourbon county has been the home of William S. Jones from the time of his nativity and he is a scion of the third generation to be actively identified with agricultural pursuits within the borders of this favored section of the Blue Grass commonwealth. He has wrought out a very intelligent success through the persistent application of his energies and abilities in connection with the great basic art of agriculture and is recognized as one of the representative farmers and stock-growers of his native county, where he is well upholding the prestige of the honored name which he bears.
William S. Jones was born in Bourbon county, Kentucky, on the 7th of July, 1845, and is a son of John W. and Amanda (Talbott) Jones, both of whom were likewise natives of Bourbon county, where the former was born on the 15th of June, 1820, and the latter on the 2d of October, 1823; their marriage was solemnized in this county on the 20th of October, 1840. John W. Jones was a son of William S. and Nancy (Ashurst) Jones, who established their home in North Middletown-precinct, Bourbon county, in the pioneer days and who here continued to reside until their death. William S. Jones, the founder of the family in Bourbon county, became a successful farmer and was the founder of a large and well-improved landed estate at the time of his death. He was a man of sterling character, did well his part in connection with the industrial and social development of the county and here commanded the uniform esteem of all who knew him. William S. and Nancy (Ashurst) Jones became the parents of five children--John W., Benjamin F., Josiah A., Rebecca and William S. The last mentioned died in infancy and the other four children attained to maturity and reared families.
John W. Jones, father of him whose name initiates this review, was reared and educated in Bourbon county and soon after his marriage, in the year 1840, he settled on a farm about two miles north of North Middletown, on the North Middletown and Cane Bridge turnpike. There he developed a valuable property, made excellent improvements on his farm and on this homestead he continued to reside until his death. His first wife was summoned to the life eternal on the 10th of May, 1850, and on the 14th of May, 1851, was solemnized his marriage to Miss Sarah Redmon, who was born in Bourbon county, on the 30th of January, 1823, and who was a daughter of George L. Redmon, a representative pioneer of the county. Of the first union were born five children, concerning whom the following brief record is entered-Susan A. was born on the 8th of October, 1841, and died on the 17th of January, 1908; Mary C., who was born on the 9th of August, 1843, died on the 10th of October, 1851; William-S., the subject of this sketch, was the next in order of birth; Daniel R., who was born on the 11th of July, 1847, died on the 12th of October, 1851; and John W., who was born May 12, 1849, died on the 22d:of the following October. The children of the second marriage were two in number--Sallie B.,.who was born on the 21st of September, 1856, died on the 4th of February; 1906; and the other child, a daughter, died in infancy, unnamed. John W. Jones died on the 4th of March, 1889, and his second wife passed to the life eternal on the 15th of January, 1897.
John W. Jones was a man of prominence and influence in his county, was progressive in his ideas and methods and was loyal and liberal in his civic attitude. He won success by very appreciable merits, was kindly and tolerant in his judgment of others and was ever ready to aid those "in any way afflicted or distressed in mind, body, or estate." He accumulated a large tract of land and in the work and management of the same brought to bear such progressive ideas that his success was of very distinct and definite order. He was a stanch Democrat in his political proclivities and while never ambitious for public office his aid and influence were ever given in support of all measures and enterprises tending to conserve the best interests of the community. He was a sincere and devoted member of the Christian church, as were also his first and second wives, and he served as an elder in the same for many years. He commanded a secure the confidence and esteem of all who knew him and his life course was ordered upon the highest plane of integrity and honor.
William S. Jones, whose name introduces this article, was reared to maturity on the home farm and he has never found it expedient to withdraw his illegiance from the great basic industry under whose influences he was reared. He was afforded the advantages of Clay Seminary, at North Middletown, an institution that is now known as theKentucky Classical & Business College. He was married in the year 1883 and then established his home on a farm one mile south of North Middletown, on the Thatcher's Mills turnpike, but three years later he removed to his present finely improved homestead which is located on the North Middletown and Cane Ridge turnpike, one mile north of Middletown, where he owns 575 acres of well improved and highly cultivated land. In addition to raising the various crops best suited to the soil and climate he is also a successful grower of live stock of excellent grades and his work as a farmer has been characterized, by indefatigable energy and progressive methods, through which he has gained precedence as one of the essentially representative agriculturists of his native county. He is liberal and loyal as a citizen and gives his support to all public enterprises that make for the well being of the community. He and his family are zealous members of the Christian church, in whose faith he was reared and in the same he has served as an elder for the past fifteen years.
On the 10th of October, 1883, was soleinnized the marriage of Mr. Jones to Miss Emma Collins, who was born in Bourbon county, on the 16th of October, 1860, and who is a daughter of William and Sallie (Trimble) Collins. (See her brother John T. Collins' sketch on other pages for her family history.) Concerning the children of this felicitous union the following brief data are given-John W., who was born November 24, 1884, is now incumbent of the office of cashier of the Nortth Middletown Deposit Bank, in which his father is a stockholder; Sarah A., who was born on the 29th of October, 1889, is the wife of Walter S. Meng, who is engaged in farming in this county; and Robert G., who was born on the 18th of June, 1894, remains at the parental home and assists his father in the work and management of the farm. The attractive home is a recognized center of gracious hospitality and the family is one that enjoys unqualified popularity in connection with the best social activities of the community. [37]
On October 10, 1883 when William Schooler was 38, he married Emma COLLINS, daughter of William COLLINS & Sallie TRIMBLE, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on October 16, 1860 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
They had the following children:

i. John William. Born on October 24, 1884. John William died on July 24, 1957; he was 72.

John William married Beulah BRIDGES.

ii. Sarah A. Born on October 29, 1889.

Sarah A. married Walter S. MENG.

iii. Robert G. Born on June 18, 1894.

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