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27. Littleberry KENNEDY. Born on January 30, 1827 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Littleberry died on December 13, 1855; he was 28. Buried in W K Graveyard, Bourbon County, Kentucky.
On August 16, 1853 when Littleberry was 26, he married Isabella EDWARDS, daughter of Major John Henry EDWARDS Jr. (1773-1852) & Elizabeth KELLER. Born about 1825.
They had the following children:

i. Emma B. Born on June 23, 1854.

64 ii. Elizabeth E. (1855-1923)
28. Mary Elizabeth KENNEDY. Born on March 27, 1828 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Mary Elizabeth died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on February 21, 1871; she was 42.
Mary Elizabeth married Eli McClanahan KENNEDY (19) , son of Eli KENNEDY (6) (-1833) & Polly McCLANAHAN.
They had the following children:

42 i. Mary Elizabeth (1844-1904)

ii. George. George died circa 1873.

43 iii. Julia Clay (1848-1885)

29. Patsy KENNEDY. Born in 1830 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Patsy died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1905; she was 75.
On August 26, 1849 when Patsy was 19, she married Ossian EDWARDS [21], son of Major John Henry EDWARDS Jr. (1773-1852) & Elizabeth KELLER, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born in 1827 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Ossian died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1869; he was 42.
They had the following children:

65 i. Mattie

ii. Elizabeth. Born circa 1850 in Kentucky.

Elizabeth first married Walter S. BLAISDELL.

Elizabeth second married John W. McILVAIN.

iii. Julia. Born circa 1852 in Kentucky.

66 iv. Alice (1853-)

67 v. Ossion (1856-)

vi. John W. Born in 1860. John W. died in 1893; he was 33. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.

Family of Aria KENNEDY (10) & Capt. Nicholas Reagon TALBOTT

30. Louis (Lewis) TALBOTT. Born on August 15, 1802. Louis (Lewis) died on April 6, 1847; he was 44. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.
On July 17, 1827 when Louis (Lewis) was 24, he first married Phoebe MUIR, daughter of Samuel MUIR (1767-1844) & Mary CORY (BIBB?) (~1770-1856), in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born about 1807. Phoebe died in 1828; she was 21.
Notes on Phoebe Muir: [22]

Bourbon CO. KY Marriage Bonds - Samuel listed as Bondsman.

On January 26, 1832 when Louis (Lewis) was 29, he second married Sarah Devine JONES, daughter of James JONES (1758-1839) & Salathial “Sally” SCHOOLER (1760-1850), in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on January 10, 1802 in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Sarah Devine died on September 21, 1891; she was 89. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.
CENSUS:1850 Bourbon Co., Kentucky CENSUS:1860 Bourbon Co., Kentucky pg 605 [11]
They had the following children:

i. James William. Born on May 3, 1833. James William died on March 3, 1861; he was 27. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.

68 ii. Ariabelle F.

69 iii. Annie Eliza (1840-1934)

iv. Molly Cassandra. Born on January 17, 1838. Molly Cassandra died on October 21, 1854; she was 16. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.

v. Nicholas.

vi. Thomas.
31. Courtney TALBOTT. Born on September 3, 1804.
On December 16, 1830 when Courtney was 26, he married Elizabeth HARP.
They had one child:

i. Elizabeth.

History of Fayette County, Kentucky, edited by William Henry Perrin, Chicago: O. L. Baskin & Co., 1882; New Material Copyright 1979 by the Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Southern Historical Press, pp. 803-804

MRS. ELIZABETH FISHER, farmer, P.O. Lexington, is the widow of the James Fisher, to whom reference is made in one of the historical chapters of this work as the opener of an extensive and interesting Indian mound on his property near Lexington, and from which many ancient aboriginal relies were sent to the Smithsonian Institute, Washington. Mr. Fisher, who was a highly respected, enterprising and intelligent citizen, a Mason and an Odd Fellow, died in October, 1875, since which time his widow has herself managed, with efficient hired help, her farm of 166 acres, to which is given the name "Smithland." Mrs. Fisher is a native of Bourbon County, but when she was only two years of age, her parents removed to Fayette, where she has since had her permanent residence. Her maiden name was Talbott, and she is a direct descendant of an English-Scotch family of the name who came from Virginia to Kentucky at an early day, her great-grandfather, Samuel Talbott, settling in Clark County, between the Kentucky River and Boone's Creek. He had one son, Nicholas, whose mother died when he was but a child, and several other children by a second wife. Nicholas. Mrs. Fisher's grandfather, was a farmer, also a wheelwright and shoemaker. He represented his county in the Legislature, being in that body in 1821. His wife's name was Aria, daughter of John Kennedy, who had emigrated from Ireland and lived in Virginia during the Revolution. He was taken as a soldier by the draft of "the fifteenth man," and served his time in the ranks. Turning out again to repel an English attack, he was captured by the enemy at Guilford Court House, N. C., on March 5, 1781, and his death, on board a British prison-ship, on June 26, is said to have been from starvation. His daughter subsequently came to Kentucky, where an uncle, after living in the fort at Strode's Station with his wife and family for five years, on account of Indian incursions, had located, in 1785, on the stream now known as Kennedy's Creek. Nicholas and Aria (Kennedy) Talbott had a son called Courtney, born September 3, 1804, in Bourbon County. This lad learned shoemaking with his father, all the shoes, as well as all the furniture used by the family, being made at home. Excepting only four months in school, he was also educated at home by his father, while working at the shoebench or lathe. December 16, 1830, he married Elizabeth Harp, and for several years lived on a farm of his own near where he was born, but, in 1835, moved to Fayette County upon a farm of 200 acres, now owned by George Whitney, and known as "Pine Grove;" afterward bought a small but rich tract on the south side of the farm, composed of part of the Richardson estate; built, of material obtained on the farm and under his own supervision, a brick house, since remodeled by Mr. Whitney ; and brought up a family of four sons and six daughters-the surviving members of a family of thirteen children. He was one of the first volunteers for the Union, but was rejected on account of his age. In the spring of 1863, he moved to Indiana, and lived near Crawfordsville till his death, in his sixty-third year. He was a leading Mason for more than a quarter of a century. By his father's will, he had been made administrator of the estate, and also guardian of a feeble-minded brother, now cared for by his widow. In an active business career of thirty years' duration, he never incurred an obligation he did not meet on or before its maturity. Such was the father of Mrs. Fisher.
Elizabeth married James FISHER.

Family of Jesse KENNEDY (12) & Polly WAUGH

32. Washington KENNEDY. Born on November 22, 1821. Washington died on June 17, 1899; he was 77.
Subject: Fw: Article Written at the Death of Jesse Kennedy

Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 22:34:08 -0600

From: "Bev Harris"
(I am proud to say that Jesse Kennedy was my gg grandfather). Here is the biography of my Washington Kennedy, the son of Jesse in the 1881 edition of the History of Jackson County Missouri, published by the Ramfre Press of Cape Girardeau, MO, p. 937.
Washington Kennedy, farmer and stock raiser, section 28, was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, November 22, 1821. He lived in Bourbon County until 1857, when he moved to Jackson County, Missouri, and located on the farm which he now occupies in Van Buren Township. He was married June 15, 1858, to Sarah Amos, of Jackson County, Missouri, but who was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, May 13, 1842. (Sarah was the daughter of Abraham Amos of Bourbon County, Kentucky and Julia A. [Matheny] Amos of Bourbon Co. Abraham and Julia Amos came to Jackson County, Missouri in 1855 from Bonne County, Missouri and Louisville, Kentucky and brought slaves with them. (It looks to me as if my great grandfather, Washington Kennedy, followed Sarah to Missouri. Isn't love grand?!) Eleven children have been born, all of whom are living (in 1881!) at home, and named as follows: Granville Amos (b.Oct. 19, 1859), Jesse Franklin (b. June 28, 1861), Mary Washington (b. April 21, 1863), Julia Waugh (Dec. 24, 1864), Joseph Dorsey (Oct. 28, 1869), John Thomas (Feb. 21, 1869), James Edwin (Jan. 21, 1871), Martha Clay (Dec. 20, 1872), Lula Bell (Dec. 14, 1874), Edna Preston (March 5, 1877), and Ida Green (May 7, 1880). There has never been a death in this family, and all are in excellent health. Mr. Kennedy spares no pains to give his children good educations. His son, Jesse F. is a member of the William Jewell College in Clay County, and his daughter, Mary, is a member of the Female Seminary, at Independence. (Her son, John Fisher, was president of the Board of Regents for all of the colleges in Oklahoma for many years before he died.) Mr. Kennedy had but little means when he started in life in Missouri, and what he had accumulated when the Civil War broke out, was all either confiscated or destroyed, and at the close of the War he had to begin life almost anew. But he now has a very fine farm of 240 acres, and well stocked with the fine stock breeding. During the War he was terribly persecuted by both parties; his life was threatened, and even attempts were made to shoot him, yet he has survived all these hardships, and has again built up a beautiful home, where he and his family live quiet and peaceful lives, honored and respected by all with whom they are acquainted. (My last surviving aunt told me last year that the Washington Kennedy family was considered to be one of the aristocratic families of Jackson County during the last half of the 19th century--whatever she meant by that statement. This Washington Kennedy died on June 17, 1899. He and Sarah are buried in the Pleasant Hill, Cass Co., MO Cemetery. I have always thought that the "brains" in my family came largely from my line of Kennedys--there were lawyers, dentists, professors, school administrators, teachers, engineers, and professionals in many fields.)

Enough for now. Will be in touch with much more.

Bev Harris
On June 15, 1858 when Washington was 36, he married Sarah AMOS, daughter of Abraham AMOS & Julia A. MATHENY, in Jackson County, Missouri. Born on May 13, 1842 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
They had the following children:

i. Granville Amos. Born on October 19, 1859.

ii. Jesse Franklin. Born on June 28, 1861.

iii. Mary Washington. Born on April 21, 1863.

iv. Julia Waugh. Born on December 24, 1864.

v. Joseph Dorsey. Born on October 28, 1869.

vi. John Thomas. Born on February 21, 1869.

vii. James Edwin. Born on January 21, 1871.

viii. Martha Clay. Born on December 20, 1872.

ix. Lula Bell. Born on December 14, 1874.

x. Edna Preston. Born on March 5, 1877.

xi. Ida Green. Born on May 7, 1880.

33. Mary Waugh KENNEDY. Born on March 27, 1828. Mary Waugh died on February 2, 1871; she was 42. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky. Was on the census for Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1860.
In November 1845 when Mary Waugh was 17, she married John Bedford KENNEDY (26) , son of Capt. Washington KENNEDY (9) (1779-1832) & Elizabeth BEDFORD (1794-1834). Born on December 1, 1824 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. John Bedford died on December 1, 1907; he was 83. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky. Was on the census for Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1860.
J. B. KENNEDY, [13] farmer and stock raiser; P.O. Paris; is a descenclant of one of the first settlers in Bourbon County. Our subject was born Dec. 1, 1824, on the farm now owned by B. F. Bedford. His father was Captain Washington Kennedy, who was born June 25, 1779, and commanded Company in 1812; was son of John Kennedy, a revolutionary soldier, and native of Virginia, and emigrated here and settled on Kennedy's Creek, in 1779. For a further account of the family the trader is referred to the history of Bourbon County, in this volume. The mother of John B. was Elizabeth Bedford, who was born in this precinct, Dec. 7, 1794, on the farm now owned by Patsey Clay; she was a daughter of Littleberry Bodford, the "Pioneer." She died July 18, 1834. Washington died Aug. 11, leaving .John B. an orphan at an early age. He went to live with uncle, John Bedford, with whom he lived until he attained his manhood. November, 1845, he was married to Mary M. Kennedy, daughter of Jesse and Polly (Waugh) Kennedy; he was born in this precinct, Aug. 11, 1787, and died April 3, 1863; she born May 11, 1788, and died 27, 1837. After marriage Mr. Kennedy purchased the farm he now owns, called the "Elm Spring Farm," where he has since resided, and been engaged in agricultural pursuits since 1850; has been engaged in raising short horns, and for several years past been engaged in trailing in stock and shipping to the Eastern markets. Mrs. Kennedy died Feb. 2, 1871, leaving two children, Sidney B. and Mary J. Mr. Kennedy's present wife was Mrs. Alice Redmon, daughter of Greenberry Dorsey, of New Orleans. John Kennedy, the grandfather of J. B., entered land upon Kennedy's Creek, which bears his name; he never came to Kentucky to live. He had two sons Eli and Washington, who located on the land. Washington finally purchased his brothers interest, and finally located on the farm now owned by B. F. Bedford.
They had the following children:

i. Sidney B. Born on November 26, 1846 in Kentucky. Sidney B. died on December 4, 1883; he was 37. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.

Sidney B. married Fannie MILLER, daughter of James MILLER (1817-ca1899) & Annie F. BOYD. Fannie died in January 1878.

ii. Jessie Washington. Born on September 17, 1847 in Kentucky. Jessie Washington died on August 12, 1862; he was 14. Buried in W K Graveyard, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

iii. Mary John. Born in 1848 in Kentucky. Mary John died on April 18, 1906; she was 58.

Mary John married Thompson Hildreth TARR.

Family of Elizabeth Ann KENNEDY (13) & Joseph HILDRETH

34. Dorcas HILDRETH. Born on June 25, 1804. Dorcas died on April 25, 1875; she was 70. Buried in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky--Clintonville Cemetery.
On January 1, 1822 when Dorcas was 17, she married Benjamin Reason SCHOOLER III, son of Benjamin Franklin SCHOOLER (1759-1822) & Pattie (Patsy) FOSTER (1764-1843), in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born on April 30, 1797 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Benjamin Reason died on September 27, 1834; he was 37. Buried in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky--Clintonville Cemetery.
Notes on Benjamin Schooler: [11]

MARRIAGE: Kentucky Marriages FHC #174937

They had the following children:

70 i. Mary S. (1832-1863)

71 ii. Elizabeth (1825-1868)

Family of Sophia KENNEDY (14) & John W. REDMON

35. Anne K. REDMON. Born in 1816 in Kentucky. Anne K. died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1878; she was 62. Was on the census for Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1850.
On October 9, 1833 when Anne K. was 17, she married Henry CROXTON, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born in 1807. Henry died in 1868; he was 61.
They had the following children:

72 i. John T. (1829-1872)

ii. Sophia. Born about 1835.

73 iii. Susan C. (1835-1864)

iv. Virginia. Born about 1839.

v. Mary. Born about 1840.

vi. Elizabeth. Born about 1844.

74 vii. Joseph Henry (1846-1916)

viii. Charles. Born about 1849.

ix. George. Born about 1849.

36. Joseph Kennedy REDMON. Born about 1818 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Joseph Kennedy died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in June 1879; he was 61.
Notes for JOSEPH KENNEDY REDMON: Joseph and Jemima are in the 1850 Bourbon Co. census with no children; in 1860 with Mary, Ann and Sallie, and in 1870 with Annie, Sallie, John and Nellie.
Paris Western Citizen, January 17, 1845: Deaths--Mrs. Mary Redman, on Friday morning last, consort of Mr. Joseph K. Redman, and daughter of Capt. W. P. Hume, of this county.
Kentucky Register (Richmond), June 3, 1879: Joseph K. Redmon, one of the largest land owners in Bourbon County, age 61, died.
before 1845 when Joseph Kennedy was 27, he first married Mary HUME, daughter of William Patton HUME (1792-1875) & Elizabeth Frances “Eliza” HUTCHCRAFT (1796-1870). Born about 1811.
about 1850 when Joseph Kennedy was 32, he second married Jemima NUNN, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
They had the following children:

i. Mary B. Born about 1852.

ii. Ann M. Born about 1855.

iii. Sallie B. Born about 1857.

iv. John Joseph. Born about 1862.

v. Nellie. Born about 1867.

Family of Nathan KENNEDY (15) & Mrs. KENNEDY

37. Catharine KENNEDY.
Catharine married Robert LAYSON.
They had one child:

i. America.

On September 5, 1861 America married Robert TARR, son of John B. TARR (1801-) & Milly TURNER. Born on May 2, 1828 in Carlisle, Kentucky.
ROBT. TARR, [23] farmer; P. O. Millersburg; was born near Carlisle, May 2, 1828, where his parents rernoved, a short time before his birth, from Bourbon County, returning in 1838, and settling the farm on which Mr. Tarr now lives. His father was John B. Tarr, a native of Nicholas, born March 4, 1801; he of Charles Tarr, born upon the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The wife of Charles was Miss Bishop, who, soon after being united in marriage, came to the western part of Nicholas County, on Hinkston, which was soon after the year 1790, and bocame one of the prominent men of the county at that early day. In about 1831 he moved to Adams County, Ill., with all his family except a daughter, who married Richard Adair, "The Tanner," of Nicholas County, and John B., the father of our subject, who remained in the Blue Grass region, where he engaged in farming and raised a family by Milly Turner. (See hist.) The result of this union was five sons and two daughters: Wm., born June 22, 1825. He began life a poor boy; his first enterprise was that of raising watermelons, afterward engaged in farming upon rented land with his brother Robert, when, after a few years, their labors having been crowned with success, they dissolved partnership, each beginning business for himself; Wm. subsequently engaged in distilling, trading and real estate speculation, through which he has become one of the money kings of the Blue Grass region; the second of the family was Charles, born Sept. 15, 1826, died a young man; the subject of this sketch, who devoted his life to agriculture and stock raising; he was for a number of years a director in the Millersburg Bank, and at the death of the first president he was elected to that position; Martha, born Jan. 5, 1830, married Tice Hutzell, and, after his death, married a Mr. Penn, who is also deceased; James, born Jan. 21,1832, married a Miss Piper and moved to Pettis County, Mo.,where he died; his wife is now a Mrs. Porter, of Millersburg; John, a resident of Flat Rock (see hist.); Mary E., born Aug. 30, 1841, became the wife of Col. Sampson D. Archer, of Keokuk, Iowa, where he died and where his family now reside. The subject of this sketch was married Sept. 5, 1861, to America Layson, daughter of Robt. Layson (deceased) and Catharine Kennedy. They have three children-Anna Lee, wife, of Jas. L. Shackelford, of Maysville Robt L. and John Bishop.
38. David KENNEDY. Born in 1832.
In September 1862 when David was 30, he married Anna MYALL, daughter of Edward MYALL & Rachel LAWRENCE.
They had the following children:

i. Samuel J.

ii. Owen D.

iii. Edward B.

Fifth Generation


Family of Rachel WHEAT (16) & Francis M. BUTLER

39. Henry A. BUTLER. Born in March 1826 in Hutchinson Precinct, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Henry A. died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1897; he was 70. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.
H. A. BUTLER, [24] farmer; P. 0. Paris; is among the self-made men of this county. He was born in March, 1826, in Hutchinson Precinct; the eldest child born to Francis M. Butler and Rachel Wheat. By the death of his father he was left in care of his mother, who was unable to provide for her three children left upon her hands without any visible means of support. When a youth of twelve, he embarked for himself, working out by the month at very low wages. His school advantages were very limited indeed. Upon his attaining the years of manhood, he was employed to drive and handle stock for other parties; during this time he made fifty trips to New Orleans and forty to New York, eleven of which were performed on foot, the trips occupying seventy days each. In 1863 he purchased 150 acres in Menard County, III., for eighteen dollars per acre; two years and a half after he sold it and realized thirty-six dollars per acre; he then purchased 170 acres in Fayette County, which he kept a short time, then purchased 140 acres in Clintonville Precinct. In 1876 he purchased 220 acres, where he now resides, situated on the Flat Rock Pike, which farm he now owns. During the war he was engaged in the mule trade, in a small way on his own account, also was engaged in the hog trade, buying and shipping, which business he followed for several years and proved successful. May, 1868, he married Sarah Kennedy, born in Flat Rock, daughter of Thomas and Nancy (Goodwin) Kennedy. She (Nancy) was a daughter of "Tige" (Enoch) Goodwin, who was one of the early settlers in Flat Rock Precinct. Thomas and Nancy Kennedy had four children: John W., Mrs. Butler, Polly and Mary E., both sisters married Smith brothers. Mary, wife of J. T; Polly, of George Smith. Mr. Butler has three children: Nannie R., Jephthah D., and Thomas H. Mrs. Butler is a member of the Reformed Church.
On May 26, 1868 when Henry A. was 42, he married Sarah C. CANADAY (KENNEDY), daughter of Thomas CANADAY (1793-1850) & Nancy GOODWIN (1822-). Born in 1846 in Flat Rock Precinct, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Sarah C. died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1926; she was 80.
They had the following children:

75 i. Nannie Rachel (1869-1908)

76 ii. Thomas H.

iii. Jephthah D. Born in 1870. Jephthah D. died in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1895; he was 25. Buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Kentucky.

40. Jeptha Dudley BUTLER. Born on May 18, 1827 in Hutchinson Precinct, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Jeptha Dudley died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1913; he was 85.
J. D. BUTLER, [25] farmer; P. 0. Paris; was born May 18,1827, in Hutchinson Precinct; son of Frank and Rachel (Wheat) Butler; Frank Butler emigrated to this State, with his father, from Maryland, and located in this county; he settled on the land now owned by J. W. Ferguson, in this Precinct. There were three sons: Frank, Dudley and Moses. Dudley settled in Ralls County, Mo.; Moses in Hutchinson Precinct. Rachel Wheat was a daughter of Zechariah Wheat. The parents of J. 0. died as follows: father, 1838; his mother survived him until 1876; they had three children who came to maturity; J. D., Thomas Z and Henry; 'Thomas Z resides in Texas; the others in this Precinct. At the death of his father, he being the eldest of the family, the care of the family devolved upon him and his mother, and from that time he was thrown upon his own resources; he worked out and made the best use of his time and his limited opportunities; April, 1851, he married Miss Margaret Johnson, daughter of John and Helen (Kenney) Johnson; he was born in 1800, his wife four years later, eleven children were born to them, eight of whom grew to maturity; John Johnson died Oct. 1853, at Calhoun's Mills, in the State of Carolina, while absent with a drove of mules. Mr. Butler located on the farm he now owns, in 1851; during the war he was engaged in purchasing mules for the government; he has 565 acres of land; he is engaged in farming and raising short-horns, which are called the "Willow Dale herd" of good strains of blood, also pure Cotswold sheep. Young stock for sale. Correspondence solicited. He has been successful in his business from the commencement; he is a member of the Reformed Church, and elder of the same; he has six children: James H., Charles E., Birdie, Minnie M., Landon V. and Archie L.
In April 1851 when Jeptha Dudley was 23, he married Margaret JOHNSON, daughter of John JOHNSON (1800-1858) & Helena L. KENNEY (1804-1849). Born in 1832. Margaret died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1913; she was 81.
They had the following children:

i. James H.

ii. Charles E.

iii. Birdie.

iv. Minnie M.

v. Landon V.

vi. Archie L.

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