Regions of Spain Project

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Regions of Spain Project

Spanish 3 Pre-AP

Major Grade

Due: October 3

Overview: Students will choose a region of Spain to research and present, answering the following basic questions:

  1. What is the region like (in terms of location, people, weather, cultural traditions, language, typical foods, etc.)

  2. How is the region different from other regions of Spain?

  3. Why should we go there?

Assignment Objectives:

1. To develop further knowledge and appreciation of Spain and its people by learning about its regions, its culture

(including religious festivals, dances, music, art, customs, cuisine), and by discovering little known facts

about Spain's famous people and places.

2. To do research and presentations in another language--Spanish.

3. To practice the four skills of a foreign language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.



A. PowerPoint Oral Presentation: (50%)

  • The first slide will be a title slide including the region name, presenters’ names, and the date.

  • The last slide will identify sources used (bibliography).

  • The rest of the slides will include images. -- NO WORDS ALLOWED --

Students will create a slide for each of the following topics and explain the following:

  1. Geography – Where is the region? (North/South/East/West)

  2. Weather – What is the climate like during the year?

  3. Cultural Traditions/Festivals/Celebrations – What celebrations or traditions are specific to this area?

  4. Art/Music – Are there any famous artists or musicians native to this region? What types of music are specific to the region, if any, and what type(s) of music are popular?

  5. Language – How does their Spanish differ from other regions and/or Spanish-speaking countries. Provide example(s).

  6. Transportation – How do we get to the region from the U.S, and how do natives and visitors get around?

  7. Largest city – How did it become a city?

  8. Tourist areas/Attractions – What are some of the region’s sites and attractions for tourists? What is it famous for?

  9. Typical Foods – Are there certain dishes specific to the region? What foods are typically eaten?

  10. Products (Exports) – How do they make their money? What do they produce and export?

  11. Miscellaneous – Are there any other interesting details or facts we should know about the region?

B. Brochure: Students will create a colorful Spanish-language brochure that utilizes the information in your

PowerPoint to “sell” your region. (40%)

C. Quiz Questions: Students will submit 10 multiple-choice questions, in Spanish, that can be answered by

watching your presentation and reading your brochure. (10%) ♦

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