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Paper Topic: Man’s Inhumanity to Man

Lord of the Flies ׀ English I Honors
Many readers of Lord of the Flies interpret that Golding sees no hope for mankind. Many believe that Golding sees evil as an inborn trait of mankind. Write a paper that supports this argument, referencing material from class (Freud’s Theory of Personality, the theme Civilization vs. Savagery, evidence from the LOTF introduction notes on the needs and elements of society, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Biblical Parallels in LOTF, symbolism, etc) and cite specific examples from the novel.

First, make the argument that Golding sees no hope for mankind and sees evil as an inborn trait (mankind is inherently evil) based on his novel. Second, support that argument. Follow the format below:
Introduction: follow ANT for the introduction.

• A - Attention-getter. The attention-getter should be general and interesting. It should draw the reader in. It should also connect thematically to the thesis.

• N - Necessary information:

o Author’s name (William Golding)

o Title of work (Lord of the Flies). Titles of novels should be italicized when typed.

o Very brief plot summary that builds up to your thesis. (Do not summarize the entire story. Summarize only information that will be needed for the rest of the paper. This might take four to six sentences).

• T - Thesis:

o Your thesis is the argument of the paper that needs to be supported by everything that follows. It’s what you’re proving in your paper.

o Thesis: Golding’s major argument throughout the novel The Lord of the Flies is that evil is an inborn trait of mankind due to REASON 1, REASON 2, REASON 3.
Body Paragraphs: (Follow TIQA): You should have 3 body paragraphs (at least). Each body paragraph is based on a REASON that supports your thesis.

Follow the following format for EACH paragraph/reason:

• T - Make sure each body paragraph has a topic sentence. Your topic sentence should address the REASON from the thesis.

• I - Make sure that you introduce your quotes

o Make sure that you provide some context/background. Who says the words? Where are they said? When are they said? Are they in response to someone? Are they describing something? Pretend that your reader hasn’t read the book in a very long time.

• Q - Provide quotes that support your topic sentence.

• A - Provide an analysis of how this quote supports your argument or your topic sentence. This is where you should tie in material from class.
Conclusion: (4Rs)

Restate your thesis. RESTATE, not rewrite. Say your thesis again, but say it in a creatively different way.

• Briefly summarize, or Review, your main points. This should be done in a few sentences.

• State the importance of your argument. Try to Relate the argument to the broader world. In other words, you’re communicating to your audience why your argument matters (think big picture).

o This is where you will use an example from today that proves William Golding correct. Think about war, crime, and other evil doings (This should take 3 – 5 sentences).

• Clincher—Round off—your last impression to the reader should relate back to the attention-getter or the title.


  • Your paper should be at least THREE full pages, typed. Papers should NOT exceed FOUR full pages.

  • Follow MLA format

    • 1 inch margins (top, bottom, left and right)

    • Proper MLA heading (your name, my name, period, due date – day month year)

    • Proper header with last name and page numbers

    • Times New Roman, black font, size 12

    • Double spaced, with no additional spacing between lines (including around heading and title or between paragraphs)

    • Title

    • Quoted/referenced material cited (Golding pg#).

  • Special consideration in regards to spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, word choice, etc.

  • You will have a peer review writing workshop in class on Wednesday 3/2 through on the chrome books. Make sure you have your first draft completed and uploaded to by 8:55am so that you do not forfeit participation and relevant classwork grades.

    • DRAFT does not mean incomplete. You must have all three pages written as your best work so that you may polish your paper accordingly.

  • Upload your final draft on by 11:59pm Friday, March 4.

  • As this is a paper/project/test grade, final draft submissions past the due date will receive 10-point deductions per day late. Papers not submitted will not be graded.

First Draft Due on Turnitin: Wednesday, March 3 by 8:55am

Final Draft Due on Turnitin: Friday, March 4 by 11:59pm

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