Recommended Literature: Grades Nine Through Twelve

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Ugly Little Boy. Grade(s): 9-12

Bambara, Toni C. Blues Ain’t No Mockin’ Bird. Grade(s): 10-12

Barthelme, Donald. Indian Uprising. Grade(s): 10-12

Berriault, Gina. "Stone Boy". Grade(s): 9-11

Bierce, Ambrose. Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. Grade(s): 10-12

Bradbury, Ray. All Summer in a Day. Grade(s): 9-12

Cameron, Peter. Homework. Grade(s): 10-12

Campbell, Janet. Snow Keeps Falling. Grade(s): 9-11

Capote, Truman. Christmas Memory. Grade(s): 9-12

Cather, Willa. Paul’s Case. Grade(s): 10-12

Chan, Jeffery, and others (Eds.). Aiiieeeee! Grade(s): 10-12

Cheever, John. The Swimmer. Grade(s): 10-12

Chekhov, Anton P. The Bet. Grade(s): 10-12

Chin, Frank. Food for All His Dead. Grade(s): 10-12

Chock, Eric, and Darrell Lum (Eds.). The Best of Bamboo Ridge. Grade(s): 9-12

Chopin, Kate. Story of an Hour. Grade(s): 10-12

Colette. Little Bouillouix Girl. Grade(s): 10-12

Connell, Richard. Most Dangerous Game. Grade(s): 9-11

Cormier, Robert. Eight Plus One. Grade(s): 9-11

Crane, Stephen. Open Boat. Grade(s): 10-12

Faulkner, William. Barn Burning. Grade(s): 9-12

Fisher, Dorothy Canfield. Bedquilt. Grade(s): 9-11

Freeman, Mary W. Revolt of ‘Mother’. Grade(s): 9-11

Galsworthy, John. Apple Tree. Grade(s): 10-12

Garland, Hamlin. Under the Lion’s Paw. Grade(s): 9-12

Gilchrist, Ellen. Victory Over Japan. Grade(s): 10-12

Gilman, Charlotte P. Yellow Wallpaper. Grade(s): 10-12

Gogol, Nikolai. The Overcoat. Grade(s): 10-12

Gordimer, Nadine. My First Two Women. Grade(s): 10-12

Greene, Graham. The Destructors. Grade(s): 9-11

Harte, Bret. Outcasts of Poker Flat. Grade(s): 9-11

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Young Goodman Brown. Grade(s): 10-12

Hemingway, Ernest. Snows of Kilimanjaro. Grade(s): 10-12

Hempel, Amy. In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried. Grade(s): 10-12

Henry, O. The Gift of the Magi. Grade(s): 9-11

Houston, James. Gasoline. Grade(s): 10-12

Hurst, James. Scarlet Ibis: A Classic Story of Brotherhood. Grade(s): 9-11

Hwang, Sun-won Edited by Peter H. Lee. “Cranes” in Flowers of Fire: Twentieth-Century Korean Stories. Grade(s): 9-12

Irving, Washington. The Devil and Tom Walker. Grade(s): 9-12

Jackson, Shirley. The Lottery. Grade(s): 10-12

Jacobs, W.W. Monkey’s Paw. Grade(s): 9-12

Jewett, Sarah Orne. A White Heron. Grade(s): 9-12

Johnson, Dorothy M. The Hanging Tree. Grade(s): 9-12

Joyce, James. Dubliners. Grade(s): 10-12

Kafka, Franz. The Metamorphosis. Grade(s): 10-12

Kang, Sinjae Edited by Peter H. Lee. “Young Zelkova” in Flowers of Fire: Twentieth-Century Korean Stories. Grade(s): 9-12

Kelly, William D. Visit to Grandmother. Grade(s): 9-11

Kim, Tongni Stories. Edited by Peter H. Lee. “Portrait of Shaman” in Flowers of Fire: Twentieth-Century Korean. Grade(s): 9-12

Lawrence, D. H. The Rocking Horse Winner. Grade(s): 10-12

Laygo, Terisita M. The Well of Time. Grade(s): 9-12

Lessing, Doris. The Old Woman and Her Cat. Grade(s): 9-12

Malamud, Bernard. Summer’s Reading. Grade(s): 9-12

Mansfield, Katherine. Her First Ball. Grade(s): 10-12

Maugham, W. Somerset. Verger. Grade(s): 10-12

Maupassant, Guy de. The Necklace. Grade(s): 9-11

Mori, Toshio. Yokohama, California. Grade(s): 9-12

Munro, H.H. (Saki). Open Window. Grade(s): 10-12

Oates, Joyce Carol. Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Grade(s): 10-12

O’Conner, Flannery. Confession. Grade(s): 10-12

Oe, Kenzaburo (Ed.). The Crazy Iris. Grade(s): 10-12

O’Flaherty, Liam. The Test of Courage and All Things Come of Age. Grade(s): 9-11

Paley, Grace. Samuel. Grade(s): 10-12

Parker, Dorothy. Arrangement in Black and White. Grade(s): 10-12

Poe, Edgar Allan. The Cask of Amontillado. Grade(s): 9-11

Porter, Katherine Anne. The Jilting of Granny Weatherall. Grade(s): 10-12

Powers, J.F. Valiant Woman. Grade(s): 10-12

Rulfo, Juan. We’re Very Poor. Grade(s): 9-12

Salinger, J.D. For Esme, with Love and Squalor. Grade(s): 10-12

Santos, Bienvenido N. Scent of Apples. Grade(s): 9-12

Shaw, Irwin. Pattern of Love. Grade(s): 9-12

Singer, Isaac Bashevis. Yentl the Yeshiva Boy. Grade(s): 9-12

Stafford, Jean. Bad Characters. Grade(s): 10-12

Steinbeck, John. Flight. Grade(s): 9-12

Stuart, Jesse. Split Cherry Tree. Grade(s): 9-12

Sunu, Hwi Edited by Peter H. Lee. “Flowers of Fire” in Flowers of Fire: Twentieth-Century Korean Stories. Grade(s): 9-12

Tagatac, Samuel. New Anak. Grade(s): 10-12

Thomas, Dylan. A Child’s Christmas in Wales. Grade(s): 9-12

Thurber, James. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Grade(s): 9-12

Tolstoy, Leo. How Much Land Does a Man Need? Grade(s): 9-12

Trilling, Lionel. Of This Time, of That Place. Grade(s): 10-12

Twain, Mark. Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County. Grade(s): 9-11

Vandervelde, Marjorie. Across the Tundra. Grade(s): 9-10

Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr. Harrison Bergeron. Grade(s): 10-12

Waugh, Evelyn. Mr. Loveday’s Little Outing. Grade(s): 10-12

Welty, Eudora. The Worn Path. Grade(s): 9-12

West, Jessamyn. Condemned Librarian. Grade(s): 10-12

Williams, William Carlos. Use of Force. Grade(s): 10-12

Wong, Shawn. Each Year Grain. Grade(s): 10-12

Wright, Richard. The Man Who Went to College. Grade(s): 10-12

Yamamoto, Hisaye. Las Vegas Charley. Grade(s): 10-12

Yi, Hoesong Korean Stories. Edited by Peter H. Lee. “Woman Who Fulled Clothes” in Flowers of Fire: Twentieth-Century. Grade(s): 9-12

Yi, Hyosok Korean Stories. Edited by Peter H. Lee. “Buckwheat Season” in Flowers of Fire: Twentieth-Century. Grade(s): 9-12

Aesop. Aesop’s Fables. Grade(s): 9-12

Alcott, Louisa May. Little Women. Grade(s): 9-10

Alcott, Louisa May. Mujercitas (Little Women). Grade(s): 9-10

Anonymous. Cantar de mío cid (El Cid). Grade(s): 9-12

Anonymous. Chunhyangjon. Grade(s): 9-12

Anonymous. Ise Tale: Azuma kudari, azusa yumi. Grade(s): 9-10

Anonymous. Kokin’shuu Tale and Others: Oochoo no uta. Grade(s): 9-10

Anonymous. Three-Hundred Tang Poems (Annotated). Grade(s): 9-12

Anonymous. Ujishuui Tale: Inaka no ko. Grade(s): 9-10

Anonymous. Yamato Tale: Ubasute. Grade(s): 9-10

Arevalo-Martínez, Rafael. Los hombres-lobos. Grade(s): 9-12

Arreola, Juan José. El guardagujas. Grade(s): 9-12

Barrett, Joseph H. The Life of Abraham Lincoln. Grade(s): 11-12

Borges, Jorge L. El sur (The South). Grade(s): 9-12

Bronte, Emily. Wuthering Heights. Grade(s): 11-12

Bronte, Emily. Cumbres, borrascosas (Wuthering Heights). Grade(s): 11-12

Buck, Pearl S. La buena tierra (The Good Earth). Grade(s): 9-12

Bulosan, Carlos, Jr. The Philippines Is in the Heart: A Collection of Short Stories. Grade(s): 9-10

Camus, Albert. El extranjero (The Stranger). Grade(s): 10-12

Cervantes, Miguel de. Don Quijote de la Mancha. Grade(s): 11-12

Chae, Man-Shik. Selected Works of Chae, Man-Shik. Grade(s): 9-12

Chen, Jack (Chen Yi-fan). The Chinese of America. Grade(s): 9-12

Chen, Jo-hsi (Chen Ruo-xi). The Execution of Mayor Yin. Grade(s): 11-12

Conrad, Joseph. Lord Jim. Grade(s): 9-12

Cortazar, Julio. El axolotl (The Amphibian). Grade(s): 9-12

Cruz, Juana Inés de la. Arguye de inconsecuencia el gusto y la censura de los hombres, que en las mujeres acusan lo que causan (Against the Inconsequence of Men’s Desires and Their Censure of Women for Faults Which They Themselves Have Caused). Grade(s): 9-12

Cuu Long Giang-Toan Anh. Nguoi viet dat viet (Vietnam People and Land). Grade(s): 9-12

DaCal, Ernesto G., and Margarita Ucelay. Literatura del siglo XX. Grade(s): 9-12

Dao, Dang Vy. Nguyen tri phuong, nhat gia tam kiet (The Three Heroes in One Family). Grade(s): 9-12

Darío, Rubén. Sonatina. Grade(s): 9-12

Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe. Grade(s): 9-12

Dickens, Charles. La historia de dos ciudades (A Tale of Two Cities). Grade(s): 9-10

Dickens, Charles. A Tale of Two Cities. Grade(s): 9-10

Doan, Quoc Sy. Ba sinh huong lua (Keep the Fire Glow Forever). Grade(s): 9-12

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor. Crimen y castigo (Crime and Punishment). Grade(s): 10-12

Dumas, Alexandre. The Count of Monte Cristo. Grade(s): 9-10

Dumas, Alexandre. El Conde de Monte Cristo (The Count of Monte Cristo). Grade(s): 9-10

Duong Quang Ham. Viet Nam thi van hop tuyen (Selected Vietnamese Literature). Grade(s): 9-12

Enríquez, Mig A. Three Philippines Epic Plays. Grade(s): 9-10

Enríquez, Salud, and others. Kariktan: Mga kuwentong walang kupas (The World’s Best Loved Stories). Grade(s): 9-10

Espronceda, José de. Canción del pirata. Grade(s): 9-12

Fernández de Lizardi, José J. El periquillo sarniento (The Itching Parrot). Grade(s): 9-12

Frank, Anne. Diario de Ana Frank (The Diary of Anne Frank). Grade(s): 9-12

Franklin, Benjamin. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Grade(s): 9-10

García Lorca, Federico. Lament for the Death of a Bullfighter. Grade(s): 9-12

Golding, William (Translated by W. Solden). El amo de las moscas (Lord of the Flies). Grade(s): 9-12

Guiraldes, Ricardo. Don segundo sombra. Grade(s): 9-12

Ha, Mai Anh. Vo gia dinh (A translation of Sans famille by Hector Marlot). Grade(s): 9-12

Hagiwara, Asataroo. Take; Chuugaku no kootei. Grade(s): 11-12

Han Mac Tu. Tho (Poems). Grade(s): 9-12

Hemingway, Ernest. Por quien dobla la campana (For Whom the Bell Tolls). Grade(s): 10-12

Hernández, José. El Gaucho Martín Fierro. Grade(s): 9-12

Hoa Bang. Quang trung nguyen hue. Grade(s): 9-12

Hoai Thanh, Hoai Chan. Thi nhan Viet Nam (The Vietnamese Poets). Grade(s): 9-12

Hoang, Trong Mien. Viet Nam van hoc toan thu (Vietnamese Literature), Volume 1. Grade(s): 9-12

Hoang, Trong Mien. Viet Nam van hoc toan thu (Vietnamese Literature), Volume 2. Grade(s): 9-12

Huffman, Franklin E., and Im Proum. Cambodian Literary Reader and Glossary. Grade(s): 9-12

Huffman, Franklin E., and Im Proum. Cambodian Reader (Intermediate). Grade(s): 9-12

Huy Can. Lua thieng (The Sacred Fire). Grade(s): 9-12

Hyon, Jin-Kon. Selected Works of Hyon, Jin-Kon. Grade(s): 9-12

Ibsen, Henrik. Casa de muñecas (A Doll’s House). Grade(s): 9-12

Isaacs, Jorge. Maria: A South American Romance. Grade(s): 9-12

Jin, Ba. Spring. Grade(s): 9-12

Johnson, Charles (Ed.). Dab neeg hmoob. Grade(s): 9-10

Kamono, Choumei. Hoojooki: Yuku kawa no nagare. Grade(s): 9-10

Kato, Shuuton. Haiku en’kin. Grade(s): 9-10

Keller, Helen. La historia de mi vida (The Story of My Life). Grade(s): 9-10

Keller, Helen. The Story of My Life. Grade(s): 9-10

Kim, Dong-Ni. Selected Works of Kim, Dong-Ni. Grade(s): 9-12

King Ang Duong Kakei. The Story of Dame Kakei. Grade(s): 10-12

Lamb, Charles, and Mary Lamb. Tales from Shakespeare. Grade(s): 9-10

Lao She. The Teahouse. Grade(s): 11-12

Laygo, Teresita. The Well of Time: Eighteen Short Stories from Philippine Contemporary Literature. Grade(s): 9-10

Lee, Kwang-Soo. Selected Works of Lee, Kwang-Soo. Grade(s): 9-12

Le Ngo Cat and Pham, Dinh To. Dai nam quoc su dien ca (The History of Dai Nam in Verse). Grade(s): 9-12

Le Van Sieu. Van minh Vietnam (The Civilization of Vietnam). Grade(s): 9-12

Llewellyn, Richard. Qué verde era mi valle (How Green Was My Valley). Grade(s): 9-10

López y Fuentes, Gregorio. Una carta a Dios (A Letter to God). Grade(s): 9-12

Luo Guan-Zhong. Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Grade(s): 11-12

Luu, Trong Lu. Tieng thu (The Sound of Autumn). Grade(s): 9-12

Lu Xun. Cry. Grade(s): 11-12

Machado, Antonio. Caminos (Roads). Grade(s): 9-12

Manrique, Jorge. Coplas que hizo por la muerte de su padre. Grade(s): 9-12

Marques, René. La carreta (The Cart). Grade(s): 9-12

Martí, Jose. Versos sencillos (Simple Verses). Grade(s): 9-12

McCullers, Carson. El corazón es un cazador solitario (The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter). Grade(s): 9-12

Melville, Herman. Moby Dick. Grade(s): 10-12

Miller, Arthur. La muerte de un vendedor (The Death of a Salesman). Grade(s): 10-12

Mistral, Gabriela. Desolación. Grade(s): 9-12

Mistral, Gabriela. La maestra rural (The Rural Schoolteacher). Grade(s): 9-12

Miyoshi, Tatsuji. Kame no ue (and others). Grade(s): 9-10

Moyle, Richard. Fagogo. Grade(s): 10-12

Mu Ling Qi (Ed.). Selected Essays by Overseas Chinese Writers. Grade(s): 9-12

Murou, Suisei. Sabishiki haru (and others). Grade(s): 9-10

Nakajima, Atsushi. Sangetsu ki. Grade(s): 11-12

Nervo, Amado. En paz (In Peace). Grade(s): 9-12

Nguyen, Khac Ngu. My thuat co truyen Viet Nam (The Traditional Fine Arts of Vietnam). Grade(s): 9-12

Nguyen, Lang. Van lang di su (The Extraordinary History of Van Lang). Grade(s): 9-12

Nguyen, True Phuong. Van hoc binh dan. Grade(s): 9-12

Nguyen, Tu Nang. Than thoai Vietnam (The Mythologies of Vietnam). Grade(s): 9-12

Nguyen, Van Ngoc. Truyen co nuoc nam (Legends of Vietnam, Volume I, People). Grade(s): 9-12

Nhok, Them. Kolap peilin (The Rose of Peilin). Grade(s): 10-12

Nhuong Tong. Nguyen thai hoc. Grade(s): 9-12

Nou, Hach. Phka srapone (The Wilted Flower). Grade(s): 10-12

Ogawa, Kunio. Yoru no suiei. Grade(s): 9-10

Oono, Yasaumaro. Kojiki; Taka ikuya. Grade(s): 11-12

Ootomono, Yakamochi. Man’yooshuu. Grade(s): 11-12

Ortega y Gasset, José. La rebelión de las masas. Grade(s): 11-12

Ouk Mory. Cambodian Primer. Grade(s): 9-10

Paz, Octavio. Máscaras mexicanas (Mexican Masks). Grade(s): 9-12

Pérez-Galdós, Benito. Marianela. Grade(s): 9-12

Phan Nhat Nam. Mua he do lua (Summer of Glowing Fire). Grade(s): 9-12

Preah Padumatther Som. The Story of Tum Teav. Grade(s): 10-12

Quiroga, Horacio. El desierto. Grade(s): 9-12

Rivera, Tomás. Y no se lo tragó la tierra (And the Earth Did Not Part). Grade(s): 9-12

Rizal, José. El filibusterismo (The Reign of Greed). Grade(s): 9-12

Rizal, José. Noli me tángere (Social Cancer). Grade(s): 9-12

Rulfo, Juan. Es que somos pobres (We’re Very Poor). Grade(s): 9-12

St. John of the Cross. La noche oscura del alma (The Dark Night of the Soul). Grade(s): 9-12

Sánchez Mejías, Ignacio. Elegy on the Death of the Famed Bullfighter. Grade(s): 9-12

Santos, Bienvenido N. The Day the Dancers Came. Grade(s): 9-10

Seishoo, Nagon. Makura no sooshi: Haru wa akebono. Grade(s): 11-12

Selected Vietnamese Writers. Nhung truyen ngan hay nhat cua que huong chung ta (The Most Interesting Short Stories of Our Homeland). Grade(s): 9-12

Shakespeare, William. King Lear. Grade(s): 11-12

Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Hamlet. Grade(s): 9-12

Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Macbeth. Grade(s): 11-12

Shen Cong-wen (Shen Ts’ung-wen). Border Town. Grade(s): 11-12

Shi Nai-an. Outlaws of the Marches (or Water Margin). Grade(s): 9-12

Silva, José. Asunción nocturno. Grade(s): 9-12

Steinbeck, John. Las uvas de la ira (The Grapes of Wrath). Grade(s): 9-12

Storni, Alfonsina. Hombre pequeñito (The Little Man). Grade(s): 9-12

Takamura, Kootaroo. Boroboro na dachoo. Grade(s): 11-12

Thoreau, Henry David. Walden, or Life in the Woods. Grade(s): 9-11

Trang, Chau. Y si tien tuyen (The Frontline Physician). Grade(s): 9-12

Trang, Ngea. Ariyathar Khmer (The Khmer Civilization). Grade(s): 11-12

Twain, Mark. The Autobiography of Mark Twain. Grade(s): 9-11

Vang, Lue, and Judy Lewis. Grandmother’s Path, Grandfather’s Way. Grade(s): 9-10

Vargas-Llosa, Mario. La literatura es fuego (Literature Is Fire). Grade(s): 11-12

Vasconcelos, José. La raza cósmica (The Cosmic Race). Grade(s): 9-12

Vega, Lope F. de. Fuenteovejuna (The Sheep Well). Grade(s): 10-12

Vu, Khac Khoan. Than thap rua (The Turtle Tower God). Grade(s): 9-12

Vu Ngoc Phan. Nha van hien dai (The Contemporary Writers). Grade(s): 9-12

Wang Yu (Ed.). Selected Poems by Overseas Chinese Writers. Grade(s): 11-12

Wu Cheng’en. Journey to the West (or Monkey). Grade(s): 11-12

Xin, Bin. Selected Works of Bin Xin. Grade(s): 9-12

Yum, Sang-Sub. Selected Works of Yum, Sang-Sub. Grade(s): 9-12

Zhang Cuo (Dominic Cheung). Golden Tears. Grade(s): 9-12

Alford, Terry. Prince Among Slaves. Grade(s): 9-12

Allen, Maury. Jackie Robinson: A Life Remembered. Grade(s): 9-12

Andrews, Lynn V. Medicine Woman. Grade(s): 9-12

Ashe, Arthur, and Neil Amdur. Off the Court. Grade(s): 9-12

Bleier, Rocky, and Terry O’Neil. Fighting Back. Grade(s): 9-12

Bourke-White, Margaret. Portrait of Myself. Grade(s): 9-12

Buchanan, William J. A Shining Season: The True Story of John Baker. Grade(s): 9-12

Campanella, Roy. It’s Good to Be Alive. Grade(s): 9-12

Carrighar, Sally. Home to the Wilderness. Grade(s): 9-12

Chaplik, Dorothy. Up with Hope: A Biography of Jesse Jackson. Grade(s): 9-12

Collier, James Lincoln. Louis Armstrong: An American Success Story. Grade(s): 9-12

Criddle, Joan D., and Teeda Butt Mam. To Destroy You Is No Loss: The Odyssey of a Cambodian Family. Grade(s): 9-12

Dahl, Roald. Going Solo. Grade(s): 9-12

Fido, Martin. Shakespeare. Grade(s): 9-12

Frances, Clare. Woman Alone: Sailing Solo Across the Atlantic. Grade(s): 9-12

Gilbreth, Frank B., and Ernestine Carey. Cheaper by the Dozen. Grade(s): 9-12

Graham, Robin L., and L.T. Gill. Dove. Grade(s): 9-12

Grant, Glen, and Dennis Ogawa. Ellison Onizuka: A Remembrance. Grade(s): 9-12

Hughes, Langston. The Big Sea. Grade(s): 9-12

Jenkins, Peter, and Barbara Jenkins. The Walk West: A Walk Across America. Grade(s): 9-12

Kerr, M.E. Me, Me, Me, Me, Me: Not a Novel. Grade(s): 9-12

Killilea, Marie. Karen. Grade(s): 9-12

Lynn, Loretta, and George Vecsey. Coal Miner’s Daughter. Grade(s): 9-12

Martinez, Max. The Adventures of the Chicano Kid and Other Stories. Grade(s): 9-12

Meltzer, Milton. Adolf Hitler: A Portrait in Tyranny. Grade(s): 9-12

Mendheim, Beverly A. Ritchie Valens: The First Latino Rocker. Grade(s): 9-12

Milford, Nancy. Zelda: A Biography. Grade(s): 9-12

Morris, Jeannie. Brian Piccolo: A Short Season. Grade(s): 9-12

Peck, Richard E. Something for Joey. Grade(s): 9-12

Perera, Victor. Rites: A Guatemalan Boyhood. Grade(s): 9-12

Poitier, Sidney. This Life. Grade(s): 9-12

Reiss, Johanna. The Upstairs Room. Grade(s): 9-12

Retton, Mary Lou, and Bela Karolyi. Mary Lou: Creating an Olympic Gymnast. Grade(s): 9-12

Siegal, Aranka. Upon the Head of the Goat: A Childhood in Hungary. Grade(s): 9-12

Specht, Robert. Tisha: Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaska Wilderness. Grade(s): 9-12

Stevenson, Fanny, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Our Samoan Adventure. Grade(s): 9-12

Stone, Irving. Sailor on Horseback. Grade(s): 9-12

Valens, Evans G. A Long Way Up: The Story of Jill Kinmont. Grade(s): 9-12

Valens, Evans G. The Other Side of the Mountain. Grade(s): 9-12

Vinke, Hermann. The Short Life of Sophie Scholl. Grade(s): 9-12

Wiener, Jon. Come Together: John Lennon in His Time. Grade(s): 9-12

Wolfe, Tom. The Right Stuff. Grade(s): 9-12

Yeager, Chuck, and Leo Janos. Yeager: An Autobiography. Grade(s): 9-12

Zaharias, Babe Didrikson. This Life I’ve Led. Grade(s): 9-12

Bart, Lionel. Oliver! Grade(s): 9-12

Blinn, William. Brian’s Song. Grade(s): 9-12

Brown, William, and Charlie Small.

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