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Eyes on the Prize

Reading Guide

By Bev-Freda Jackson

An explanation will be inserted here for various ways to use this list of key terms as a pre-, during, and/or post- viewing guide for Eyes on the Prize with students.


WEB DuBois

Booker T. Washington

Marcus Garvey

James Weldon Johnson

Charles Houston

Earl Little ( Malcolm X’s father)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt

Woodrow Wilson

Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

Walter White

A. Philip Randolph

Harry S Truman

Lyndon B. Johnson

Strom Thurmond (Dixie-Crats)

Dwight Eisenhower

Richard Kluger

Lamar Smith

Emmett Till

Mack Charles Parker

Roy Wilkins

Aldon Morris

Martin Luther King Jr.

Vernon Johns

TJ Jemison

JoAnn Robinson

ED Nixon

Claudette Colvin

Virginia and Clifford Durr

Rosa Parks

Mary Louise Smith

Septima Clark

Fred Gray

Joe Asbell

Bayard Rustin

Glen Smiley

Rev. Robert Graetz

James Blake

James Farmer

Joe Louis

Marian Anderson

Jesse Owens

Daisy Lee Gaston Bates

Elizabeth Eckford

Minnie Jean Brown

Gov. Faubus

George Wallace

Harris Wafford

Stanley D. Levinson

Ella Baker

James McNeil

George Simpkins

Ralph Jones

Diane Nash

Marion Berry

John Lewis

James Bevel

Jane Stimbritch

Bob Moses

Amsy Moore

James Lawson

Loni King

Wyatt Tee Walker

Charles McDew

Charles Sherrod

Laurie Pritchett

Bernice Johnson Reagan

Roy Wilkins

Fannie Lou Hamer

Wyatt T. Walker

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth

Albert Baudwell

Eugene Bull Connor

George Wallace

Dr. William Anderson

AG Gaston

David Vann

Rev. Andrew Young

Rev. James Bevel

Burke Marshall

Dick Gregory

Robert Shelton

Bob Dylan

Malcolm X

Robert Kennedy

Medgar Evers

Lyndon B. Johnson

Hubert Humphrey

Evert Dirksen

Jack Odell

Stanley Levinson

J. Edgar Hoover

Jim Clark

Wilson Baker

Joseph Smitherman

Harold Green

Jimmy Lee Jackson

Gary Frances Rowe

Mayor Daly (Chicago)

Stokely Carmichael

Richard Nixon

Byron Delabeckwith

Dave Dennis

Rev. Robert L.T. Smith

Victoria Gray


C.T. Vivian

Hosea Williams

Louis Farrakhan

Elijah Muhammad

Sonia Sanchez

James Meredith

Amiri Baraka

Harold Washington

Charles Sherrod


Cotton Exposition

Red Summer

Great Migration

Plessy v. Ferguson

Scottsboro Boys

Green decision

Bakke decision

Montgomery bus boycott

Central High School

Greensboro sit-in

Chain of sit-ins – protest community; transmitting tradition

SCLC Conference (Easter weekend; called by Ella Baker “more than a hamburger speech)

SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee)

Freedom Rides (Anniston, Birmingham)

Bolen v. Virginia

McComb MS project

Albany Movement

Movement north ---- Chicago

March on Washington



Freedom Summer

Dalla County


Atlantic City 1964

“Bloody Sunday”


Niagara Movement



Nation of Islam

Brotherhood of the Sleeping Car Porters

Southern Regional Council

Women’s Political Council

National Baptist Organization

Baptist Minister’s Alliance

Montgomery Improvement Association

SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference)

SNCC (student non-violent coordinating committee)

Atlanta Group “Appeal for Human Rights”

CORE - Congress on Racial Equality

National Youth Committee against War

Negro American Labor Council


Council for United Civil Rights Leadership

African Blood Brotherhood


White Citizens Council

MFDP (Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party)

Terms and Concepts

Triangular Trade

Black debasement

VA law (baptism)

“white Black subjegation”

“cast down your buckets”

legacy of subjugation

Tuskeegee Machine



Pan Africanism

Psychological liberation

Defense plant segregation

Fair employment practice commission

March on Washington movement

Black Monday

Protest community

1st come 1st serve proposal in Montgomery

Negro jailed for “overlooking” segregation

Little Rock 9

Margold Report

Southern Manifesto

Conscientious objector

Freedom Crusade committee

Nixon v. Condon

Voter Education Project

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Project C

“communist integrationist theory”

issue of voting rights for African Americans

4 Little Girls

16th Street Baptist Church

Kelly England Park

“8 canine units”

1957 Civil Rights Legislation

1960 Civil Rights Legislation

1964 Civil Rights Legislation

Title II, IV, VII

Freedom Day

Letter from the Selma Jail

Black Power

Freedom Summer Volunteers

Edmund Pettus Bridge


Putting the Movement Back Into Civil Rights Teaching DRAFT

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