Read the following passage and then answer the questions below

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Glorious Revolution Worksheet
Read the following passage and then answer the questions below:
The English people, led by the Puritan members of Parliament, revolted against the English king because the king had an unpopular method of rule, because the members of Parliament had enlightened ideas and were nationalists and because the people were suffering from economic distress, social injustice, and religious intolerance. The king, Charles I, was beheaded, and the Puritan members of Parliament took over the government, with Oliver Cromwell as their leader. Cromwell then set up a dictatorship of which he was in charge. This dictatorship had very strict religious rules and it became very unpopular with the people. When Cromwell died, Parliament asked Charles II, the son of the king they’d overthrown, to become the new king.

The new monarch, Charles II, died eventually, and his brother, James II, became king. James II was just like his father, Charles I. He believed he should have absolute power and he ignored the Parliament. He didn’t believe in the enlightened idea that the people should have power. He was also a Catholic, not an Anglican. Once again, Parliament sought to revolt against the monarchy.

  1. Who led the revolt against the English king?

  1. For what reasons did the English people revolt against the English king?

  1. What type of government was set up after Charles I was beheaded?

  1. What was wrong with James II that made Parliament want to revolt again?

Using your notes from class, answer the following questions:

  1. What about James II terrified English Protestants and made them not want James II to be king?

  1. Who did Parliament ask to come to England to overthrow James II?

  1. What did James II do when the people that Parliament invited to England arrived?

  1. Why was this called the Glorious Revolution?

  1. What type of monarchy was set up after the Glorious Revolution?

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