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It is my image that is reflected in the glass P15


He is implying that figuratively he owns Sydney – every building, every event, everything about Sydney is his

The people hold sprigs of lavender, like rosemary on Anzac Day P15

Hyperbole, allusion (to Anzac traditions)

Highlights his delusions of grandeur; emphasises he is a megalomaniac

They will remember me. At the going down of the city’s son and in the mourning they will remember P15


Manipulation of the Anzac Ode highlights his extreme delusion

In death as in life the police allow me smooth passage P15

Double entendre

Alludes to the high level of corruption; the police knew of his crimes but did not pursue or prosecute him; refers to bribery

…it is my body crumbling, not the city. P15


He is dying of cancer which spreading through his body and ravaging his system

…I seek out the quiet solitary moments of each of those boys and one by one show them my knife. Hold it so close to their eyes they cannot even blink. P41

Emphasises his cunning mind and deviousness and establishes his violent nature

I will not be the sickly masterpiece hiding in the shadows of an alien land P41


Establishes his reason for becoming a crime lord in Sydney

I see the child in the clichéd images of many lost childhoods P41


Similar to Claudia’s childhood: they both recollect their childhoods, but they are contrasting images.

She did not tell them about Tadeusz Kosciuszko, the freedom fighter, who also went to a new land…and helped that land win its independence…in this new land I would also trade gold for a mountain with my name on it. I would also be a man who could persuade governors to do my bidding P42

Historical allusion, paralleling between characters, foreshadowing

Comparing himself to a noble freedom fighter emphasises HL’s delusions of grandeur and arrogance. Foreshadows how he will bribe the government and police in his later years as crime boss

I look like them. White. Then the thread unravels and I flash them colours of my life…the gauche green…the cowardly yellow, the red they spurt forth in anger… P65

Colour symbolism

* gauche (go-sh) – socially awkward

‘white’ symbolises purity and dullness; being boring.

The colours represent the dangerous and depraved or wicked behaviours HL is capable of.

Nothing. I feel nothing. It is like starting a car in the morning, you have to do it, it is part of the routine. P65


HL is detailing how is capable of killing a man in cold blood.

Simile creates imagery of his ruthlessness and heartless attitude

Murders…are planned and carefully executed. P65

Establishes his involvement in the most serious crime; alludes to the murder of Mark Bannister.

A plan that seeks out the solitary, vulnerable moments….seek out the solitary moment P65

Repetition (of word and idea)

Compounds his statement in first passage to highlight his deviousness, cunning mind and deliberate ruthlessness.

Outside the kindergarten. Opposite his mother’s house. Do it after. P66

Truncated sentences

To create tension as he reaches the climax of the assassination

While one tumbles to the ground another climbs into the sky. Isostacy. P83

Personification, scientific jargon

Creates imagery of the buildings’ ascension. Isostacy – geological term - represents HL thinks the demolition and replacement of Sydney’s history is a natural part of evolution. CONTRASTS with CV’s view of the city

They do not see me. Nor do they know I put them there. Pawns arranged in a pattern. P83

Metaphor, symbolism

Represents L’s view of himself as a controlling mastermind; he views people and his treatment of them as a game. Also highlight his strategic way of thinking

I have always taken a special interest in the development of this city. Its growth and mine are inexorably linked. P83

Symbolism, double meaning

As he paid for more construction and owned more buildings, he owned more of the Sydney. Thus his ‘growth’ refers to his growth from punk to crime boss

…you need to recognise the shape and grow with it…to know what will become weeds and end up as dead wood, what will be nurtured and thrive. P83

Metaphor, pun

Represents the people who will prove to be either beneficial or a hindrance. ‘Deadwood’ represents they will die at his hand

Just above the glass facades are older facades…behind the blatant signs are hidden things. Beneath the concrete and glass there is a stream. P84

Allusion to the Tank Stream under Sydney’s CBD

Comparisons to CV’s view on Sydney as having a façade AND discussion of the history of Sydney being hidden by new development

…the currency is no longer rum but derived from the euphoric flowers of Asia P84

Euphemism/symbolism, parallel with MacArthur

‘euphoric flowers’ – euphemistic phrase symbolising cocaine. Compares himself to Macarthur; he paid the convicts in rum to build the bridge over the stream; likewise, HL’s currency is cocaine

But these things have a way of seeping through the interstices of the city, the chinks in the armour through which I too seep P84


Highlights that while people may try to stop HL from his business, his perseverance will win out and he will always find a way to get past the law

…the labyrinthine underbelly, the city of the night P84

Repetition (of ideas)

His depiction of Sydney’s hidden underworld compares to CV’s, as does the idea of the façade of lights

There are more subtle ways to kill than bullets P84


Comparison to CV’s way of dealing with criminals

I stand on top of my city… P132

Personal pronoun

Highlights his arrogance and delusion

My address in the city is the beehive P132


Creates imagery of him being the ‘queen’ and his worker bees do the harsh work for him

From the central processing unit… P132

Mixed metaphor

Represents the duality of nature with technology

…the chips themselves like silicone bees relaying information P132


‘bees’ symbolises HL’s thugs who do his dirty work for him

Drones like Johnny the Jumper are expendable. They are merely…following instructions…There are thousands like the Jumper P132


Emphasises HL’s emotional detachment from people; reiterates his harsh, cold personality first seen in his second passage

The heart: the central processing unit…only in the heart can data be changed. Especially if the heart has an electronic implant. P132


HL is alluding to Mark Bannister’s death and implying he was behind changing the program of his pacemaker which ultimately caused his death.

Autopsy would find no suspicious traces….Never would they know the quickening had been controlled and manifested from the start P133

Represents his callous nature and his cold, calculated crimes

The motherboard also holds ROM and RAM…that created the Roman city…

Historical allusion

Shows both his high levels of education and his arrogance

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