Quiz review: The French & Haitian Revolutions Directions

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Name: __________________________________________ McKenna: World History
QUIZ REVIEW: The French & Haitian Revolutions
Directions: Use your notes packet and class handouts to complete this study guide… and then use the study guide to review the important information in preparation for the quiz. This study guide will be collected and reviewed for completion and accuracy (and will be given a homework grade out of 20 pts).
-The six causes of political revolutions with an explanation of each (hint: the explanation only needs to be a few words, but it is extremely important that you can describe each cause)

-Causes of the French Revolution

  • What was the situation in France prior to the Revolution?

  • What were people upset about?

  • What did people want to change?

-Descriptions of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

Louis XVI:

Marie Antoinette:

-Purpose of the Committee of Public Safety

-Leader of the Committee of Public Safety

-Leader of the Haitian Revolution

-Characteristics of the colony of St. Domingue/Haiti

  • Which European country controlled the colony?

  • What was the main crop produced by the colony?

  • Who made up the labor (work) force for the colony?

  • How profitable was the colony?

-What was the goal of the Monroe Doctrine of 1823?


  • Revolution =

  • Nationalism =

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