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The Rise of Ancient Greek Civilization

Chapter 6, Section 1

Pages 152-158
Questions to Consider:

How did the geography influence the development of civilization in Greece?

How did democracy develop in Greece?

Ancient Greeks believed in Greek Gods similar to that of Egyptians and Romans (you will learn about them later on).

The Gods of Greek Mythology struggled and so did the people of Greece. The people struggled for power and independence.
The geography of Greece is very strange. It is a peninsula made up of other peninsulas. Peninsulas are land surrounded by water on three sides.
Greece is surrounded by the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea on three sides. That would make fishing and sailing cargo good industries later on in the development of civilization.
Mountains are a major landform in Greece. Only 1/5 of Greece is good for growing crops. No wonder that the Greeks became traders, fishermen, and sailors.
The distance between the different communities made it difficult to get together so Greeks thought of themselves as being from different countries. (countries within a single country)
Each “separate” little country had its own beliefs and customs. This caused struggles among people who all spoke the same language and believed in the same Gods.

All Greeks believed in the myths about the Gods creating the Universe. They believed that Gods controlled nature and other explanations. (Just like the Egyptians)

The most important Greek myths told about the Trojan Wars. This was a struggle between Greece and Troy (which was in Asia Minor). There were many heroes in that war and the stories that followed.
The story of the Trojan Horse was famous for the Greek warriors hiding inside a huge wooden horse. The Trojans thought it was a gift and allowed it into the city of Troy; which was a BIG mistake.
Not long after Troy, civilization in Greece collapsed. No one knows why but people stopped trading with each other and relied ONLY on what they produced. This was THE DARK AGES. People eventually settled and began to rebuild.
They did prefer to build near where they could be kept safe from attack on hills and mountains. These high cities were called “acropolis”.

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