Q this is a small gray or brown animal. It has a long, thick tail and small, pointed ears. They live in trees and eat nuts

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268. If you go backward, you win. I am an athletic contest between two teams pulling at opposite ends of a rope. I require strength rather than technique. I also call for teamwork. when you take part in my game, you should pull the rope at full strength.(fired 단결력,at full strength 힘을 다하여서)what am I ?tug of war (줄다리기)

269. when the snow metals, I show up. when I come, flowers begin to bloom, and trees begin to bud. I live for about three months. I am the first season between winter and summer. (  bud 싹트다. )what am I ? spring

270. I am short in winter, but long in summer. I am hours from sunrise to sunset. I have more or less than 12 hours a day. I am the interval of sun-light between two successive nights. The night is dark, but I am bright. while I am away, people go to bed. when I show up, they get up from their beds.( successive 계속적인 )what am I ?daytime

271. I am historic person. I am the fourth and the greatest king of the Lee Dynasty. I invention of phonetic alphabets of the Korean language is one of my great achievements. I also initiated impressive developments in scientific, philosophical, musical, and technological fields. Suyang is one of my sons.what am I ?세종대왕( Sejong the great )

272. when I am empty, people make a noise with me. I am meant 'a stupid person'. I am a container of food, milk, and so on. I am chiefly made of tin or other metal. My weight is light and I am not fragile. I am convenient for you to handle.(fragile 깨지기쉬운)what am I ?can

273. while awaking, I always open my eyes. and even when I sleep, I don't close my eyes, either. I have neither hands nor feet, but I can swim very well. I like playing in the water. My flesh is eaten as food. I have fins, and an elongated body covered with scales. I belong to cold blooded vertebrate animals.  ( scale 비늘,  vertebrate 척추가 있는 )what am I ?fish

274. Though you are dressed in green or red, I am black. I always wear black clothes. I am a dark figure or image cast on a surface by something which cuts off the direct rays of light. I resemble you, and so I follow you whenever there is light. I can  live under the light. When you move, I move either. when you stop, so do I .what am I ?shadow

275. when it is cold I become short. But when it is warm I become long. I go up during the summer and fall down during the winter. I am made of winter. I am made of mercury. My function is to measure how much the temperature is cold or warm. I am relatively slender and upright in shape. I am a transparent tube which is filled with red-colored liquid.(  mercury 수은,  upright 똑바로 선 )what am I ?mercurial column

276. I am a place where kings lived during the Choson dynasty. I am so old. I consist of big buildings and large gardens. also there is a pond in me. I was originally built in 1392, but in 1592 I was burnt to ashes by the savage Japanese invaders. In 1872, I was rebuilt. I am located in front of Mt. Pugak in Seoul. I am famous as a tourist resort. You are welcome to visit me. (invader 침략자,tourist resort 관광지)what am I?경복궁(Kyong bok palace)

277. I am made of bamboo. My body looks like a pipe. I have eight finger holes including one on the opposite side. I am one of the most popular Korean traditional musical instruments. when you blow me, I let out a beautiful sound. I am similar to a western flute or a clarinet. I am said to make mostly sad sound. what am I ?Oriental flute (피리)

278. I am a kind of tree. Though I am young, people love to make me look old. I don't live in the mountain or in the open air. I live in a pot with soil filled. I am made short. My body is thick compared with my height. Many people plant me in a pot for pleasure. You need an expert knowledge to grow me. It is difficult that you grow me long. (  expert 숙련된 , 전문적인 )what am I ?potted plant(분재)

279. I make sound by going round. when I stop, I am silent. I am black and made of plastic. I have a small hole in the center of my body. I am a thin, flat, and circular plate. I keep sounds or voices in me. when I move round, the needle touches me and I send out sound. (  circular 동그란 )what am I ?disk

280. I am a falling form of water. I was born in the sky and fall down on the ground. Black clouds are my parents. I am a water that is condensed by the aqueous vapor in the atmosphere and falls in drops to earth. When I fall down, people look for an umbrella.(condense응축, 농축하다,aqueous물의, 물 같은)What am I ?rain

281. I am part of a hand. One of my brothers' name is thumb. I am about four and a half inches long. Every person has me. You have ten of me in your hands. Though all of us were born at the same time, we have different shapes from one another. You can use me as a seal. without me it is not easy for you to grasp things.What am I ?finger

282. I consist of more than 100 billions of stars. I am also called 'galaxy'. I am always moving round very fast in the sky. I am composed of many stars, some of which are too distant to be seen with naked eyes. I am a faintly luminous band stretching across the heavens. I seem to stay still in the sky, but in fact I am always turning round. (  luminous 빛을내는 )what am I ?Milky way (은하수)

283. I am of great help to all the people on earth. People can't live without me. If I stay still, I go bad soon. I am a transparent, odorless and tasteless liquid. I am a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. I freeze at 0C and boil at 100C. Nowadays many people, especially citizens in big cities are suffering from my pollution. You meet me wherever you may go. I can make machines work. And the locomotive of a stream engine is moved by me, too.  ( compound 혼합물 )what am I ?water

284. I am called a liquor in Korean, but I can't make you drunk. I am a beverage both women and children can drink. I taste sweet. I am made from fermented rice. ( make ∼ drunk : 취하게 하다.  fermented 발효된 )what am I ?Tansul (단술)

285. I am an international organization. I consist of many countries including Korea. My job is to control the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes. My delegates have to do is check the spread of nuclear weapons. I am called by an abbreviation for international atomic Energy Agency. ( atomic energy 원자력,  nuclear 핵의. abbreviation 생략, 약자 )what am I ?IAEA(국제 원자력 기구)

286. I am a day. People look forward to my coming. I am the first day of a week. when I come, you don't have to go to school. All the banks are closed. I am observed as the Sabbath by general Christians. I am also a day special religious devotion of the Christians.  ( observe 지키다, 준수하다, Sabbath 안식일, devotion 생략, 약자 )what am I ?Sunday

287. I am a piece of land completely surrounded by the sea. My body is made of rock. I am not large enough to be called a continent. I am an islet. O am an area where people can't live. I am situated just in front of Pusan city. Pusan is proud of me. Sometimes I look like five pieces and sometimes I look like five pieces and sometimes I look like six. ( islet 작은 섬 )What am I ?Oryuk-do(오륙도)

288. My parent is wood. Before I entered the pit, I was a wood. While I was staying there, I was red. when I come out, I was black. And now I am black. I am used as a fuel. In winter you will need me. I am a carbonaceous material obtained from a burnt wood.  ( carbonaceous  탄소질의 )what am I ?charcoal ()

289. I have mountains, but I am flat. I have rivers, but I have no water in them. I have railroads, but I have no trains on them. I am stuck on the wall of a classroom, so that you can find me easily. I serve as a guide. I represent features of many areas on a flat surface. I play an important role in many fields. For example you may know the locations of areas and the distances between each of them by way of me.  ( play an important role 중요한 역할을 하다 )what am I ?map

290. I am a substance melting easily in water. I dislike water, but I like the sun. I am white. I am used as a seasoning, or as a preservative. I am produced much in the western coast of Korea. I am made from sea water. I am meant a sailor or an old man of the world.  ( season 양념하다, preservative 방부제,  man of the world 경험자, 세상사를 아는 자 )what am I ?salt

291. I meet your feet in the morning and part from them at night. I am something to wear. You can't walk along the street without me. You are not allowed to enter the room wearing me. I always wait for your feet to go with.What am I ?shoes

292. When you come up to top, you use your feet. When you go down to the ground, you use your hips. I have a smooth surface for sliding on. I consist of one ladder and one or two slippery boards. Children are fond of playing on me. I am generally situated outdoors. I am a type of chute on which children slide.

 ( slippery 미끈미끈한, chute 비탈진 활주로 )what am I ?slide

293. I am played on a New year's Day. I am one of the popular pastimes in Korea. I am a game played with four wooden sticks. I have both a flat side and a round side. If people want to play with me, they should divide themselves into two groups. Each player throws me over the floor. On a board there is a diagram, on which the result of the play is shown. (pastime 기분전환, 오락, diagram 그림, 도표, 도형)what am I ?(Korean Dice ) Yut

294. I am a land, half of which is ice. I am an interesting country. There is no pollution in my country. People can't grow dogs in the capital. There is no hard liquor on Wednesdays, and no beer all. I have no army. I am located just below the Arctic circle. I have no night in summer and no daylight in winter. My people love peace.( capital 수도, Arctic circle 북극권)What am I?Iceland( 아이슬랜드)

295. You have real name, and so most people call you by the name. But your intimate friends call you not by the name but by me. I am made by your friends, while your true name was given by your parents soon after you were born. I am a title substituted for your real name to make fun of your character.(intimate 친밀한,  substitute 바꾸다, 대체하다 )What am I ?nickname

296. I live in the river or at the sea. But I am not fish. I am always floating on the water. I am generally white. I never sink. I don't run away either. If you go to the beach in summer, you can find me floating on the water. I am a floating maker anchored in water. There is a bell or a whistle attached to me. My duty is to announce that fish are caught.(float 뜨다, 떠오르다,  anchor 닻을 내리다, 정박하다)what am I ?buoy(부표)

297. I am an insect. I never step back under any circumstances. I prey on other insects. I make a living by plunder and exploitation. I have a long and thin body. My legs are also thin and long with thorns. I typically hold up my forelegs as if I were praying. I am about 2 inches in length. I am yellowish brown and green. I have a pair of wings. (foreleg 앞다리,  plunder 약탈,  exploitation 착취)What am I ?mantis

298. I wait insects to be caught in my webs. That is the way I get my food. I am a small insect. I have eight legs. I am good at walking on strings. I live in a netlike, roundish house which I build in the air with thin and flexible threads. My house is called a web. My house is used not only as a nest but also as a trap for food ( prey)(web 거미줄)what am I ?spider

299. I am the fourth of the 24 seasonal divisions. I am a day of spring. I appear on the 21st of March. when I come, the sun is right above the equator, and both  daytime and night have the same length. When I arrive here, the wintry weather completely vanishes, and spring begins to come forth its way. According to a legend, if the weather is fine or windy on my day, people will have poor crops, and if it rains, people will have a rich harvest in autumn. (right above 바로 위에,  wintry 겨울의,  rich harvest 풍작)what am I ?vernal equinox (춘분)

300. I am an animal. I have four legs. I am a mixed breed. My father is a tiger, my mother is a lion. My head looks like that of a tiger. If you come to the zoo, you can see me. (mixed breed 잡종)What am I ?liger(라이거 :호랑사자)

301. I live in clean water. when I am young , I live in the sea. When I am grown up, I live in the river. I am a fish of quick temper. I am called ' silvery pale. People love to fish me up in the river. My flesh is delicious. I am about twenty centimeters long. (quick temper 욱하는 성미)what am I ?sweet-fish(은어)

302. I live your house. But I am not a member of your family. I think I am useful to you. I sleep beneath your head every night. I am a bag or a case made of cloth. My body is filled with a soft material for cushion. I support your head. Before you sleep, you may look for me.(beneath 바로 밑에)What am I ?pillow

303. I am  light-blue in color. I am made of cloth. I am a flag. I am a symbol of the United Nations. My body is square. I have a white world map in the center. The map is surrounded with olive branches. You are not allowed to make use of me as a trademark. (United Nations 국제연합trademark 상표)what am I ?flag of United Nations.

304. I am a woman. I was born in 1897, and died in 1926. I was an actress and singer. I am an actress and singer. I am well-known as a singer who sang the song of 'praise for death ' before committing suicide. I killed myself jumping into the sea in despair of disappointment in love.(despair 절망)what am I ?윤심덕

305. I have a big mouth, but I don't eat food. when I pass by, people put money into my mouth. I am a kind of box which is covered with cloth. I like all kinds of money. I collect your contributions, and spend them for good purposes. My favorites. My favorite place is a church.   (  contribution 기부금 )what am I ?모금함( collection box)

306. I am a peninsular country. I have lots of places of natural beauty and historic interest. Some singers used to sing beautiful songs called "canzonet“ at a harbor near the Mediterranean sea. I look much like a boot in shape. There are various legends and myths in my country. Once I dominated the whole Europe, and still there remains my civilization in Europe. I am a country of beauty, art, and romance.( peninsular 반도의, Mediterranean지중해의, dominate지배하다, 통치하다 canzonet 칸초네)What am I ?Italy

307. I am needed at night. I go up to my house in the morning. I am of no use in summer, but people like me in winter. I am one of the bed-clothes. I spread my wide body during the night, but fold it during the daytime. I am a large, rectangular piece of soft fabric. I am used as a covering to keep your body warm. People are likely to catch a cold if they sleep without me.  ( fabric 직물의 )What am I ?blanket

308. when you go to bed, you put me on. I am a garment which you wear in bed. You don't go out of the house wearing me. I must live in the room, especially in the bedroom. I am softer and lighter than any other clothes. I am also very loose. People wear me while they are sleeping. A nightgown and a pajama are similar to me. ( garment 의복 ,  loose 헐렁한 )what am I ?nightclothes

309. I am something to drink. If you take one or two glasses of me it is good for your health. I am a fermented drink made of grapes. Generally women enjoy drinking me, while men enjoy strong drinks. The law prohibits students and children to drink me. I usually contain 14 percent of alcohol. As a beverage, I am made in many ways, red, white, sparkling and so on.  (fermented  발효된,  sparkling 거품이 이는)what am I ?wine

310. I am a person. I don't have any consistent principle. I always sit on the fence. I am good at taking advantage of an opportunity. If I catch a good chance, I never miss it. I am always waiting for a good chance.  ( consistent 일관된, sit on the fence 사태를 관망하다 )what am I ?opportunist

311. My skin is as white as snow. I was driven out by the wicked  stepmother who was jealous of my beauty, and I lived with seven dwarfs in the woods. I ate the poisoned apple given to me by my stepmother who was disguised as an old lady. And so I died. But a Prince who came for hunting from the neighboring country rescued me from death. I am the heroine of a fairy tale written by Grimm. (  stepmother 계모, dwarf 난쟁이, disguise 변장하다,  rescue 구하다 )what am I ?the Snow white(백설공주)

312. Every one has me. I consist of lots of bones. I am  a row of bones, in the center of the back. The octopus does not have me. I am one of the most important parts of the body. I look something like a bamboo. (  a row of bones 한 줄로 된 뼈들 )What am I ?spine

313. I am just a wooden bar with a saddle.  I have handlebars to direct the course and I have pedals too. You have to push me down and up by your weight to make me leap up and down. I can't go forward but leap up and down. Children love me so much.( saddle 안장 )what am I ?hobbyhorse (흔들목마)

314. I am a symbolic headgear or hat. A king or a queen wears me. I am a symbol of super power or royalty. Now I am displayed only in the museum as a curio. People can find me in the royal tombs in Korea. I am made of thin sheets of pure gold. I am decorated with red jade and gold ornaments. Decorations are attached to my body tied with gold strings. When the decorations swing, an effect of brilliant grandeur is shown. I am a magnificent treasure. ( super power 최고권력, curio 골동품, attach 붙이다. magnificent 장엄한, 중요한 )what am I ?gold crown

315. I am a hollow container. I am used for decoration or display. I am from the Koryo dynasty. I am a celadon of superior quality. There is a graceful harmony about me. Whenever people see me, they admire my beauty. I am famous for the mysterious color. Even present-day craftsmen have difficulty in imitating the same color as that of mine. (  hollow 속이 빈,   celadon 도자기 청자 ) what am I ?고려청자( Koryo Celadon )

316. I am something not easy to solve. 'What -am -I' belongs to me. I am a thing to amuse people by presenting difficulties to be solved with ingenuity or consistent effort. I may arouse your curiosity. I am a question to perplex people's ingenuity. I consist of written or spoken language. I give you a few minutes to think. ( ingenuity 현명함, 독창력, perplex 난처 하게 하다, 당황시키다. )What am I ?puzzle

317. I can walk and work like a man. But I am not a human being. I can read and write. I can also solve very difficult mathematical problems. I can work a thousands times faster than a man. I can solve so many difficult problems at a surprising speed that some people call our age a " push-button era ". I help man's brain with my equipment. I am useful to man in many ways. I am a device by way of which man can be freed from burdens of his hard work. But I am made by man. ( mathematical 수학적인,  burden  , 부담 )what am I ?robot

318. Before wearing shoes you put me on keep your feet safe. when you go to bed, or take a bath, you take me off. I am one of the clothing covering your feet. My job is to wrap your feet and absorb the sweat from them. what am I ?양말(내찬?)

319. I am of Mongoloid stock. I resemble Koreans or other oriental races. I live wandering in cold territories such as Greenland, northern Canada, Alaska, northeastern Siberia and so on. My name means ' a person who eats the raw. I make my living by hunting, or fishing. I rub my nose to show my love when I meet people. I always were a fur hat and a woolen overcoat. I move on from place to place according to the state of food supply.

( Mongoloid 몽고인, the raw 날 것, make my living by 생계를 유지하다 )what am I ? Eskimo

320. I am a small, natural hollow in the face. I appear on the cheeks when you are smiling. In general women have me more than men. when you smile with me, you look charming. what am I ?dimple

321. I am a woman. People say that I am grate. I received the Nobel Peace Prize for my work of helping the poor. I was born in Yugoslavia in 1910. When I was eighteen, I decided to leave home to become a nun. I went to India as a nun. I have taught people there for almost twenty years. Receiving the Prize, I said, " I do not need the money myself. It belongs to the poor. I accept it only for them".what am I ?Mother Teresa

322. I am a mountain. I am 228 meters high. I am located in the north-west of Mokpo, a city situated in the south-west of Korea. I consist mostly of rocks. I look like a stack of straws in the distance. I have something to do with Hideyoshi's invasion of Korea in 1592. I am a representative mountain and a public park of Mokpo.  ( stack 건초더미 )What am I ?Yudalsan (유달산)

323. I sit some-where in Paris.  I am always thinking with my chin on my hand. I am always thinking with chin on my hand. I never stand up. I can't move by myself. I am a piece of sculpture made by a famous sculptor, Rodain.  ( sculpture 조각품 )What am I ?Sculpture of the thinking man ( 생각하는 사람)

324. I am a means of communication. I am a written or printed piece of paper. I travel slower than telephone. You may be happy, receiving me from your dear friend or family. People feel it troublesome to write me, because there are many means of communication more convenient than I today. By way of me, you can pass on what you think or what you would like to say to others.  ( communication 통신, troublesome 귀찮은, pass on 전달하다. )what am I ? letter

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