Q this is a small gray or brown animal. It has a long, thick tail and small, pointed ears. They live in trees and eat nuts

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145. I am a herb. I range from Mongolia to China. I am about one meter tall. All Chinese medicines may need me. I occupy an important place at the drug making. I am meant 'a man who interferes in everything' or ' an indispensable man'. I am in bloom in summer. It looks like a butterfly. My root is used for a medicine.

 ( interfere 간섭하다,  indispensable 필수 불가결한 )What am I ? licorice (감초)

146. I am a house, but not a place where people live in. I stand near a seaport or on an island. I stand near a seaport or on an island. I am a useful thing for ships sailing at night. I have a bright light. My job is to guide ships not to lose their way. I work at night. I take a rest in the day time.(seaport 항구)What am I ? light house

147. Most students look forward to my coming. I am the 6th day of the week. And I am called a weekend. When I come, you have only four classes. So school is over early in the afternoon. In America, the students have no classes and stay at home. (  look forward to 기대하다. )What am I ? Saturday

148. I am an instrument made of metal. You can put me in your pocket when you carry me with you. Though I am small, I can open the door to a house turned by you just once in the lock. Therefore I am meant a thing which can solve any problem. People need me when they meet with difficult questions. I may be able to help them. What am I ? Key

149. I am a legendary man. I always wear a red overcoat. I grow a white beard. I go into a house through a chimney and give children gifts. I appear riding on a deer-drawn carriage on a Christmas Eve.  ( beard. 수염,  carriage 마차 )what am I ? Santa Claus

150. I am the head man of a school. I am the first or the highest in rank there. In general I am old compared with other teachers. I am one of the teachers but I don't give lessons to the students. I take charge of all the school affairs. I have my adjoins the general affairs room.  ( head man 우두머리,  take charge of 책임지다. )

What am I ? principal (교장)

151. My body is square. I am made of plastic. Of you have me, you can use money as much as you want in advance. I am issued by an agency which allows the holder to make purchases or to get services. I am not money, but you can buy something with me. My body is flat and thin. I am called a plastic money. what am I ?

credit card

152. I am a toy. I am not a living things, but keep on moving by a small impact. I am round at the bottom so as to move when you touch me. I have a well-balanced body. I am always standing on the ground. I never fall down. I do nothing but move or rock every time you touch or push me.(rock흔들다.)What am I ?tumbling doll( 오뚝이)

153. Almost every building should be  equipped with me according to the law. My body is round and filled with liquefied gas. My skin is red.  I have a long nose which looks like a rubber hose.  You use me to put out a fire. If you walk along the corridor in your school, you can find me easily.   ( liquefied  액화된, put out a fire 불을 끄다. )What am I ?fire extinguisher (소화기)

154. You can eat me boiled.  I live mostly at the bottom of the sea. I have a soft, egg-shaped body. I have eight sucker-bearing arms. I have no bone.  If you cut my arms with a sharp knife, I can live for a time. when something unpleasant approaches me, L let off black water. This is the way  I live in the sea. ( boiled 삶아서, sucker-bearing 발판이 달린, for a time 한동안, let off 발사하다. 쏘다.)What am I ? octopus

155. I am a plant. I am a large, edible, and orange-yellow fruit. You can eat not only my fruit but also my leaf.  My leaf is as large as your palm. When I am young, I wear green clothes. When I get old, I wear orange- yellow ones. Some of us are as large as your head, others are larger than a water-melon. I am compared to ' an ugly, bad-looking face'. You can make soup with me.   ( bad-looking 못생긴 )What am I ? Pumpkin

156. I am a toy. I am generally made of wood. I am smaller than a cup. I am round but pointed at the bottom so as to spin well. I have a metal ball at the pointed bottom. I keep on turning, as you strike my body with a whipcord. Children enjoy playing with me.  (  whipcord  채찍 끈 )What am I ? toy top

157. I am an important person in Korean history. I was born as a premature of seven months of pregnancy. I had the whole country in my hand once. I was a person who lived in the Lee Dynasty. I was cast in heroic mold. I had a great ambition, which was attained later. I stood high receiving King Sejo's favor.  ( be cast in heroic mold 영웅적 기질의 사람이다. )What am I ? Han Myong-hoe(한명회)

158. My name comes from England. I am a man of good manners. I treat people kindly. I always speak a noble language. I behave carefully. I enjoy wearing a suit. I am gentle.  ( a man of good manners 예절바른 사람,  noble 고상한, 고귀한, )what am I ? gentleman

159. I have no face, but you can see me. I have no wing, but I can fly in the air. I move very slowly. I consist of fine particles of water and dust. I often prevent airplanes from taking off. I make ships to give up starting on a voyage, too. I look much like smoke. I usually obstruct the view. London is famous for me.  ( fine 미세한 , take off 이륙하다.  voyage 항해, obstruct 막다. 차단하다. )what am I ? fog

160. I am small and short. I always carry my house on my back. My house is a spiral shell. I have no foot but I can move ahead. I walk very slowly like a turtle. I usually live in a damp place. I leave a trail as I walk along the way. Even if I don't have eyes, I am very sensitive to the light and the darkness. I am meant ' a slow or lazy person'. ( spiral  나선형의,  sensitive  민감한 )what am I ? snail

161. When I am full, I stand up. when I am hungry, I lie down. I am made of straw or vinyl. I am a kind of container in which you can keep or put in something. People usually use me when they carry or keep rice in the house. ( lie down 눕다.  container 용기 )what am I ? rice sack

162. I am very tall. I have legs, but I can not walk. I am standing all the time. I hold a torch in my right hand. I am the symbol of liberty. I am in the U.S.A..I am a woman. I am a statue. I have a duty to tell the importance of liberty. ( torch 횃불 )What am I ? The Statue of liberty

163. You can drive a car without a driver's license in my ground. I have various kinds of cars. I am a kind of school. My job is to teach persons how to drive. If you want to get a drive's license, come to me and learn how to drive. You can practice driving a car here. What am I ? driver's school (운전학원)

164. I am an agreement which is decided beforehand. If you want to be a gentleman, you should keep me without fail. I am very important in many ways, especially between persons. When you want to go camping with someone, you should fix its date, time, and place beforehand by way of me. ( an agreement 일종의 합의사항, without fail 틀림없이 )What am I ? promise

165. You are treading on me at the school every day. You can go up and down through me. I can not move by myself. Any building higher than two-story surely keeps me in it. I connect one floor with another. when you go up to the 2nd floor, you should pass through me.  ( tread 밟다. ) What am I ? stair case (계단)

166. You can see me during winter. I grow hanging winter. I grow hanging down on the eaves. I am another form of water. I am weak to the heat, but coldness keeps me on. When it is hot, I drop tears. No matter how cold the weather may be, I never wear clothes.  ( hanging down on the eaves 처마에 매달려서 )What am I ? icicle (고드름)

167. I am not a living thing.  I am a horse made of wood. I have eyes but can't see. I have legs but can't walk. I am a kind of toy. If you ride on my back and shake me, I move up and down and go round. Children usually enjoy riding on me. what am I ? Merry-go-round

168. You use every morning. I take a bath so often. I am made of cloth. My body is usually dry. My job is absorbing wetness. I live in the washing room or the bathroom. You use me after washing your face or hands.

what am I ? towel

169. My body is always wet. I am white. I am made of soft cloth. You use me before or after eating something. You can cool the heat off your face or wipe the dirts off it using me. My main duty is to clean your face and your hands. During the summer, I am kept cold. And during the winter, I am kept hot. If you go to the restaurant, you can meet me. What am I ? watery towel

170. I am a day. I have no feet, but I shall go away. I always go on, so you can't catch me. I consist of day and night. I have the future, past and present. 'Now' belong to me. I will soon be yesterday. I exist only for 24 hours. (shall go away  사라져 없어질 것이다.)what am I ? today

171. You can make me on your face. I am a facial expression indicating pleasure or favor. I am made by way of the movement of both corners of the mouth. I am a kind of flower which people can make with their faces. if you have me on your face, it gives pleasure to your parents, teachers, and friends.  What am I ? smile

172. I am a piece of furniture. I am a flat board supported by one or more legs. I am mostly used for serving food to those seated at me. I sit In the dining room. When you have meals, you use me. I am suitable to be put foods or drinks on. What am I ?table

173. I am a small rod-like piece of meal. I typically have a pointed tip and a flattened head. I am hammered into wood or other material to fix something together with it. I am used to being hit on the head. My whole body is very strong and hard. If you strike my head with a hammer, I go down through wood. When you hang a framed picture on the wall, you will need me.  ( hammer 망치로 치다. )What am I ? nail

174. I am one of the stationeries. My job is wiping out misspelled words. I can remove only pencilings. I am elastic. Most students have me. I am a piece of rubber. I usually clean away wrong letters at the cost of my body. I stay in a pencil case.( stationeries 학용품,  penciling 연필로 쓴 것,   at the cost of ∼을 희생하여. )What am I ? eraser

175. I am a device to aid defective eyes to see better, or to protect them from light, dust and the like. I consist of two glass lenses set in a frame. I always rest on the nose. Some people wear me, but some people don't . I help people see well. when you go to bed or wash your face, you should take me off.  You must take care not to break me. ( defective 결함이 있는 ) what am I ?eyeglasses

176. I am a person. I can tell your fortune generally by seeing your face. I have a special ability to anticipate what is to come to you.  I can see your present , past and future. I am good at seeing into personal characteristics by watching the shape or features of the face. I study the science of divination. ( fortune 운명,  anticipate 예견하다. divination 점 예측 )What am I ? fortune-teller

177. I am a fish. You can see me in the fish-bowl in the house. I live in fresh water but not in the sea. I am generally yellow or orange. I am an ornamental fish and not for eating. I am beautiful compared with other fish. I usually live in a pond. I am often cultivated in a fish farm. I am about 4 inches long. ( fish-bowl 어항,   fish farm 양어장 )What am I ? goldfish

178. I am a book. You can usually meet me at the beginning of a month. I am published monthly. I contain stories, essays, and poems written by various writers. And I also have photographs and drawings of well-known persons in Korea or other countries. I live for one month. I come out twelve times a year. ( publish 발행하다. )

what am I ?  monthly magazine

179. I was known as a country in which the sun never sinks. But that is just a story of the past. I consist of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. Hongkong belongs to me now, but I should give  to China a few years later. I am the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. If you come to my land, you will find that it is mostly foggy and rainy and in winter it is colder than in Korea. And so you need to carry an umbrella with you whenever you go out of your house in the morning all the year round.(be known as으로 알려져 있다)what am I ? United Kingdom

180. I am a woman, whose husband is dead. I didn't get married again. The war made many women like me. Those who live  alone will understand what I feel. I am lonely. what am I ? widow

181. I am a person. I usually spend my spare time helping other people. I am a person who offers help without expecting any payment or reward. I am ready to go where I am needed. I work without getting money. I have a self-sacrificing spirit. I have no egoism.  ( self-sacrificing 자기희생의 )What am I ? volunteer

182. I am a mountain. There are the Ulsan Rock, Pisondae, the Hundle Rock in it. Also, there is a camp site for the youth. The highest peak is the Taechong-bong. In autumn, the coloring leaves present a magnificent sight. I am a national park. I am in the vicinity of Sokcho, Kangwon-do.   ( site 공터,  magnificent 장대한, 화려한,  vicinity 부근, 근처 )What am I ? Mt.Solak (설악산)

183. I am a public area. I am a large hillside park. I provide people with a pleasant greenery. I am a situated in the heart of a city. I have facilities for rest and recreation. I have a high observatory looking down the city. Seoul is famous for me. Many pigeons play on the ground. And many old people visit me to rest or to kill time every day. You will enjoy a fine view of the city. ( greenery 푸른나무, 푸른잎 (집합적)   observatory 전망대 )

What am I ? Namsan park (남산공원)

184. I am a bag made of high material such as silk, plastic or rubber. My body is filled with a gas which is lighter than air. I am designed to soar up in the air. I play a big role in commercial advertisement. I am suspended up from the ground by a string, that is why I can't fly away. (suspend 매달다.)What am I ? ad ballon (광고용 풍선)

185. I don't exist on the earth. I am an imaginary marine female. My head, abdomen and arms are like those of a woman but the lower part of the body is like fish. I am the heroine of Andersen's fairy tale. You can see my statue at Haeun-dae, the largest summer resort on Korea. (imaginary 상상의, 가공의, marine 해양의, resort 행락지 )What am I ? mermaid

186. I am a room for injured persons. I am located close to the gate of a hospital. My door is opened all day. My job is giving a first aid to the injured. I have some beds. There are nurses and doctors in my room. I have something to do with the telephone number 119.  (  injured 상처입은 부상당한 )What am I ? emergency room

187. I am something to ride on. I was born recently. I have four wheels. I can accommodate up to five persons including a driver. I am a compact and tiny car. I am the cheapest car in Korea. I am produced by a motor company in Korea.  ( accommodate 수용하다. )What am I ? Tico

188. I am a list of the dishes available in a restaurant or a bar. when you go into a restaurant, you first look for me. side-dishes' details and prices are shown on me. I am generally square. In a restaurant, you order something to eat or drink after you read me. And the waiter brings you what you ordered. What am I ? menu

189. You can talk to your friend through me. I am an apparatus or a system for transmission of sound or speech to a distant point by an electric device. I eat only plastic cards. I stand here and there in the city. If you put coins into my mouth and push the numbers you wanted, you can talk to the person you wanted to. ( transmission 전송 ) What am I ? pay phone (공중전화)

190. I am a kind of a car, but I do not carry people. Instead I am a good place to drink and eat something. I mostly stand in the street. I sell various side-dishes  as well as kinds of liquor in the open air. I don't impose a heavy burden on people. I am a street stall. I need no driver.  (  impose a heavy burden on ∼에게 큰 부담을 주다.)What am I ? curtained vendor coach (포장마차)

191.  I am a house, but people don't live in me. I 'm generally built nearby the road. I 'm an example of an apartment building. Any one who wants to buy an apartment comes to see me. i'm built to show the structure or size of an apartment. I'm not for sale, but for show. What am I ? model house

192. I 'm one of the twelve months of a year. when I come, the first semester begins. I'm a month which is full of hope and gratitude. The entrance ceremony is held during the month. I'm at the beginning of spring. While I stay, shoots come out of the earth and golden bells bloom.  ( semester 학기, entrance ceremony입학식, shoot 새싹 )What am I ? March

193. Sometimes I am called a symbol of America. You can see me anywhere in the world. I am meant 'a beautiful woman'. At first I was a medicine for headache. Now I 'm the king of soft beverages. I'm thinly black. My container is famous for its beautifully curved lines.  ( beverage 음료 )what am I ? Coca-cola

194. I 'm located in Seoul. I am a sports arena. I have 75,000 seats for spectators. But I can accommodate about 100,000 people. I have fifty-two entrances. You can watch various kinds of sports game here. I 'm the largest stadium in Korea. (  arena 경기장,  spectators 구경꾼, 관람객 )What am I ? 잠실주경기장 ( Chamshil main stadium )

195. At first I had 13 stars but now I have fifty stars. One star means one state. I'm the symbol of the United states of America. The Stars and Stripes is my nickname. I 'm a flag.(Stripe )what am I ? The star-spangled Banner

196.  I am famous for the rainy season and hot weather. I am in the middle of the summer. The summer vacation begins with me. I am the seventh month of the year. I have 31 days. I am believed to be named in memory of Julius Caesar's birth. when I come, weeds and trees grow thick.  ( grow thick 무성해지다. )

What am I ? July

197. I am a man. I am good at building houses with wood. When I go to work, I carry tools, such as rulers, tapelines, hammers, nails, saws and planes. I usually work with a tool-bag tied to my waist. I have a skill handling tools. (  tapeline 줄자, kill handling tools 공구를 다루는 기술 )what am I ? carpenter

198. I am well-known as a blue sky. when I come, the second semester begins. I am a mouth when horses are said to get fat. The cool breeze brings you a pleasant feeling. Many leaves of trees begin to turn red or yellow. On the road-side you can see cosmos flowers blooming.   ( get fat 살찌다.  breeze 산들바람. )What am I ? September

199. I stand at a subway station and sometimes at a bus stop. I have a small mouth. People use me before getting on the bus. If you put coins into my mouth, I vomit a necessary token which  you need to ride with. I am made of a strong metal. My body is four-cornered in shape. So to speak, I am an automatic sale machine.

( vomit 토하다.  our-cornered 사각형의,   So to speak 이를테면 )what am I ? ticket vending machine.

200. I run under the ground. I have many iron wheels. I move by electric power. I live in big cities, such as Seoul, and Pusan.  If you  want to get on me, you should pass through the ticket barrier. when I stop at a station, my doors open automatically. I run faster than a bus. I am one of the comfortable transportations.( electric power 전력 )What am I ? subway

201. when I come, summer begins. Around the end of my mouth the rainy season begins. while I am staying, you should take care of your health. I have 30 days. My name in English comes from Juno, Juipter's wife. Sunflowers get to bloom during my stay. I am the sixth month of the year.( rainy season 장마철,  get to 시작하다. )What am I ? June

202. I am not a living thing. But I can make a sound. I have a very big body. I am made of bronze. I was made by the queen Songdok of the Shilla Dynasty more than 1,200 years ago. I have a special nickname. My sound is like a baby's crying for its mother. My nickname means 'Mommy'. On a fine day, you can hear my sound even away from 60 kilometers. I am about 3 meters high. I weigh 20 tons.  ( bronze 청동,  crying for 찾으면서 울다. )what am I ? Emille Bell

203. I like a gem. I'm small and round. I'm smaller than a grape. I dangle from a tree.

I'm usually compared to a woman's lips. When I am young, I am green. When I get old, I turn to red and transparent. I'm a fruit which people can eat. ( gem 보석, dangle 매달리다. transparent 투명한 )at am I ? cherry

204. I'm a drawing instrument. I'm made of metal. I have two long legs, but I can't walk. One of my feet has  a needle at the tip. My job is drawing circles and measuring distances. I go round to make a circle with one leg fixed in the center. You can find me in the drafting room. I'm necessary for the drafts-man.( drafting 제도 )What am I ? compasses

205. I am used both at home and at the barber's shop. My job is to cut hair on the face. I always work with a sharp edge to shave off. I put myself close to people's faces, but they are not afraid of me at all. If you want to shave your face clean, you had better use me.(barber's shop 이발소, shave 면도하다)what am I?razor(면도기)

206. I live for only one day. My body is thin and wide. I'm a publication printed everyday. I contain news, comments, photographs, and advertisements. I visit your homes every morning or evening. I'm made of paper. I have to do my best to get more readers, because my existence largely depends on my readers. ( publication 출판물, 간행물, advertisement 광고 )What am I ? newspaper

207. I'm a person. I usually work in white clothes, but I'm not a doctor.  I cut and dress my customer's hair, and shave or trim his beard. I usually work with a comb and scissors. If someone wants to cut customers' hair like me, he should obtain a qualification license. My shop has big mirrors and chairs. when you go out my shop, you may look smart.  ( qualification license 자격증,  smart 멋진 )what am I ? barber

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