Q this is a small gray or brown animal. It has a long, thick tail and small, pointed ears. They live in trees and eat nuts

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83. I am a bird. I symbolize 'an unlucky omen '. I have black feathers. I am said to give bad news to people. But I am said to give bad news to people. But I am also said to be filial. When you see me, you may have a feeling that something unlucky will happen. Most Koreans don't like me. People do not eat my flesh. (  omen 징조  )What am I ? crow

84. I have long tails. I have black-and white wings ( plumage). New Year's Eve is my day. I am in the habit of making a noise. I like to play a trick. I am said to give good news to people.   ( plumage 깃털)

What am I ? magpie

85. I am an aquatic animal. My skin color is green. I have four legs. I usually live in a damp place. My cry forecasts rain. I am well-known for doing against mother's saying. I play on the leaves of a tree . I am good at jumping . I am small. When it rains, I go on crying.  (  aquatic 물의, 수중의,  damp 습한, 축축한)What am I ? green frog

86. I am long and very flexible. I look uncanny. When you meet with me, you will tremble with fear. I don't have feet, but I can go very fast. I usually hide in the grass. I am a poisonous reptile. I swallow food as a whole. My teeth are very sharp and poisonous. My blood and flesh are said to give energy to man. ( uncanny 무시무시한, 소름끼치는, poisonous 해로운, reptile 파충류, as a whole 통째로)What am I ?


87. I am a migratory bird. I am known as a profitable bird eating not corns but worms. I am noted for my swift and light flight. I usually visit Korea in the spring and leave in the fall. In Korea , Sometimes play-boys are called by my name. ( migratory bird 철새,  am noted for ~로 유명한 )What am I ? swallow

88. Every one has me. I have two holes. I sit in the center of the face. I am the organ of smelling. People let out and take in breath through me. I am hairy inside. You can discriminate many kinds of odor by means of me.  White or yellow liquid is often seen to flow out of me.  (  odor 냄새,  discriminate 구별하다.)What am I ? nose

89. I am a parasite. I have six legs. I am very small. Nowadays you seldom see me. I almost disappeared from the earth on account of parasites. I have a mouth adaptable to suck. I am also indicated as a 'heel'. I gnaw people's skin. I usually creep on the skin or among one's hair. When I creep on your skin, you feel tickle. ( parasite 기생충, adaptable 적응할 수 있는 , heel 비열한 놈,  gnaw  갉아먹다. )What am I ? llouse()

90. I m a plant. I like water. My flower always floats on the water, but my stems and roots are below the water. I have large and disk-like leaves. I have fragrant and beautiful flowers. You can find me in a pond. You can also find me as a picture on the wall of a temple. I have much to do with buddhism. I was chosen as the national flower of SriLanka.  ( float 뜨다. fragrant 향기로운 )What am I ? lotus

91. I live in the air. I have no wings, but I can fly. People can't live without me. Water is partly made from me. I am a colorless, odorless and gaseous element. I make up 20 percents of air. In general a dying person needs me urgently.  ( gaseous 가스의 기체의, urgently 급히, 절실히 )What am I ? oxygen

92. I have no wings, but I do dance in the air. I am white. As soon as I melt, I become water. I am a different form of water. I visit the earth in winter. Most people like me. Dogs like me more with white clothes. My body is very soft.  ( melt 녹다)What am I ? snow

93. I am made of wood or ivory or plastic. There is your name on my face. I am stamped in red ink. In korea I am used for a signature. There are two forms of my face. One is round, and the other is square. Most individuals use the round ones, while public institutions use the square ones. What am I ? seal(도장)

94. I am a kind of man. But I can't move or speak. I always wear white clothes. when winter comes, I turn up. I live only in winter. I dislike the sun. I consist of two lumps of snow, one is the head, the other one the body. I have no legs, but I can stand. Children enjoy making me.  ( turn up 나타나다.)What am I ?


95. I am an animal. I belong to a reptile. I usually live in water. I go up to the land once in a while . I walk very slowly. I live a long life. My body and back are enwrapped in shells. I live in hot regions. I am very short and flat as compared with other animals.  ( enwrapped 휩싸다. 열중시키다. )What am I ?turtle

96. I am a bird, but I don't fly in the air. I have wings, but I can't fly. My feather is white. My mouth is yellow. I have a long neck as compared with other birds. I am good at swimming. I am often preferred to dogs in keeping a house, because I can clearly see even in the dark.  My eyes are better than those of dogs'. I am larger than a duck. I am compared to a silly or foolish person. My flesh is used as food. What am I ? goose

97. I look much like a monkey.  My body is covered with black hair. I am the largest of apes. My face is long and wide . My mouth seems so big compared with man's . My arms are longer than those of man. I work during the day, and I rest at night. I am a wild animal. My temper is violent. I symbolize an ugly, brutish (wild ) person.  ( violent 격렬한, 난폭한, brutish 짐승 같은, 야비한 )What am I ?gorilla

98. I have wings, but I can't fly in the sky. I have long , colorful feathers. I have two legs. I am famous for my long tail. When I expand my wings to a shape of a fan, I look splendid. I am meant a man of vanity or a bashful man.   ( expand 펼치다. bashful 수줍어하는 )What am I ? peacock

99.  I am a kind of nation. I am located in Italy. I am the smallest country in the world. I am  an independent state in Rome. I am the only religious country in the world. I am ruled by the Pope. I was established in 1929. I have a small population. I possess St. Peter's Church, the Vatican and twelve buildings in Italy. I have a large palace which has 1,400 rooms. And it is a representative baroque structure. Many tourists visit me every year.  ( Pope 로마교황, representative 대표적인 )What am I ?

Vatican City(바티칸 시티)

100. I am a plant . My leaf is trifoliated. And I have a dense-headed flower. I am green, but my flower is white. I sometimes have four leaves. Four leaves symbolize 'luck'. I am sometimes called a rabbit grass. People often make a ring with my flower heads.  ( trifoliated 잎이 세 개,  dense 빽빽한,  flower heads 두상화 )What am I?  clover

101. I am a legendary monster. I am known as a huge, winged animal, often spouting fire. I look like a large snake or a crocodile. I also symbolize ' a fierce, violent person'.As a matter of fact, I don't exist on earth.  ( legendary 전설상의 )What am I? dragon

102. I am snow-white or grey. I have hair all over the body. My main feature is long ears. I am well known for taking a nap during a race in a fairy tale. My food is green grass. People often raise me in their houses. Otherwise, I live in the mountain. I am a four-legged animal. My temper is mild. ( feature 특징 특색 )What am I ? rabbit

103. I can fly in the air. I often walk on the ground. I have a compact body. My legs are short. I am a symbol of peace. I am also meant ' a person who is easily fooled '. You can see me playing in the park.   ( compact 꽉 찬, 빽빽한)What  am I? pigeon

104. When oil, gas and coal burn, they give off large amounts of me. I am also formed by respiration. People send five billion tons of me into the air every year. This amount will be doubled in fifty years. I am the main cause of environmental pollution today. People should measure the amount of me in the air continuously. I am an incombustible gas. I am used extensively in the industry as dry ice , carbonated beverages and fire extinguishers.(give off방출하다. respiration 호흡, incombustible불연성의,extinguisher소화기 )What am I ? carbon dioxide (이산화탄소)

105. I am something ho to drink . Korean enjoy me after their meals. I am hot water mingled with baked rice. I am delicious. You often drink me instead of  tea. What am I ? rice tea (숭늉)

106.  I am a plant. My berry is used as a pungent spice. I came to Korea from China long ago. I grow up to about 60 centimeter. People regard my berry is young, it is green. But when it ripens, it turns to red. It is an essential element of Kim'chi, a Korean salad. (pungent매운,spice양념) What am I? paper plank (고추나무)

107. I am a kind of stone. I am by no means common. I am a very hard, strong and sparkling stone. So I am very expensive. I am a pure crystalline of extreme hardness. I am used as a drill of a cutting tool. I am used as an ornament for a ring especially by females. (sparkling 빛나는, jewelry 보석류)What am I? diamond

108. I am an insect. I have four wings. I fly in the air. I look four wings. I fly in the air. I look like an airplane any harm. Even when I rest, I don't fold my wings. I prey on other insects. I am not similar to a butterfly in many ways. (prey on 먹이로 삼다.    similar to  비슷한) What am I ? dragonfly (고추잠자리)

109. I stand in the street all the time. I am usually placed on the road-side. My job is to make the dark road bright. I consist of a very long body, long neck, and a head with one eye only at night. My body is made of steel. What am I ? street lamp (가로등)

110. I am known as a cunning animal. I'm smaller than a wolf. I have a pointed mouth and erect ears. I have a long, hairy tail. People compare me to a crafty and tricky person. I can't live a domesticated life.  I only live a wild one. (erect 쫑긋 세운,   crafty  교활한, 간사한)What am I ? fox

111. I am Korean traditional food. My name appears even in the Random House Dictionary of the English Language. Koreans can't get along without me at meals. I taste hot and salty. My skin color is  scarlet. I am a component of Chinese cabbages and radishes, peppers, garlics and so an. What am I ? Kim'chi (김치)

112. I was born in America. I'm the title of a novel. I'm one of the Hemingway's best novels. I'm very impressive. I have a story about an old fisherman who bravely fights against nature. I 'm famous for easy and simple sentences. What am I ? The old man and the sea (노인과 바다)

113. I have a blue tiled roof. Our president lives in me now. I consist of a few houses and a large garden. I am located on the southern foot of Mt. Pukak in Seoul. I'm called Presidential Mansion. What am I? The blue House

114. I was one of the largest animals known in the world. I was a reptile. Some of us are grass and others did meat. I was about 20 feet tall and 50 feet long. I was very big and strong. I don't live now. I lived on the earth millions of years ago.  (  reptile 파충류)What am I ? dinosaur

115. I don't like rain. I live only during the summer. I consist of a post and a round roof. When it is very hot, women look for me.  I am generally colorful. When I am spread, I look big. But when folded, I look small. I look much like an umbrella. But the name is different. My job is shutting out the sunlight heat.

  (post 기둥,  shutting out 차단하다.  )What am I ? parasol (양산)

116. I look much like a horse. I am a long-eared and sure-footed animal. I am domesticated chiefly to carry heavy loads. I am about four feet high. I am also called an ass. I have short hair all over the body. I am meant a stupid, silly or stubborn person.(sure-footed 발이 든든한,stubborn 고집센)What am I? donkey

117. I live in warm seas, but I am not fish. My body is fish like, and big. I am an animal with a backbone. My head is elongated to a beaklike mouth. I feed my babies with my own milk. My teeth are thin and small. They amount to 58 to 65 in numbers. I am from 3 to 4.5 meters in length. My meat tastes good. I am an animal of high intelligence as compared with other sea animals. (elongate 길게 하다, 잡아 늘리다. beaklike 새 부리 같은)What am I? dolphin

118. I am a day when people enjoy telling lies. I am in April. More exactly I am the first day of April. when I come, people trick their friends and play jokes on them. The custom is originally introduced from America. I am not a legal holiday. ( legal 법정의  )What am I ? All fool's Day ( 만우절)

119. When you apply for a job, you may need me. I am a sheet of paper. You should write your name, age, sex, date of birth, place of birth, address, educational background, experience and qualifications down on my sheet. I am also called a resume. You don't have to write down your permanent address. I am a paper of personal record. (qualification 자격,permanent address 본적) What am I ? personal history (이력서)

120. I am a girl. But a half of my name is a boy. I am a boyish young girl. I am wild, and intractable. I sometimes act like a boy.  ( intractable 다루기 힘든 )What am I? tomboy (말괄량이)

121. I am a day. I am in the middle of August. I am a legal holiday. My day is the anniversary both of the liberation from Japanese colonialism in 1945, and  of the establishment of the Republic of Korea in 1948. You should not forget the fact that Koreans had spent thirty-six dark year under the Japanese imperialism. ( anniversary 기념일, liberation  해방, colonialism 식민주의)What am I? Liberation day (광복절)

122. I am a tent made of nets. I work during the summer. People hang me from the ceiling or the wall to keep the harmful insects away. If you set me up in your house, you can sleep in me without any bother. I am made to protect people from the harmful mosquitoes. What am I ? mosquito net (모기장)

123. I am a fish. You can eat me. I am called a snake fish because I have a snake-shaped head. I am said to be a good food for women, especially for a pregnant woman. I live in the sea or in the fresh water of a river. My skin is generally gray. My body is nearly cylindrical. What am I ? mullet(숭어)

124. I am a tree. According to the legend, I grow on the moon. As a matter of  fact I don't exist there. My body is yellowish or reddish brown. My branches and leaves are used for showing the highest honor of a poet. My bark is good for a cold remedy.  (  bark 껍질 )What am I ?  laurel (계수나무)

125. I am yellow in color. If you ignore me, you are liable to cause a traffic accident. I lay myself long in the middle of the road. I am called a life-line. When you drive a car, you should be careful not to cross me.  ( are liable to 하기 쉽다.)What am I ? center-line of the road (중앙선)

126. I am a repetition of sound. I am produced by the reflection of sound waves. When you shot in a loud voice at a mountain, I answer you with the same voice. If you say, 'yaho,' I say, 'yaho'. I am also meant a person who is apt to imitates others.  ( repetition  반복,  reflection 반사 )What am I ? echo

127. I am as big as a lion. I look much like a cat. I am a large, carnivorous, feline. I range from India to Siberia. The cougar and the jaguar resemble me. I have a brownish orange-colored body. I am known as a spiritual being in Korea. I am also meant 'an energetic, dynamic or hard-working person'. The whole length of my body is about 8 feet including about a 2 feet long tail.  ( cougar 퓨마, feline 고양이과의, spiritual 영적인).What am I ? tiger

128. I am a kind of footwear. I am made of rubber. Twenty years ago, most people wore me when they went out.  But today you seldom find me on the street. I am white or black. The white one is more expensive than the black one. Women put me on when they wear Korean dresses.  ( footwear 신는 것  )

what am I? rubber shoes (고무신)

129. I live in the sea. I have stiff and wide pectoral fins. I am good at gliding along considerable distances leaping up from the sea surface. I am a fish , but I can fly above the sea. I have no feet, but I can jump. ( pectoral 가슴의 ,  leap 뛰어오르다. ) what am I ? flying fish(날치)

130. Every morning I go out in order to earn money. And I come back home in the evening or at night. I am a male. People receive my title after giving birth to a baby. It is said that I am the head of a family. I take the responsibility of a family. I am your mother's husband. I am a man who has sons and daughters.  ( giving birth to 낳다.)What am I ? father

131. I am a woman. I am a benevolent woman. I am your relative. I am related to you on your mother's side. I am a sister of your mother.( benevolent 자비로운, 인정 많은)What am I? maternal aunt ( 이모)

132. I am a place where passengers get on and off the trains. All the trains stop at me and leave for their destinations. I have an entrance through which only the ticket holder is allowed to pass and get on the train. I am usually crowded with people. What am I ? railroad station

133. I am a tall and firm construction. I am an office building. I have many stores, offices and halls. I have many stories. I was built for versatile purposes. I am located in Youido, Seoul. I am the highest building in Korea. (construction 건축물, stories (건물), versatile 다방면의 )What am I? 63-building

134. I was born in China long ago and have been there. Many people all over the world come to see me. I am a very long and big wall which took many decades to complete. I am the biggest structure in the world. I run a zigzag course for some 2,960 kilometers. I am the only artificial structure on earth that can be seen with naked eye from the space. I am so big that you can't easily imagine my vastness. (decade 십년간,  vastness 광대함)what am I ? the Great Wall of China (만리장성)

135. I consist of plenty of short hair. I grow on both sides of an eyelid. I am usually black. I am the closest to the eyes, on your face. I do not grow more than one centimeter.  ( eyelid 눈꺼풀 )What am I ?

eyelash (속눈썹)

136. I am the most splendid festival of sports games. I was born in ancient Greece. At that time I was held in honor of Zeus. The revived modern games are played as athletic contests among amateur participants from the nations all over the world. I am held for 16 days every four years, and each time in a different country. I am a symbol of fair play, peace, and goodwill. I have been held in Seoul in 1988.

 (  in honor of 기리기 위해, revive 복원하다. goodwill. 선의. 친선 )what am I ? the Olympics

137. I affect the sense of smell. I am a sensation perceived by the nose. I have no wings, but I can fly in the air. I may exist everywhere. I have neither shape nor color. There are 17,000 kinds of me that human beings can discriminate. When I give off a stink, you will usually make faces or grip your nose with your fingers. Sometimes I am pleasant, and sometimes I am unpleasant to you. (  make face 얼굴을 찌푸리다. )What am I ? odor

138. I am a rectangular piece of cloth or paper. I am used for wiping lips and fingers. I also protect your clothes while you are eating. You may look for me after meals. I am part of the table settings. I can be a small towel of linen or cotton. My skin is soft. What am I ? napkin

139. I am a small stick. I am made of wood. I have a slender, short body. I am sharp and pointed at one end. My duty is to remove particles of food that have remained between your teeth after a meal. I look much like a needle in size and shape. I usually lie on the dining table.  ( particle 작은 조각 )what am I ?


140. I live in the sea. I have ten legs; two legs are comparatively big and the other eight legs are small. My body is short and a little flat. My abdomen is small and folded under the chest. I am well-known for walking sideways. (  abdomen , 복부,  walking sideways. 옆으로 걷기 ) What am I ? crab

141. I have brownish hair. I am one of the domestic animals. People say that I am useful as a draft animal. I am well-known for working hard. People eat my meat. I am meant ' a clumsy, dull, stupid fellow'. I live in the farmhouse. I am male. I help farmers by drawing the plow in the farm land. ( clumsy 솜씨 없는, 서투른, farm land 경작지, 농토 )What am I ? ox

142. I am a long and slender wax piece with a wick in the core. I burn myself to make light. Small as I am, I can illuminate a wide space. I am not used for heating anything. Nowadays you use me on special days, such as birthdays. My job is to make darkness bright. ( illuminate 비추다. 조명하다. )What am I ? candle

143. I am one of musical instruments, in which hammers, operated by a keyboard, strike the metal strings to make sound. I have a big and long mouth. I have many white and black teeth. There are more white teeth than black ones. If you touch or push my teeth, I make a beautiful sound. I come originally from Italy. Famous composers have been fond of me.  ( string,현  composer 작곡가. )what am I ? piano

144. I am a large box. I don't exist in the world. I am a legendary box. I had everything that could make people happy or unhappy before a girl opened the lid. As soon as the girl opened my lid, a swarm of bat-like worms came out. The worms represent anger, pain, sorrow, disease and despair. But a hope was left inside. I have something to do with a Greek myth. The myth goes that men are suffering because of me .  ( lid 뚜껑, a swarm of 한 떼의.  myth 신화 )What am I ? pandora's box

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