Q this is a small gray or brown animal. It has a long, thick tail and small, pointed ears. They live in trees and eat nuts

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25.  I have a head but no face. I have leaves, but I'm not a tree. My skin color is usually green, but ivory inside. I usually grow in the vegetable farm. You can also grow me in the green house. I have a short stem and lots of leaves formed into a compact, edible head. I am also meant money, especially paper money. I am used as a nickname of a fat man. What am I ?cabbage ( 양배추)

26. I have two legs and a long neck. I have wings but I can't fly. Instead I can run very fast. I am one of the largest birds on earth. I am well known as a large two-toed swift-footed, and flightless animal. I am also meant a person who is not willing to do unpleasant things. What am I ?ostrich ( 타조 )

27. I am a short of team play. No one is sure where I was originated. Most Koreans like me. Men love me more than women do. I call for ability to control the ball rather than strength. You also need a quick judgement while playing me, because the rules are quite complicated, although the main idea is simple. Only your head and two feet are allowed to be used. but the goalkeeper may use his hands to carry, throw, or stop the ball. Each team consists of 11players. They can't win matches unless they play with team spirit. (team spirit 단체정신)What am I? soccer

28. I am a kind of African mammal. I give my baby milk. I have black and white stripes, which are my main feature. I usually hide in the tall grass. I look like a horse. I am nearly 4feet tall, and about 8 feet long including a  1-foot tail.(mammal 포유동물)What am I? zebra

29. I have a big body and a long nose. My skin color is gray. My nose works as a hand. I am a large, five-toes mammal. I am an animal with a prehensile nose. I have large, flapping ears and ivory tusks both male and female. I hide behind a rock or a tree which is bigger than my body. (tusk 송곳니, prehensile 붙잡기에 알맞은, flapping펄럭거리는)What am I? elephant

30. I have a mouth, but no tooth. I always eat lots of paper. My favorite food is letters. I am neither an animal nor a plant. I am something that always stands in the street. I am generally red. I keep all the secrets of others. I am a public box in which mail is placed to be delivered by the postman.(deliver 배달하다.)What am I ? mail-box

31. I have an ear, but I can't hear. My ear is very small. My body is very thin and short. I am one of the plated wares. I can sew many kinds of clothes. I look much like a toothpick. I am a small, slender, rodlike instrument with a sharp point at one end a hole for a thread at the other. ( plated 도금한, rodlike 막대같은)What am I ?


32. When I am closed, I look like a stick. When I am opened, I look like a house. I am kept in the corner while it is sunny. I work during the rainy season. I am a light, small, protect you form the rain. I am a fabric which is held on a collapsible frame of thin ribs spreading over from the top of the handle. (collapsible 접을 수 있는, spreading over 사방으로 펼치다. held on 지탱하다.)What am I ?  umbrella

33. People write a letter or something with me on paper. The more I am used the shorter I become. I am made of wood and graphite. Almost all students use me when they study. I have a sharp point at one end. I am a slender stick containing a core that may be used for writing or drawing. I am one of appliances used at school.

(graphite 흑연)What am I ?  pencil

34. I am very hard and strong. My skin color is usually black, but sometimes divided into red and blue. I  I like iron but I hate paper or plastic. I look like a horse shoe. I am a piece of iron able to draw it up to my body. I am also used to alleviate neuralgia pain. (alleviate 경감, 완화하다. neuralgia 신경통)What am I ? magnet (자석)

35. I have a big hump on the back. I have a short tail and a big neck. I live in the desert. I am the only animal that can travel across the desert carrying a heavy load. I can go for three days without  drinking, because I have a special kind of stomach in which water can be stored.  (hump ,  desert 사막)What am I ? camel

36.  I am a plant. I am a kind of grass, but people call me a tree. I am one of the tropical or semitropical plants. I am a little lighter than other trees. When I am young, I am weak. As time goes on, become strong. People can't see my flower frequently. my body is round but hollow inside. I am used as a fishing pole. I am also useful for making furniture.  ( tropical 열대의 , fishing pole 낚싯대)What am I ? bamboo

37. I have a big round head. I grow very tall, and my flower is very large. I wear yellow clothes. I bow toward the sun. My face is full of seeds. I have showy, yellow flowers and edible, oil-producing seeds. I am the national flower of Peru. What am I ? sunflower

38.  I was born in the 20th century. I have no mouth but I eat words and figures. I can work very fast. I have a square head. I can store much information inside. Sometimes I play games with children. I am one of the necessaries of modern life. I am a mechanical or electronic appliance that can carry out highly complex mathematical operations at high speeds. Today students need to learn how to use me. What am I

38 computer

39.  I am white or brownish. I have a roundish body. I can't move right now but I shall be able to run and fly some day. Some people say that I am the mother of the hen. I am produced by a domestic bird , a hen. I am quite fragile and so you should take care when you handle me. ( brownish 갈색을 띤, domestic 기자의, 길들여진) What am I ? egg

40.  I live in the sky. I am round and hot. I work during the daytime and hide in the evening. I travel from the east to the west every day. I shine all over the world. I am the central body of the solar system. Planets revolve around me and receive light and heat from me. The diameter of mine is far wider than that of the earth. I sustain lives on the earth, and keep the universe in order. Human beings can't come close to me by any means. (revolve 회전. diameter  지름. sustain 유지하다.What am I ? sun

41.  I am very long and can run very fast. I have many iron feet. My feet are round, hard and strong. I carry many people from one city to another. I have many seats, on which people sit to travel. While I am running, I make loud noises. It is safer to travel by me than by any other transportation, because I am not liable to cause traffic accident. I am one of the vehicles. I run on the rail. What am I ? train

42. I am not a living thing, but can talk and sing. I can also show many pictures. I may give you pleasures and excitements. Most houses have me. I am an electric appliance receiving the broadcasting of a still or moving image via radiowaves. radiowaves ( 전파. ) What am I ? television

43. I have two round feet. I carry my friend on my back. My name means two cycles in English. You can ride me without licence. You can ride me without touching your feet to the ground, except when you start or stop. I am a kind of vehicles. I go slower than cars. My original name is a hobbyhorse. In 1840 a Scottish blacksmith. Kirkpatrick Macmillan invented me. (hobbyhorse. 목마, 죽마, blacksmith 대장장이) What am I ? bicycle

44. I work for only one year. I consist of 7 or 13 pages including the cover, and each page has about 30 numbers. The majority of the numbers on my face are black, but about a seventh of them is red. I am an orderly arrangement of the days, weeks and months of a year. (a seventh 7분의 1, orderly 순차적으로)

What am I ? calender

45. No one can see me with his eyes open. You can see me only when you sleep.

I make you run, flight or cry while you are sleeping. Once you open your eyes, I disappear at once.  My world consists of black and white colors. I am a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind while sleeping.(succession 연속)What am I ? dream

46. I live in space. You can meet me only at night. I have manifold faces. You see the same face of mine only once a mouth. I always revolve around the earth. I am the earth's natural satellite, orbiting the earth at an average distance of 238,857 miles. I have no wings, but I can float slowly up in the sky. Although I am small as compared with other planets, I am one of the most important and beautiful heavenly bodies.

( manifold 다양한, orbiting 궤도를 선회하는 )What am I ? moon

47. I have no wing, but I can fly. I have no mouth, but I can sing. I have no face but you can see me by trembling leaves. When I get angry, I make a loud noise and a storm. I am an air moving along the earth's surface. I contain gale, storm and hurricane. I can be produced by a fan  or a mouth either. ( gale 강풍, 질풍)What am I ? wind

48.  I have various faces. I get angry when you are angry. When you smile, I smile.

I am made of glass. I am easy to break, so you should handle me with care. Most people look at me more than once every day. When women make up, they make use of me. I have a reflecting surface like that of calm water. What am I ? mirror

49.  I don't have a mouth, but can talk. I don't have an ear but can hear. You can talk to your friend by way of me. I have ten figures of number from zero to nine on my face. I am a necessity to the moderns. I am an apparatus or a system for sending sound or speech to a distant place by an electric device. ( moderns. 현대인들, apparatus 기계장치, 기구.) What am I ? telephone

50. I always stand on the crossroad or the crosswalk. I have three eyes, which are red, green, and yellow. When one eye opens, the other two shut. when  open the red eye, all the cars stop at once. When I open he green one, cars pass on through the road. Drivers must obey me, traffic accidents may occur.(crossroad 교차로, crosswalk 횡단보도, )What am I ? traffic(signal ) light

51. I am a living thing. I am an animal, but I am by no means common. I am famous for changing the color of my body. When I am in grass, I change my color into green. This a way to protect myself from the enemy. I can change my skin color rapidly but I move very slowly. These make me different from the other animals. I am about 8 inches long.  What am I ?chameleon (카멜레온 )

52. I have four legs, but I can't walk by myself. I am something to sit on .  I am a kind of seat, especially for one person.  My legs are made of iron or wood. The classroom is full of me. What am I ?


53. I made of a plant. My body is slim and long. My body is wrapped in a thin and white sheet of paper. People kiss me, and then throw me away. As I burn my body, I send out harmful smoke. I am harmful to health. A piece of chalk looks like me in shape and color. What am I ? cigarette

54.  I am a plant. I live on the ground, but my legs are under the ground. People call my legs roots. I offer you a cool shade in summer. I have beautiful, colorful leaves in fall. My favorite food is water. Exactly speaking, I am a common name of perennial plants, having a permanent and self-supporting main stem, ordinarily growing to a considerable height, and usually spreading branches over at some distance away from the ground. ( perennial 다년생의, ordinarily 대체로, 보통은) What am I ?tree

55. I have a big round mouth, but I have no tooth. And I have a long nose. I also have one arch-shaped handle.  Water comes into me through my mouth, and goes out through my nose. I usually live in the kitchen, sometimes I sit on the dining table. I am a kind of container in which water is kept to drink. ( container 용기) What am I ?kettle (주전자 )

56. I am square in shape. I am made of cloth or paper. My basic color is white. The white base represents the nation. I have a red and blue circle on the center. The circle represents the people.  There are 18 black bars around the circle. The bars stand for the government. Six bars are long, twelve are short. I symbolize perfect harmony and balance. I am a flag. I am the symbol of Korea. (represent 나타내다, stand for  표현하다.) What am I ? national flag of Korea (태극기)

57. I am a bottle-shaped tower. You can find me in Kyong-ju. I am the oldest astronomical observatory in the Orient. I was built in 634. I am only nine meters high. I consist of 365 stones. That's interesting and meaningful. I also have 12 rectangular base stones. I am National Treasure No.31. A queen of the Shilla Dynasty had me built.  ( astronomical 천문학적인, observatory 관측소)What am I ? Chomsongdae(첨성대)

58. I am smaller than a finger-nail. I can store more than a million bits of information inside. I am called an electronic brain. I get better every year. My size gets smaller, and my cost goes down. People can make use of me in many ways, such as in a computer. I appeared around 1960. I am used in making watches, calculators, and intelligent machines. ( intelligent 지능이 있는 )What am I ? silicon chip(실리콘 칩)

59. You cherish me. I am always seek your favor. I am something that is believed to bring a good luck and to protect your life safe. I amy bring you a peaceful mind. I also make people feel at ease. I could be either a person, an animal, or a thing considered to be lucky. In any case I am something nice. What am I ? mascot (마스코트)

60. I am a building or an office. You had better not visit me as often as possible. I am an institution in which sick or injured persons are given medical treatment. I am also called a dispensary or a clinic. When you visit me, you can see people in white gowns. They treat or look after the sick as members of mine. You will find me easily even from afar by my symbol mark of a cross on the roof. patients have to wear the same clothes that are offered. (institution 기관, dispensary 의무실, from afar 멀리서)What am I? hospital

61. I am a female. I can't marry you. I am your relative on your father's side. I am a daughter of your grandparents. Your father is my brother. What am I? paternal aunt (고모)

62. I am a large, gallinaceous bird. I have wings, but I can't fly. I come from America and domesticated in most parts of the world. My head and neck have no hairs. I typically have green, reddish-brown and yellowish-brown feathers. My flesh is used as food. Americans usually eat my meat on X-mas day. I have been known as a capricious bird. The color of my neck and head is quick to change itself. ( gallinaceous 닭 계통의  , reddish-brown 적갈색, capricious 변덕스러운)What am I? turkey

63. I am a thin sheet made of a hard but elastic material. I have much to do with your camera. My body has small sprocket holes on both sides. I am a cellulose nitrate or cellulose acetate compound made into thin sheets or strips and coated with a sensitive emulsion for taking photographs. You should take not to expose me to light. I am not so expensive and you can buy me without difficulty. ( sprocket 사슬톱니,  coat ~을 칠하다. emulsion감광유제, expose 노출시키다.)What am I? film

64. I am a round ball on which a map of the world is drawn. I have a big head, but no face. I am colorful; blue seas, brown mountains, green plains and so on. The five oceans and the six continents cover me. All countries of the world are shown on me. You can often find me in the library, the laboratory, or on the desk of a hopeful student.(continents 대륙,  laboratory 실험실) What am I? globe (지구본 )

65. I am a set of Korea playing cards. My cards consist of various flowers, birds, trees and the moon . I am rectangular in shape. I have 48 plates. I came from Japan. When You play me, you need more than two persons. You should not bet high stakes on playing me. My name stands for a flowery fight. Most Koreans enjoy playing me.( bet  내기를 하다,  stake 내기에 건 돈)What am I ?Hwa-too( flower cards )

66. I am a boy who has away from home. I worry so much. I don't go to school. I don't go home either. I have some trouble with my family. Now my parents may be looking for me. They may be suffering from my absence. My teacher and classmates want me to come back soon. I may be expelled from my school. Due to my senselessness, I feel uneasy about my future.( expel  쫓아내다.)What am I ? runaway boy (가출소년)

67. I am a national holiday. On my day, you need go to school. Korean people should commemorate me forever. There was a nationwide campaign against the Japanese imperialism on my day in 1919. I am the first day of the third month of the year. ( commemorate 기념하다.  imperialism 제국주의)What am I ? samiljol(삼일절)

68. I am a plant but I am not a tree. I look like a trumpet. I also represent ' a short-lived love' I am in  full bloom in the morning. I wither away in the evening. I have heart-shaped leaves, and funnel-shaped flowers of various colors. (  funnel-shaped 깔때기 모양의)what am I ? morning-glory (나팔꽃 )

69. I am an insect and I have wings. I usually appear in summer. My body is slender as compared with a fly. My favorite food is blood. I am good at sucking blood. I usually get into action at night. I annoy people every night. So people hate me. I am a harmful insect. (  get into action 활동하다,  ) What am I ?


70. I have a few tubs full of water for bathing. I have hot water as well as cold. When you enter the room, you have to take off your clothes, hat, glasses, socks, and shoes. While you are in my room, you wear no clothes. You stay naked. I have a big , long chimney stack. I am a good place for you to take a bath. You feel better after you were at my room. ( tub 목욕통,  chimney stack 굴뚝(큰 굴둑) what am I ?

bath house(목욕탕)

71. I am a large, round fruit. I look like a big ball. I usually turn up in summer. I am as large as your head. I am green outside, but pink or red inside. People eat only the red park of me. Sometimes I have dark green stripes on my skin. Most of my body consists of watery element. If you eat me too much you are to pass water frequently.( pass water 소변보다.)What am I ?water melon (수박 )

72. I am cultivated a an ornamental flower. I live on the roadside or by the railroad. I am white or pink. I am white or pink. I am associated with a slender and charming girl. My name represents the orderly and harmonious universe.( cultivate 재배,   be associated with 연상시키다.)What am I ? cosmos

73.  I am a kind of club. I consist of a group of people. Most of them are business-men. I am an international club for public welfare. I represent 'liberty, intelligence, our nation's safety'.  I am not an animal, but people call me lion. I hold meetings periodically. (welfare. 복지, periodically 주기적으로)What am I ? Lions club

74. If you want to place your vehicle safe, you should come to me. I am a space where cars stay. You have to pay for having placed the car in me. The longer you keep it in me the more you have to pay. There is a P mark in my place. There are a small office and some persons to control cars in me. You can meet here and there in cities.]What am I ? Parking place (주차장)

75. I am an athlete.  I am a member of a baseball team. My work requires a quick judgment. I usually sit on the ground. When I work on the playground, I put on a face mask, a chest protector and a shin guard. I am good at catching a ball. ( athlete 운동선수,  chest protector 가슴보호대, shin guard 정강이 받이)What am I ? catcher (포수)

76. I am something to drink . I am a genuine natural food. I am snow-white in color. I contain various nutrients such as profitable proteins and calciums.  I am produced by cow. I enhance the health and intelligence of children. You can find me any time at a supermarket.  ( genuine 순종의 진짜의, nutrient 영양물,  protein 단백질, enhance 높이다, 늘리다.)  What am I ? milk

77. I have many graves. Many dead persons sleep for long in me. The meritorious civilians and soldiers are buried under the ground. I am a memorial cemetery. I am located in Seoul. I also have a large monument.(for long영원히,meritorious 유공의, 애국의,monument. 기념비)What am I? the national cemetery (국립묘지)

78. My body is very big. My skin color is gray. I have no hair over the body. I have a big mouth. My legs are very short. Each foot has three toes. I live both in water and on land. I drink much water. You can not meet me frequently. If you want to see me, you should come to the children's park or the zoo. ( over the body 몸 전체에)what am I ?  hippo (하마)

79. People read and write me every day. I am a kind of letter. I am a system of written symbols suitable to our language. I am composed of 14 consonants and 10 vowels. I was invented by King Sejong. ( am composed of 구성되다.  )What am I ? Hangul(한글)

80. I am a tree. I have  fan-shaped  leaves and fleshy fruit. I am called a bank in Korean pronunciation, but I have no money with me. My flower bloom in May. My fruit is white, and it ripens in October. My  leaves become yellow in fall. I range from Korea to China. I play a role in offering a cool shade to the villagers in summer-time. The fruit is also used as a medicine. (ripen 무르익다.)What am I? ginko tree (은행나무)

81. I am an insect. I have a slender body. I have large, broad wings. I can fly in the air. Sometimes I rest on flowers. I don't do people any harm. I have been symbolized as a person who flits from one place to another pursuing his dream in vain.  (flit 훨훨 날다, 왕래하다.  in vain 헛되이)what am I ?buttery fly

82. I have four wings ; the front wings are large, but the rear ones are small. I have six legs. I like eating sweet things. I make honey. I am very diligent Generally speaking there are three kinds of us ; one is queen, another is drone, and the third is worker. People are usually afraid of my sting.   ( rear 뒤의 뒤편의,  drone 수펄 )What am I ? bee

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