Q this is a small gray or brown animal. It has a long, thick tail and small, pointed ears. They live in trees and eat nuts

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Q 68. This is an animal with a fat body and short legs. It has big ears, and flat nose called a snouts. It has a short tail that curls. A baby is called a piglet.이것은 뚱뚱한 몸집과 짧은 다리를 가지고 있습니다. 큰 귀와 돼지코로 불리는 납작한 코를 가지고 있습니다. 말아 올려진 짧은 꼬리가 있습니다. 새끼는 돼지새끼로 불립니다.☞ Answer  : pig (돼지)

Q 69. This is an animal. It has soft thick fur and long ears. They have short tails. They hop using their strong back legs.이것은 동물입니다. 부드러운 털이 많으며 긴 귀를 가지고 있습니다. 짧은 꼬리를 가지고 있습니다. 강한 뒷다리를 이용하여 깡충깡충 뜁니다.☞ Answer  : rabbit (토끼)

Q 70. This is a male chicken. When the sun comes up, they make a lot of noise.이것은 닭의 수컷입니다. 해가 떠오르면 많은 소리를 냅니다.☞ Answer  : rooster (수탉)

Q 71. This is a large fish. It has a wide mouth and rows of sharp teeth. Some of them are 50 feet long.이것은 큰 물고기입니다. 큰 입과 날카로운 이빨을 가지고 있습니다. 어떤 것은 길이가 50피트나 됩니다.☞ Answer  : shark (상어)

Q 72. This is a farm animal. It has thick, curly hair used to make wool. They are mammals also raised for their meat. The babies are called lambs.이것은 사육동물입니다. 털실을 만드는데 쓰이는 두껍고 꼬부라진 털을 가지고 있습니다. 포유동물이며 고기를 위해서도 사육됩니다. 새끼는 어린양으로 불립니다.☞ Answer  : sheep ()

Q 73. This is a long, thin reptile. It has no legs and slides along the ground. It slides by moving first one part of its body and then another. They have scales. Some scales have beautiful colors and patterns.이것은 길고 가느다란 파충류입니다. 다리가 없고 땅에서 기어서 다닙니다. 몸의 한 부분과 다른 부분을 차례로 움직여서 기어 다닙니다. 비늘이 있으며, 어떤 것은 아름다운 색깔과 무늬가 있습니다.☞ Answer  : snake ()

Q 74. This is a very small animal. It has eight legs and no wings. Many of them spin webs to catch insects to eat. They are often black or brown, but some are green or orange.이것은 아주 작은 동물입니다. 여덟 개의 다리가 있으며 날개가 없습니다. 먹이로 쓸 곤충을 잡기 위해 거미줄을 칩니다. 흔히 검거나 갈색이지만, 어떤 것은 녹색이거나 주황색입니다.☞ Answer  : spider (거미)

Q 75. This is a wild animal from Africa. It has a large body with short legs. It has a huge head and mouth.이것은 아프리카의 야생동물입니다. 큰 몸체와 짧은 다리를 가지고 있습니다. 큰 머리와 큰 입을 가지고 있습니다.☞ Answer  : hippopotamus (하마)

Q 76. This is a large wild cat. It has orange and white fur with dark stripes. They are mammals. They live in Asia, but in many places you can see them in a zoo.이것은 큰 살쾡이입니다. 검은색 줄무늬가 있는 주황색과 흰색을 가지고 있습니다. 포유동물입니다. 아시아에 살고 있지만, 여러 지역의 동물원에서 볼 수 있습니다.☞ Answer  :  tiger (호랑이)

Q 77. This is a reptile. It has a large, very hard shell. It can pull its head, legs, and tail inside its shell to protect itself. Some of them live in the water and others live on land.이것은 파충류입니다. 크고 아주 단단한 껍집을 가지고 있습니다. 자신을 보호하기 위해 껍질 속에 머리, 다리, 꼬리를 넣을 수 있습니다. 어떤 것은 물속에서 살고 어떤 것은 땅에서 삽니다.☞ Answer  : turtle (거북)

Q 78. This is a very large animal. It lives and swims in the ocean, but breathes air. They are mammals, not fish. The largest animal on the earth.이것은 아주 큰 동물입니다. 바다 속에서 살고 수영하지만, 공기로 호흡합니다. 포유동물이며 물고기가 아닙니다. 지구상에서 가장 큰 동물입니다.☞ Answer  : whale (고래)

Q 79. This is a wild animal. It looks like a horse but has black and white stripes. They are mammals that live in Africa. 이것은 야생동물입니다. 말처럼 보이지만 검고 흰색의 줄무늬가 있습니다. 아프리카에 살고 있는 포유동물입니다.☞ Answer  : zebra (얼룩말)

Q 80. This is a bird with a large, curved beak. It has feathers of bright colors. They live in rain forests. 이것은 크고 굽은 부리를 가진 새입니다. 밝은 색의 깃털을 가지고 있습니다. 우림지역에 살고 있습니다.☞ Answer : parrot (앵무새)

 어려운 문제(Q 81 ∼ Q 100) : 난이도가 다소 차이가 날 수 있음

Q 81. This thing is yellow. It has a long silk-like hair. There is a song about this being made into a harmonica.

You can roast it, boil it and eat it. One type can be made into popcorn.이것은 노란색입니다. 명주실처럼 기다란 털이 있지요.이것을 가지고 하모니카라는 노래로 만든 곡도 있지요. 당신은 이것을 구워먹거나 삶아서 먹지요. 팝콘 형태로 만들 수도 있지요.☞ Answer  :  corn  (옥수수)

Q 82. It`s the national flower of Peru. It`s tall and the leaves are big. One of Van Gogh`s paintings is called this. It`s a flower that turns to face the sun.이것은 페루의 국화입니다. 키가 크고 잎도 큽니다. 반 고호의 그림 중 하나가 이 이름으로 불립니다. 태양을 향하여 자라는 꽃입니다.☞ Answer : Sunflower (해바라기)

Q 83. This launches satellites into space. It looks like a pencil or ball-point pen. Astronauts use this. It is the fastest transportation on Earth.이것은 위성을 우주까지 보내줍니다. 그것은 연필이나 볼펜처럼 생겼습니다. 우주인은 이것을 이용합니다. 이것은 지구에서 가장 빠른 교통기관입니다.☞ Answer : rocket (로켓)

Q 84. This is a small black animal.It has a long tail and a white stripe down its back. It can make a very bad smell when it feels in danger.이것은 작은 검은색 동물입니다. 긴 꼬리와 등줄기를 따라서 흰색의 줄무늬가 있습니다. 위험을 느끼면 매우 고약한 냄새를 냅니다.☞ Answer  : skunk (스컹크)

Q 85. This is an animal that lives in the sea. It has eight long arms called tentacles. It uses the arms to move from place to place and to get food.이것은 바다에 사는 동물입니다. 촉수라고 부르는 여덟 개의 긴 팔이 있습니다.

이 팔을 이용해서 장소를 이동하여 움직이며 먹이를 구합니다. ☞ Answer  : octopus (문어)

Q 86. This is the largest bird in the world. It has a long neck and long legs. It cannot fly, but it runs very fast.

They are found in Africa.이것은 세계에서 가장 큰 새입니다. 긴 목과 긴 다리를 가지고 있습니다. 날 수는 없지만 아주 빨리 달립니다. 이것들은 아프리카에서 발견됩니다.☞ Answer  : ostrich (타조)

Q 87. This is a reptile. It lived millions of years ago. They were different shapes and sizes. They are not alive today.이것은 파충류입니다. 수백만 년 전에 살았습니다. 모양과 크기가 여러 가지였습니다. 오늘날에는 살아있지 않습니다.☞ Answer  : dinosaur (공룡)

Q 88. This is an imaginary monster. It usually has wings and breathes fire. They are not real. They are often shown with long pointed tails. They have big feet with long claws.이것은 상상의 괴물입니다. 대체로 날개를 가지고 있으며 불을 내 뿜습니다. 실제로 있는 것이 아닙니다. 흔히 길고 뾰족한 꼬리를 가진 것으로 보입니다. 큰 다리와 긴 발톱을 가지고 있습니다.☞ Answer  : dragon ()

Q 89. I am round. People take me on hikes. I help them find their direction. I have a needle that points to the north.나는 둥글어요. 사람들은 나를 가지고 하이킹을 가요. 나는 사람들에게 방향을 가르쳐줘요. 나는 북쪽을 가리키는 바늘을 가지고 있어요.☞ Answer : compass (나침반)

Q 90. It's a flower. The most common colors are red, pink and white. It means respect. There are many people who want to get this in May. It is given to parents on Parents' Day and to teachers on Teachers' Day.이것은 꽃입니다. 가장 흔한 색깔은 붉은색, 핑크색 그리고 흰색입니다. 이것은 존경을 의미합니다. 오월 달에는 이것을 구하려는 사람들이 많이 있습니다. 이것은 스승의 날에는 선생님들께 그리고 어버이날에는 부모님께 드려집니다.☞ Answer : carnation (카네이션)

Q 91. This woman won the Nobel Peace Prize. She was a nun who devoted her life to helping the poor and children in India.이 여성은 노벨평화상을 수상했어요. 그녀는 인도에서 가난한 사람들과 어린이들은 돕는데 그녀의 삶을 바친 수녀였습니다.☞ Answer : Mother Teresa (테레사 수녀님)

Q 92. This flower is the symbol of purity. In the west, this flower is especially used to decorate the inside of a church for a wedding. The groom also wears this flower on his lapel. This white flower is also a symbol of the resurrection in Christianity. It's often used in flower arranging. What is this flower? 이 꽃은 순수함의 상징입니다.

서양에서는 특별히 이 꽃이 결혼식 때 교회 내부를 장식하는데 사용되었지요. 신랑은 또한 그의 양복 옷깃에 이 꽃을 달았지요. 이 흰색의 꽃은 또한 기독교에서 부활의 상징이지요. 이것은 꽃꽂이 하는데 종종 사용되지요. 이 꽃은 무엇일까요?☞ Answer : Lily (백합)

Q 93. This flower is used to grade the level of facilities at a hotel, with five being the highest level. It's also the name of the highest award in Korea, I am the national flower.이 꽃은 호텔에서 시설 수준을 등급으로 매길 때 사용되어지며, 제일 높은 등급이 이것의 5개로 이루어져 있지요. 이것은 또한 한국에서 가장 높은 상의 이름이지요.

나는 대한민국의 국화입니다.☞ Answer :  rose of Sharon or althea (무궁화)

Q 94. It is 92 meters high. It was a gift to America. The French people gave it to the Americans. Even French school children gave money to pay for it. It is on an island in New York Harbor. It is a symbol of freedom and hope.그것은 높이가 92 미터입니다. 그것은 미국에 하나의 선물이었습니다. 프랑스 사람들은 이것을 미국사람들에게 주었습니다. 프랑스 학생들까지도 그것의 대금을 치르는데 돈을 지불했습니다. 이것은 뉴욕 항구에 있는 섬에 있습니다. 그것은 자유와 희망의 상징입니다.☞ Answer : The Statue of Liberty (자유의 여신상)

Q 95. What do you call a person who takes care of sick people? This person usually wear white clothes and works with nurses. You can see them when you go to hospital. Write your answer on your white board in English.아픈 사람들을 돌보는 사람을 당신은 어떻게 부르죠? 이 사람은 보통 간호사들과 함께 일하며 흰색 옷을 입고 있지요. 당신이 병원에 갈 때 이들을 볼 수 있지요. 당신의 화이트보드에 영어로 답을 적어보세요.☞ Answer : doctor (의사)

Q 96. Dogs stick this out to get rid of body heat. Snakes and lizards use it to smell. It is very important for people too. We use it to taste food and to talk. 개는 자기체온조정을 이것으로 하죠. 뱀과 도마뱀은 이것으로 냄새를 맡는다. 이것은 맛을 감지하고 말할 수 있게 해준다. 이것은 무엇일까?☞ Answer : tongue ()

Q 97. A long time ago people used this for medicine. It gets rid of fishy smells. There are black and white varieties of this hot spice.오래전에 사람들은 약용으로 이것을 사용했지요. 이것은 생선 냄새를 제거해 줍니다. 검은색, 흰색깔의 다양한 매운 향료가 있지요.☞ Answer :  pepper (후추)

Q 98. I was born in India in 1869. My first job was as a lawyer, but I spent my entire life with the poor. Later, I became a politician and was instrumental in gaining India's independence from England. I was an advocate of non-violence.I was assassinated in 1948, but the people of India revere me as a `great soul'. Who am I?나는 1869년 인도에서 태어났지요. 나의 첫 직업은 변호사였지만, 난 가난한 사람들과 함께 평생을 보내었지요. 이후에 나는 정치가가 되었으며 영국으로부터 인도가 독립하는데 기여했지요. 나는 비폭력의 주창자였습니다. 나는 1948년에 암살당했지만 인도 사람들은 나를 ‘위대한 사람’으로 존경합니다. 나는 누구일까요?☞ Answer : Mohandas Gandhi(마하트마 간디)

Q 99. Ingesting too much of this can cause wrinkles. The sodium in this causes the blood vessels to shrink, which causes blood pressure to rise. An adult needs 0.5 grams of this a day. What is it?이것을 너무 많이 섭취하면 주름살이 생기는 원인이 되죠. 이것 안에 들어 있는 나트륨은 혈압이 상승되게 하는 원인을 제공하여 관이 좁아지게 하죠. 성인 한명당 하루에 이것의 0.5 그램 필요합니다.☞ Answer : Salt (소금)

Q 100. An American environmentalist suggested that people plant this in their yards to check for air pollution. The reason is that if the air is polluted, the green leaves of this plant turn white. This vegetable is full of vitamin C and calcium. I was what gave Popeye his strength. What is it?미국의 환경학자들이 제시하는 바는 사람들은 공기오염을 확인하기 위해 그들의 안마당에 이것을 재배합니다. 이유는 만약 공기가 오염되었다면 이 식물의 잎이 흰색으로 변합니다. 이 채소는 비타민 C와 칼슘이 많이 들어 있죠. 뽀빠이가 이것을 먹으면 힘이 생깁니다. 이것은 무엇일까요?☞ Answer : spinach (시금치)

영어 수수께끼

1. I am a house , but people do not live in me. My shape is like a tunnel. I am usually transparent. My body is big and long, but not firm. My framework is made of iron. My roof is made of vinyl. I usually stand in the field. I always keep the effective temperature indoors in order that plants grow well. Thanks to me, people can eat fresh vegetables, regardless of the seasons. What am I ? vinyl house

2. I am an animal. I have four legs. I can run very fast and I am good at jumping over a wall. I usually prowl at night. Many people pet me. I cry like a baby. My job is to drive mice out of the house. I can see clearly at night, so I catch a mouse very well.( prowl 사냥감을 찾아 헤매다)What am I ? cat

3. I look like a cigarette. My body is round, short and hard. The more I am used the shorter I become. I usually have four color, white, red, yellow and blue. But white color is popular. I am made of soft and powdery limestone. I have much to do with teachers.You can find me in the classroom. I am also called a blackboard crayon.(limestone 석회석)What am I ? chalk

4. I live only one year. I am made of paper, and my page is full of names. I am a little big as compared with a notebook. In the classroom I lie down on the teacher's desk, and in the teachers' room I stand in the corner. Your teacher carries me with him when he enters the classroom in the morning.  My job is to check your attendance. What am I ? rollbook( 출석부)

5. Many people visit me nowadays. I am a good place to divert oneself. I originally came from Japan. I am suitable to enjoy spare time or to kill it. while you stay at my room, you may become a singer. My room is equipped with a sufficient musical system. You can have a good time singing your favorite songs. What am I ? . singing room

6. I am a household appliance. I have a big mouth. I drink a lot of water but I don't eat any food. My favorite meal is dirty clothes, such as suits, pants, shirts, coats etc. You can find me standing on the veranda in your house. Most housekeepers use me almost every day. What I have to do is to make clothing clean. (appliance 기구, clothes 의복, . clothing 의류( 몸에 걸친 모든 것)What am I ? Washing machine ( 세탁기)

7. I generally have two doors. I consist of  two rooms; one is small, the other is large. I am not a house. The small room is used as a freezing chamber, but the large one is used as a cooling chamber. My job is to protect fish, vegetable and food from going bad. I am a box in which foods, medications, and chemicals are kept cool by means of mechanical refrigeration. (refrigeration 냉각, chemicals 화학약품, medication 약물)What am I? electric refrigerator (전기냉장고 )

8. I am in the middle of spring. I last for only one month. I pass away in 30 days without making a noise. A poet called me a cruel month. When I turn up, people plant trees in the garden. As soon as March passes away, I appear. And May follows after me.  I am the 4th month of the year. What am I? April

9. I have  sharp and pointed teeth, but I can't bite. My teeth are shaped high and low. I consist of two parts; one is metallic, the other is woody. I am a tool for cutting, a thin blade of metal with a series of sharp teeth. If you want to cut a tree or wood you can use me.(pointed 날카로운, a series of일련의, 연속된)What am I? saw ()

10. In fact I am not black, but people say I am black. My real skin color is dark green. When I am clean, I am dark green. On the contrary when I am dirty, I am white. I am made of a sheet of smooth and hard material , especially of slate. My body is rectangular. I am hung on the wall in front of the classroom. Teachers give students lessons by using me. During the lesson you always face me. I am used for writing or drawing with pieces of chalk. What am I ? blackboard

11. I am something to eat . I belong to sandwich. I consist of a frankfurter in a split roll. I am usually eaten with mustard, relish, or the like.  In general , children enjoy eating me. I taste good. Don't forget to eat before I get cold. (frankfurter 소시지) What am I ? hot dog

12. When I sit down, I am tall. When I stand up, I am short. I live in a small house made of wood. I give my babies milk. I am weak-sighted. But I am good at smelling. I usually stand before the gate of a house. If a stranger comes near the gate, I bark at him. I am color-blind. My duty is to watch your house and property.(property 재산)What am I ? dog

13. Before I go to work, I am black. While I work, I am red. When I have finished my duty, I am white. my body is cylindric. I have many small holes. While I burn, I let out a poisonous gas. The poor still use me as fuel. My gas is not good for your health. I am a small brick of compressed coal dust.(compressed 압축된)What am I ? briquet ( 연탄)

14. I am dark brown. I am something to drink. Some people like me, and others don't. Before I get into water, I am powdery. But once I get into water, I dissolve without delay. if you drink me much at night, you will not be able to sleep easily. I contain caffeine. Studies show that more than two cups of me a day can cause unpleasant symptoms such as nervousness, irritability, stomach pain and insomnia. You had better drink less two cups of me a day.(dissolve 녹다, insomnia 불면증)What am I ? coffee

15. My job is to show how words are spelled and what they mean. I am filled with words, letter, and photographs. In general I am thick as compared with other books. You often make use of me when you study. I am cleverer than any other books. I have every word of a nation. I am a collection of words of a language, arranged alphabetically, and giving information about their meanings, pronunciations etymologies, etc.(etymologies 어원)What am I ? dictionary.

16. I am very tall, taller than any other animals on earth. I have four long legs and a long neck. So to speak, I am the tallest quadruped animal. I am well known for a long neck and a spotted body. You can see me in the zoo.(quadruped 네 발 가진)What am I ? Giraffe (기린)

17. I am called by the name of a gun in Korean., but I can not kill people. I have a main body and two arms. An elastic string is suspended from my arms. I am made of wood and a rubber string. When you were young, you played with me.  I need a small stone as a bullet. People usually use me to catch birds. Exactly which was used for hurling stones, arrows, etc. My body looks like the letter, Y.(hurl 세게 던지다.)What am I?catapult (새총)

18. People can not see me frequently. My existence is by no means common. By and large I appear in the air after rain. I am a semi-circle of colors formed by the sun's ray through moisture. I show you sign of a fine weather. I wear seven colors, which are red, scarlet,  yellow, green, blue, indigo, and light purple.(By and large 대체로)What am I ?rainbow

19.  I am a person who has attained to maturity. I am not a child any more. I came to the legal age of a grown up. I am more than 20 years old. I have not only the legal right to choose my life partner by myself but also the right to vote. I can marry my lover without the consent of my parents. I am old enough to join the military service. What am I ? adult

20. The more you have me, the older you are. So, I am meant the length of time of your life. As time goes on, I get older. If you take eight of me, you can go to an elementary school. If you have me a lot, you become weak, and are apt to lose your life. I am usually indicated in figures. It is very hard for human beings to have me as more than a hundred.What am I ? age

21. I can fly in the air, but I'm not a bird. I have large wings, which are not able to be folded. My body is very big. I usually travel far. I had batter keep away from a heavy fog . Common people rarely own me. I can carry many people to the big cities all over the world. I keep aloft by the upward force exerted by the passing air on my fixed wings. And I am driven by propellers or jet propulsion. if you want to go to America or somewhere far off, you should use me. (aloft 위로, 공중으로. exert 쓰다, 작용시키다) propulsion 추진력)What am I ?  airplane

22. I am good for fishing and swimming. Water in the land enters the sea through me. People sometimes compare me to history, because both history and I flow without stopping. I end journey arriving in the sea. I am a natural stream of water flowing in a definite course, or in a series of diverging and converging channels. What am I ? river

23. You can obtain knowledge, know-how information and attainments from me. I have words, but I can't speak. I am something you can read. I may have pictures on my face. Students are usually on intimate terms with me. You can't help meeting me. I may promise your success. I am a written or printed literary composition on consecutive sheets of paper bound together in a volume. (attainments 학식,consecutive 연속적인)What am I ?book

24. I have a face, but no eye, no nose, and no mouth. I usually work systematically. I have hands indicate the figure meaning the hour or the minute. I have no mouth, but I can make sounds. I can't talk, but I can tell the time. I am one of the various instruments measuring the time by mechanical means. What am I ?clock

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